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What Is In The "Dark Hollow" On This Week's Once Upon A Time?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/10/2013 10:37 pm
PopWrapped | Television
What Is In The
Media Courtesy of ABC
Jacob Elyachar Staff Writer Last week, Oncers were introduced to Ariel (JoAnna Garcia Swisher). The Little Mermaid was tasked by Regina and Mr. Gold to retrieve an object from the Dark One’s shop in Storybrooke.  This object is supposed to help the villains gain the upper hand against Peter Pan and save Henry. Was Ariel successful in her quest? Read on to find out! After Regina and Gold briefed Ariel on her mission, she swam away from Neverland and towards Storybrooke.  Unaware that Pan sent his men to infiltrate the town, Ariel arrived and met Grumpy and took to immediately to Belle and spilled that Rumple was still alive. A relieved Belle took her new friend to Gold’s pawnshop.  Once Gold (in a hologram-like substance) gave Belle her assignment, the duo searched for the object that represented the love between Gold and Belle…her favorite chipped teacup.  The cup revealed the secret hiding place of the one thing that can defeat Peter Pan…Pandora’s Box. But before the princesses could leave, Pan’s men ambushed them and stole the box. Once Belle and Ariel caught up to the men, the boys revealed their true identities…John and Michael Darling.  Pan forced the boys into his service after kidnapping their sister, Wendy.  The duo begged for the princesses’ help and Belle reassured them that Mr. Gold and company would do everything in their power to save their sister. Pan continued to manipulate Henry into doing his bidding by bringing Wendy into the picture.  Emma and Regina’s son followed Felix into the Neverland jungle and found a sick Wendy. The eldest Darling revealed that only he could save magic in Neverland.  Once Henry left, Pan applauded Wendy for her efforts and sent her back into her cage. When the devious Peter Pan caught up to Henry, he verified all of Wendy’s information and finally convinced Henry to embrace his destiny. Unaware of Henry’s decision, his family was successful in capturing Pan’s shadow and convincing Tinker Bell in helping them get off Neverland. Once Ariel returned to Neverland with Pandora’s Box, she informed the villains about Wendy and while Regina refused to help…Gold told Ariel to tell Belle that he would save the girl and that he loved her. Next week, all parties converge onto Skull Rock to decide the fates of Henry and Neverland!


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