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What Happens With "Death And The Maiden" In This Week's Vampire Diaries?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/15/2013 8:48 pm
PopWrapped | Television
What Happens With
Media Courtesy of The CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer 

Could this be it?  Are we finally back to having only two—possibly only one—Nina Dobrevs and one Paul Wesley on TVD?  This week had a lot going on, from the group still trying to bring Bonnie back from the dead to Katherine reuniting with her long-lost daughter, Nadia.  But just as everything seemed to have been resolved on the second half of the hour, the consequences of some of these actions surfaced.  So what exactly happened on this week’s episode, entitled “Death and the Maiden?”  Read on as I break it all down and try to make sense of all the doppelganger madness.
Previously on The Vampire Diaries...
The groups efforts to bring Bonnie back from the dead failed.  Silas drank Katherine’s blood/cure and was super excited to die.  His dreams were crushed when Amara was revealed to be the anchor to the other side and then drank the cure from Silas.  Damon determined they had to keep Amara safe in order to protect the other side from being destroyed and losing Bonnie forever.
The episode picks up with Silas having an awkward conversation about love and soulmates with a couple at a bus station.  He tells them his whole life story, including the fact that he’s 2,000 years old and used to be immortal.  I can’t tell if he’s angry or depressed over the fact that Amara stabbed him and took the cure from him but I found it rather funny that he thought he was in Delaware when in fact he was in Philly.  Then I get the answer to his real feelings, “I’m pissed off and I’m taking it out on your so-called lover,” he tells the girl as he liquifies the guy’s insides with his witchy powers.  The girl runs away just as the bus is getting to the station.  Silas is heading back to Mystic Falls.  I like how nobody in that bus noticed the guy bleeding to death on the bench.
Stefan, meanwhile, is having awful dreams about his first encounter with Silas and being locked in the safe at the bottom of the quarry.  Elena comes into the room with a cup of coffee and he informs her that he has all his memories back.  Later, Damon tests it out by giving Stefan a pop quiz about his past.  They’re skeptical about Quetsiyah/Tessa giving him  his memories back but Stefan tells them it’s a lot to take in, so it wasn’t an act of kindness.  They hear a noise coming from the cellar where Amara is being kept for safety.  Amara is acting all kinds of crazy and talking to imaginary people, she even bites her wrist in an attempt to kill herself but Damon steps in and intervenes.  Jeremy and Bonnie talk about what would happen to her if the other side is destroyed.  They have a sweet moment in which he thanks her for giving up her life for him and acknowledges that she’ll be there by his side no matter what.  He’s about to tell her something more but Bonnie asks him to hold on to it, leaving it for another time.
At Whitmore, Dr. Maxfield tells Katherine that she’s not sick.  Now that she’s human, she’s aging and there’s nothing he can do to stop it.  According to him, she only has a few months to live.  I think this is one of the very few times we actually see Katherine’s vulnerability.  She feels powerless knowing she’s eventually going to die and it shows on her face.  Later, Nadia shows up at Whitmore determined to speak with her.
Back at the Salvatore home, Damon calls Silas—who’s enjoying his road trip back to Mystic Falls—and asks him to get back ASAP so he can resurrect Bonnie before Amara actually kills herself.  But there’s bad news on the horizon for the group because Silas has changed his mind about bringing Bonnie back.  He knows that if Damon doesn’t do as he promised, it will jeopardize his relationship with Elena and that brings him a “perverse amount of joy.”  Elena doesn’t want to give up on the possibility of bringing back her friend but Stefan tells her that Silas needs to die and he’s going to be the one to do it.  Down in the cellar, Bonnie is observing Amara when Jeremy brings her a sandwich.  Amara recognizes him as the hunter and at first thinks that he’s dead.  They’re surprised to find out she’s able to see and touch Bonnie.  “I’m the anchor to the other side, I can see everything,” she reveals.  This gives them an idea—they want Tessa to do a swap spell and make Bonnie the anchor instead of Amara.  Damon pays Tessa a visit and proposes a deal.  Now that Amara is human, when she dies she’ll pass on but if there’s still an anchor, Silas will be stuck on the other side and won’t be able to be with her in the afterlife.
Meanwhile, Elena asks Stefan to be careful on his quest to kill Silas.  She’s afraid he’s going to do something crazy and get himself killed.  Stefan tells her about his time at the bottom of the quarry and how he thought of things that made him happy and gave him hope.  He’s bitter and angry and wants revenge on Silas.  If he doesn’t kill him, he might end up giving up on his humanity all together.
At Whitmore, Katherine is munching on junk food as Nadia questions her about her whereabouts.  She’s hurt that there was a mother-daughter bonding moment between them but then Katherine went back to running away and avoiding her.  Katherine doesn’t want to do the whole mother-daughter thing and I almost feel like it’s because she knows she’s eventually going to die.  She strikes me as the kind of person who would rather die alone than see others show her pity.  Caroline shows up and informs Katherine that she’s needed for doppelganger business.  Meanwhile, in Mystic Falls, Tessa arrives at the Salvatore home and immediately asks to see Amara.  When they’re face to face, Amara tells her that she’s sorry and that all those years of suffering have made her learned her lesson about falling in love.
When Katherine arrives, she tells Tessa that the reason why she’s there is because she needs her to do a spell to keep her from dying in exchange for her doppelganger blood.  Tessa agrees and goes on to perform the spell with her, Elena and Amara.  She cuts each of their hands and they pour some of their blood on top of Bonnie’s grimoire before she begins to chant.  But then Silas shows up and interferes with the spell.  The lights go out and  Damon shows up only to notice that Amara and Tessa are missing.  Tessa finds Silas in the library and after some bickering he throws a fireplace poker at her chest.  He receives a call from Stefan who tells him that he has Amara.  When Silas goes after her, Elena finds Tessa wounded on the floor and prompts her to finish the spell.  Meanwhile, Caroline finds Katherine trying to stop the bleeding on her hand and when she attempt to use her vampire blood to heal her, Katherine’s body rejects it.  I guess this means that Katherine turning back into a vampire is completely out of the question.  Bummer.
Silas finds Amara tied to a tree outside the Salvatore home.  She tells him that she still loves him but she can’t live another day.  “I understand, I love you.”  He replies as he pulls out a knife and puts it against her neck.  Amara begs him to kill her but right when he’s about to do it Stefan attacks him.  He’s holding him by the neck against a tree and Silas uses his powers to debilitate him.  He reminds Stefan of all the torture he went through while drowning in the quarry.  Stefan gets angry and throws the knife at him, stabbing him in the chest.  In a very Romeo & Juliet-esque scene, Amara takes the knife from Silas‘ chest and uses it to stab herself in the stomach.  Damon shows up and tries to save her but her body also rejects the vampire blood.
Tessa continues doing the spell but Bonnie tells Jeremy that she needs to say goodbye because Amara is dying and there isn’t much time left.  Jeremy finally tells her the third thing he held onto earlier, “I love you.”  Bonnie tells him that she loves him too and when Jeremy says he’s not ready to let her go, they realize he’s able to touch her face.  Elena and Caroline walk into the room and see Bonnie standing there.  They hug it out and cry together.  It’s cute how in between crying, Caroline starts making plans about them all rooming together at college—she would.  After Tessa is done with the spell, Katherine reminds her of the promise she made to keep her young.  Tessa tells her that she’s learned her lesson about altering peoples’ lifespans and she won’t be doing the spell.  She cuts her wrists open and collapses to the floor.  She’s ready to die, knowing that she achieved her goal of keeping Amara and Silas forever apart.
Bonnie is happy to be semi-back in the world of the living and is contemplating the fire burning in the fireplace when Tessa comes up behind her.  She tells Bonnie that she’s dead and since Bonnie is now the anchor she’s going to feel her death as she passes through her.  Every supernatural being that dies and goes to the other side will do the same.  “Sorry, that’s gonna hurt like a bitch,” she says as she touches Bonnie’s shoulder.  Bonnie screams in pain as she bends down holding on to her stomach.  Meanwhile, somewhere in the woods,  Elena questions Stefan about his well-being.  She wants to know that killing Silas is really what he needed to be okay and take away his suffering.  Stefan finally admits that he wanted it to be Elena who saved him from the bottom of the quarry.  “I wanted it to be both of you,” he says when Damon shows up.
Back at Whitmore, Caroline tells Katherine that since Bonnie will be rooming with them there won’t be room for her anymore.  She knows that she can’t stay and when Caroline tries to thank her for helping, Katherine reminds her that she was the one who killed her.  They agree that they still “hate each other” even though they both know that’s not true.  As she’s leaving the dorm, Katherine has another run-in with Nadia who tells her that she’s heading back to Prague and wants her to come with her.  Nadia wants to go with her to Bulgaria and retrace their lives but Katherine shuts her down in the least delicate way.  She tells her that she’s not down for any more mother-daughter bonding.  Caroline overhears and realizes that Nadia is Katherine’s daughter.  Katherine leaves but before then she tells Nadia to take a good look because she won’t ever see her again.  Sounds like the Kat is taking another extended vacation and that breaks my heart.  Team Katherine!
As for the question of whether Stefan’s torment and pain went away when he killed Silas, it sure doesn’t seem like it.  Everything that happened to him is still too fresh in his mind.  The episode ends with Stefan realizing that even with Silas being dead, his suffering is still not over.
I really enjoyed this episode, especially because I wasn’t a fan of the whole Amara thing and all those doppelgangers running around.  I was surprised that Tessa kicked the bucket as soon as she did but I guess there really was no more use for her after both Silas and Amara died.  I’m very intrigued by Bonnie’s new situation and really want to see how the group is going to deal with this twist.  Now that Silas is gone, who’s going to be the big bad? Is Dr. Maxfield and the secret society at Whitmore stepping up to the plate?  They usually introduce a new villain before getting rid of the old one—unless I’m missing something.  As for Stefan, I say bring on the ripper!  He’s been gone for too long.  What did you think of this week’s episode?  Excited for the new turn of events?  Did you cry when Katherine dropped her daughter like a hot potato?  Leave us a comment below.


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