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What Really Happened At Dashcon? PopWrapped Gives You A First-Hand Account Of What Went Down

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/19/2014 5:11 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
What Really Happened At Dashcon? PopWrapped Gives You A First-Hand Account Of What Went Down
Media Courtesy of Property of Ariel Bradford/PopWrapped

Ariel Bradford

Staff Writer


The DashCon admins have posted an official press release clearing up rumors about last weekend's convention. Questions, lies, and unforeseen hate has spread through the internet to admins, attendees, guests, and vendors since the convention's inaugural gathering. This is a concise article written by not only an attendee, but a twenty-hour volunteer and three-time panelist about said press release and the future of DashCon.

The $17,000 Question!

Conventions cost money. A payment plan was laid out for DashCon to pay the Renaissance as the convention went on, allowing guests and volunteers to be paid promptly. The upper management of the Renaissance Schaumburg decided on Friday night, in the middle of our convention, to demand $20,000. If we did not accomplish such a total, our convention would be cancelled immediately. DashCon promptly replied with $3,000 leaving $17,000 as a remainder. Although a rather crappy thing to do, this was within the contract between DashCon and the Renaissance and was legal to do. I have personally called the hotel and, as they aren't allowed to speak of the finances of their clients, they told me their official statement is that they did what was in the legal confines of their contract, and they are not legally allowed to say any more. Although DashCon's relationship with the Renaissance is completely fine and professional, I am still mad that my family was lied to and was locked out of their hotel room until the "fiasco" was settled.

Who is getting their money back?

All guests were paid their contracted amount, with the odd exception of Night Vale (stay tuned). All volunteers are being reimbursed as promised, but in a later fashion than expected since the whole payment schedule was toppled. Everyone who donated to the $17k cause via PayPal is getting their money back. Those who donated cash (who DashCon has no proof of) can request their money back.

Why did Doug Jones leave?

In short: he was supposed to. He had a great panel and meet and greet and he left. He seemed rather pleased and I've only heard ecstatic and overwhelmingly positive reviews of him and his behavior at the convention.

What happened to Welcome to Night Vale?

Night Vale is a podcast group. Many attendees were looking forward to seeing them, including those who reserved seats beforehand. Here is the short answer to what happened: Night Vale was given a 50% deposit of their payment before arrival. A few days before the convention, they asked to receive the rest of their payment before their panel in cash. They did a meet and greet on Friday. On Saturday, they arrived 15 minutes late to receive payment. When only presented with 2/3 of the payment (after the "fiasco", which is understandable), the group only wanted to speak to certain DashCon representatives about it. Forty minutes into their scheduled panel, while their fans eagerly awaited them, Night Vale finally had the discussion. The ATMs in the hotel had a limit on them for withdrawals, and since the money situation was all over the place (and in the jingling pockets of the Renaissance Schaumburg), the DashCon staff would need to make a physical trip to the bank. It would take twenty minutes for Night Vale to have 100% of their cash in hand. They declined.

What was with the ball pit?

Since Night Vale left, DashCon decided to rent an extra hour of the ball pit in hopes to slightly raise the spirits of fans let down by their heroes. No, the ball pit wasn't supposed to be that small. They are working on a resolution with Clowning Around Entertainment.

Did underage kids get scarred for life with the BDSM panel?

No. The post going around that we let minors in started no less than twelve hours before the panel. I was the person at the door. No one without an ID got in.

Did everyone just hate their lives and explode, so now we all hate DashCon and that's why it's such a talked about incident?

No. Admins were told by the hotel staff, security staff, and medical team (shoutout to my man Rich!) that we were the best convention they've ever had. The members of the hotel staff that I spoke with were fantastic and courteous, even coordinating with me on how to assure their safety and the safety of the con-goers while they were setting up for a wedding. Cosplayers reported that this was the only convention that they had never been harassed during. I have never met a better group of people in my life, especially in that big of a number.

Are they going to do another DashCon? Why would they?

Yes. Because it was the best thing ever.

More details about these scenarios including pictures of receipts and contact information can be found on
You can watch the admins talk about "the fiasco" in this video by Annie Kelly:
Here is a sad insight from TheGeekiary on YouTube with an explanation on Night Vale:
DashCon 2015 will be in Indianapolis, Indiana and I cannot wait. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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