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What Is "More Bad Than Good" In This Week's Teen Wolf?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/14/2014 12:07 am
PopWrapped | Television
What Is
Media Courtesy of MTV

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

This is shaping up to be quite the season. I’d like to call it Teen Wolf: Mind Fuck Edition, but I digress. We learn that Derek and Peter are being held captive by some sort of mafia looking for La Lobo. From my many years of High School Spanish I was able to understand they are looking for a she wolf. But I don’t think it’s Shakira they are talking about. In this exchange Peter loses a finger, which is ok in my book. That arrogant ass has to be taken down a peg. It’s not looking real good for the Hale men but then Isaac’s badass savior returns and frees them. She was hired by our buddy Dukes (Deucalion) to get Derek, but she (begrudgingly) takes Peter as well. Back at Beacon Hills High our favorite trio is slipping further and further into their delusions which is really impairing helping Maliah. Scott and Stiles find her den, however by doing so she won’t return since coyotes are very territorial. I’d like to go on record and apologize for calling Maliah a wolf last week, it is clear to me now she is a Were-Coyote. The discovery of the den bodes well for Stiles dad who is trying desperately to close the case. All is going well until Agent McCall show’s up with Maliah’s dad. Grief stricken he is willing to do whatever he can to avenge the death of his family. More on that later. Back at school Kira back to chatting up Scott. She went out of her way to get him more information on bardo. As she is trying to be all cool Mr. Yamikura interjects and calls her out for her crush on Scott. I am so grateful that my parents weren’t teachers, this poor girl. Anyway, Mr. Yamikura starts class and calls Stiles up to read. The words begin melting off the page and he starts to fall into a deep panic attack. Scott hurries to his aid and rushes him to the bathroom where he talks him down. Meanwhile Kira decides to grab Stiles’ and Scott’s bags since they left class so abruptly. Instead of finding the boys she finds an enraged Maliah, which to her is a wild coyote roaming the halls. Seriously, no one questions all these crazy woodland creatures?! The coyote follows her into the women’s locker room and is ready to pounce when Scott appears and saves the day. Come to find out Stiles had stashed the doll and Maliah had come for it. Stiles reasoning for grabbing the doll was so that Scott could follow Maliah’s scent. However, Scott is terrified to change because what if he can’t turn back? With a little help from Deaton they deduce that Maliah can be turned back. Scott has seen both Peter and Deucalion turn him and others with just a single roar. He has to face his fear and change in order to help. He also needs to seek out the Twins help to get in touch with his alpha side. The Twins qickly get to work and beat the ever living crap out of Scott. In order for him to be an alpha he has to submit and let it take him over. He has to be everything he fears, if he doesn’t change back 2 things will happen, a) he becomes a wolf and less human a la Maliah or b) become Peter. In my opinion option b is the worst possible outcome. Isaac, Allison, and Lydia gear up to help the boys track down Maliah. Allison is busy trying to load her Tranc gun and it seems that she’s a bit too addled. She drops the syringe and is transported into another hallucination. She’s on an operating table and Kate is her doctor. The surrounding doctors all grow fangs and begin feasting on her organs. When she snaps to she realizes that she’s pointing the gun directly at Isaac. He vows to help her overcome whatever she is going through. In attempts to catch the beast that took his family Maliah’s dad has set up industrial strength bear traps around his house and in the woods near the wreck. Sheriff Stilinksi catches wind and pleads with him to make it stop. During their conversation he realizes that the coyote has been in the house and grabs his gun. It had taken the doll back and he is furious. Stiles puts two and two together and realized that Maliah is placing the doll at the wreck repeatedly as an offering to her deceased sister. They hear shots and take off to the woods before Sheriff Stilinski can warn them about the traps. Isaac is quickly taken down by one and his roar of pain causes Scott to lose focus and fall off his bike. Allison is left with the task of shooting Maliah and her dad before they kill each other. She misses her first shot and with Isaac’s help and a prayer is able to land the second. However, Maliah runs off before Allison can get her. Lydia managed to land in a trap as well but was smart enough not to lift her foot. She needs Stiles to pull and save the day. She reminds him that he is the one. He is the one who always figures things out. He manages to delay the trap and save Lydia’s leg. Scott faces his fears and wolfs up and lets out the scariest and most Alpha like roar we’ve heard out of him. With that Maliah takes her human form once again and Scott slowly transforms back too. Sheriff Stilinski brings Maliah home and her father is elated. Stiles notices that he can read the writing in the car’s side view mirror. You can see relief wash over his face. Peter, Derek, and their savior approach a trunk which is made out of a Rowan tree which is like kryptonite to werewolves due to their natural source of mountain ash. Inside the trunk is actual mountain ash which makes it apparent that whoever was hiding this gem was trying to keep it away from them. The savior digs in and pulls out what appears to be some sort of terracotta container. The episode ends with someone circling around the Nematon and plucking a sapling that was growing from it. With the sapling gone the space is filled with fireflies who band together to create shadow figures. I am so intrigued! Sometimes I wonder if it would be less painful to wait till the season is over and just binge watch the whole thing. Only problem is I’m a sucker for spoilers! Until next week my friends!


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