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What Is 'The River In Reverse' On This Weeks The Originals

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/27/2013 11:22 am
PopWrapped | Television
What Is 'The River In Reverse' On This Weeks The Originals
Media Courtesy of the CW

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writers

Last time on the Originals we saw the Mikaelsons choose sides. Klaus remained on his own, while Rebekah and Elijah chose against him. Rebekah ran to Marcel and Elijah was left in the bayou to suffer from Klaus’ hybrid bite – the dysfunctional family is at its finest. The first scene gives us Rebekah confessing her sins to Father Kieran. “Bless me father for I have sinned. I am a liar, a betrayer. I have conspired against my own blood,” she says. Clearly the youngest Mikaelson feels a bit of regret for turning her back on her older brother Klaus. But what exactly went down to influence this confession? After Tyler’s failed attempt on Hayley and hybrid baby’s life, he ran to Marcel. The current “King” of the quarter enlists Tyler to educate his minions on the history of Klaus and his hybrids. As Tyler bores the vampires to death, Rebekah interrupts the meeting and reveals she’s here to help. But before anything else goes on, she snaps Tyler’s neck. Tyler’s hell bent on getting rid of the baby and Klaus, but Rebekah wants her future niece alive. Klaus starts to vent to Cami about his so-called misunderstanding between him and his siblings. She types the memoirs of the hybrid. Cami’s is tired of Klaus’ repetitiveness and puts him in his place. “You’re too scared to trust.” The last time we saw Cami, she was pretty pissed off at Klaus, but a lot can change due to compulsion. Tyler is taken to the garden. I wonder how long he’ll be there. Marcel then tells Rebekah of the spot he has saved for his former mentor. He plans for Klaus to be somewhere the back for 52 years – every year that Rebekah was daggered for. Marcel and Rebekah share a moment. “I should’ve buried him 100 years ago, 100 years we could’ve been together,” Rebekah reminisces and we are once again reminded how badly Rebekah wants to share a home with someone she loves. Elijah remains in the bayou suffering from Klaus’ bite. Hayley, smitten by Elijah’s charm, has been taking care of him. His fever is at an all time high and his hallucinations begin. He goes back to a time he shared with a witch in New Orleans named Celeste. Klaus enlists Josh again not knowing that he’s working for Marcel. Once Josh delivers the news to Marcel, Marcel wants Josh to relay a message back to Klaus luring him to a little old event happening later on in the day. Klaus promises a daylight ring for Josh’s services, but doesn’t hesitate to tell him what’ll happen if he betrays him. Klaus visits Father Kieran and reveals he compels Camille. He seems to care for Cami more and more as time goes on. “With every war there is the innocent victim that could have been spared if they had just walked away, “Klaus provides some words of wisdom before asking Father K to convince Cami to leave. Elijah continues to have hallucinations/flashbacks of Celeste. It gets a bit steamy and Elijah seems to be a little flushed. Elijah asks Hayley to leave him alone and go search for answers about her family. But she cares too much to just leave him alone. “There are consequences for those who care.” Klaus falls for the trap Marcel, Josh and Rebekah plan for him. As he meets Marcel to get his dagger back, Rebekah reveals herself and Klaus is pissed that his sister fell under Marcel’s spell once again. His minions then appear, but Klaus is not scared of Marcel’s little army...that is until the whole freaking town shows up. Elijah hallucinates again, but this time Klaus is the star. He slaughters townspeople and points fingers to the witches of the quarter claiming they are using the blood for their rituals. Elijah’s fed up and knows that his former lover, Celeste, is a victim of Klaus’ carelessness. Clearly Elijah is still in hallucination mode when he attacks Hayley as though she is Klaus. The wolf girl who has been watching Hayley stabs Elijah in the back. Back to Marcel vs. Klaus. Klaus tries to recruit some people to his side. He uses a coin trick – the first person to grab the coin lives but no one jumps at the chance to live. Marcel has strong loyalties amongst his minion vampires. They start to attack and they knock Klaus down to his knees and I almost thought that Marcel won. But I underestimated Klaus like the others did. He goes into hybrid mode killing vampires left and right. Rebekah is scared for her life and Marcel’s, she urges Marcel to take the coin and live. To my surprise, Marcel bows down to Klaus. The kingdom is now in Klaus’ hands and he looks like a happy camper. Marcel gives it all up. “But you’ll never have this..loyalty. You can’t buy it. You can’t own it. You can’t force it,” Marcel reminds Klaus and from the look on the hybrid’s face, he knows it’s true. Hayley questions wolf girl, Eve. Eve gives Hayley a little history on the family tree and Marcel’s vendetta against the werewolves. Turns out the people who escaped death got reversed, only turning back to human on full moon. Elijah shows Hayley what happened to Celeste and we learn what the consequences he spoke of earlier are. He cared too much for Celeste and his focus went away from his brother. It seems that Elijah blames himself for Celeste’s death. After Rebekah and Elijah return home, Klaus seems to have a big decision on his hands – which sibling should he dagger? Both doubted him and stood against him when he needed them the most. Klaus reveals his emotions and puts down his walls, something I sometimes forget he is capable of. Not only does he want his title and home back, he’s jealous of Elijah’s relationship with Hayley, afraid his child will grow up thinking Elijah is the father. It’s something most of us expected, but to hear him imply it shows such vulnerability in Klaus we hardly ever see. I applaud Joseph Morgan in this scene. The final scene gives us Cami putting some pieces together. After all Father Kieran had told her about leaving New Orleans, she can’t. She sent herself a message in the midst of being compelled by Klaus, which leads her to a newspaper from 1919 with a photo of Klaus and Marcel. She’s figuring it all out, but instead of walking away, it seems that she may be an innocent victim in this war between Klaus and Marcel.


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