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What Was "The Second Time Around" In The Carrie Diaries This Week?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/22/2013 7:28 pm
PopWrapped | Television
What Was
Media Courtesy of The CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

So much happened on this week’s episode of The Carrie Diaries that I don’t even know where to begin.  Friendships were in full bloom, a relationship hit a huge bump, Simon finally got what he deserved and Tom Bradshaw proved that he is the best dad ever.  Seriously he is the perfect parent—where did future Carrie’s daddy issues come from anyway?  And to top it all off, Sebastian and Carrie were as adorable as ever!  Okay, let me start breaking it all down for you.  I promise it will all make more sense, read on.
Before the sex and before the city...
Walt’s mother found out that he was gay and her reaction was anything but understanding.  Carrie failed to impress Larissa and get her first article published onInterview.  Simon impregnated Maggie and then acted like it was all her fault.  Sebastian was a great friend to Maggie but took the fault for the pregnancy in order to keep her secret.  Kyddshaw decided to give their relationship another shot.
“The Second Time Around” kicks off with Carrie and Sebastian smooching in bed.  I guess now we know one meaning of the title for this episode.  We immediately head to Castlebury High School where the pair is walking down the hall, hand-in-hand, accompanied by Maggie.  Everyone is whispering about them and Maggie is lamenting the fact that they all know she was pregnant.  Mouse comes running down the hall yelling about how she got accepted to Harvard.  Congrats, Mouse!  She asks about Walt, wondering why he’s missing out on the greatest news of the day.
Her question gets answered in the next scene.  Walt’s parents have decided that him being gay is a huge problem for them and they no longer want him living in their house.  His things are packed and Walt’s face is heartbreaking, all I want to do is give him a really big hug.  He shows up at Carrie’s house and asks to crash with her for a bit.  Carrie asks her dad if Walt can stay with them but Tom’s first reaction isn’t the most appropriate.  He admits to feeling a bit uncomfortable with the situation and Carrie expresses her disappointment.  Tom realizes how wrong he is and allows Walt to live with them until things settle down at home.
At Interview, Carrie tells Bennett that Walt’s staying with them and he feels bad for not being able to help.  Apparently he invited him to stay with him but Walt turned down his offer.  Meanwhile, Samantha is celebrating the fact that she booked a job as Santa’s Little Helper for a Bongo Jeans party.  Larissa comes in and announces that denim is in, so she wants nothing but Americana stories for the next issue of Interview.  Carrie knows this is the perfect opportunity for her to pitch another story.  Later that night, she tells Sebastian all about her idea to write a story about Bongo Jeans.  He surprises her by saying that his father is friends with the CEO, Carter Richman.  Sebastian invites her to the party but warns that if his father is there it might mess up her chances at an interview.
The next day, Carrie and Maggie are holiday shopping when they run into the worst human being on show, Simon.  He comes out of a store with his fiance, who brags about him buying her mother an engraved picture frame.  Poor girl, she has no idea the kind of guy she’s with.  Yuck.  They take off and Maggie admits that seeing them together hurts.  She knows that her chances at one day having a baby are now slim and meanwhile, he’s going to have a family of his own without caring about her.  Carrie tells her that she needs to tell her dad the truth but Maggie’s scared of his reaction.
At school, Mouse tells West that she got accepted to Harvard and he’s very excited about the news.  She was hoping he got in as well so they could celebrate together but West tells her that he didn’t get accepted.  He still wants to celebrate with Mouse because he knows how important it is for her.
The night of the party arrives and Carrie calls Larissa to tell her about her impending interview with Carter Richman.  One problem, she never actually scheduled one and is hoping she gets lucky at the party.  Larissa makes it clear that if she drops this story her future at interview is history.  Carrie asks Walt to come with her to the city but he decides to stay in instead.  Sebastian shows up at the Bradshaw residence to pick Carrie up.  He tells her he’s already told Carter about her but that his dad will also be there and he’s not sure how he’s going to react when he sees them.
Later, Tom finds Walt in the living room ready to enjoy a quiet night alone in front of the television.  He asks Walt why he’s not out enjoying his Saturday night and he says he’d rather stay in and watch The Golden Girls.  He invites Tom to sit and watch with him.  He agrees but he doesn’t seem very convinced.  When we check back with them,  Tom is laughing and fully enjoying himself.  He’s even gone so far as identifying himself as more of a Dorothy, which is hilarious.  After they’re done watching all the episodes, Walt admits he’s had more fun with him than his own dad.  Tom asks why he’s not out doing stuff and Walt admits that he’s afraid of going out.  His parents made him feel bad about who he is and he thinks that avoiding things will make them hate him less.  Tom tells him he shouldn’t feel bad for being gay and he shouldn’t let his parents make things more difficult for him.
At the Diner, Mouse is worried about West not getting into Harvard.  She doesn’t want him to feel bad because she got in and he didn’t.  Her comments begin to bother him and he finally admits that the reason he didn’t get in is because he didn’t apply.  West is convinced that if he had, Mouse would never had gotten in.  Other truths are also coming to light at the police station, where Maggie finally tells her father about her relationship with Simon.  She’s relieved to know that he doesn’t hold anything against her and instead is angry at Simon for taking advantage of her.  He apologizes for not protecting her better and gives her a hug.  Later, he finally puts Simon in his place and fires him from the police force.  Simon tries to justify his actions but he doesn’t give him a chance to speak.  He asks him to hand in his gun and badge and tells Simon he never wants to see him again.
Back in the city, Sebastian and Carrie show up at the party and see his father bonding with another party guest.  He approaches them and Sebastian introduces Carrie as his girlfriend.  They start talking and Carrie seems to be getting along fine with Mr. Kydd.  He tells Carrie he’s going to get her a personal introduction with Carter and starts searching the room for him.  Samantha pops up to notify her and Sebastian that she just had sex with someone at the party—Carter Richman.  Carter comes over to them and Sebastian’s father informs him that Carrie is still in high school.  When Carter hears her name, he immediately connects the dots and asks if she’s the girl from Interview.  “I thought I was being interviewed by a real journalist, not a high school student who hangs out with hostesses,” he says, noticing she’s friends with Samantha.  Not exactly the meeting Carrie was hoping for.
Later, Carrie considers leaving the party after that awful first impression.  Sebastian urges her to go talk to him again and charm him the way she charmed his dad.  He tells Carrie to take this second chance or she’ll end up living nothing but regrets.  He honestly gives the best advice—on a scale of 1-Sebastian Kydd, how perfect is your significant other?  Carrie decides to approach Carter one more time and compares his passion for Bongo Jeans to the passion she has for writing.  She wants him to give her another chance and he grants her the interview.  Meanwhile, Sebastian bonds with his father over drinks.  Mr. Kydd admits to screwing up as a parent but has noticed how well Sebastian’s done on his own.  He invites him to spend Christmas with him in Laguna.
Another school day comes along and Carrie is telling Sebastian and Maggie about her interview.  She’s excited that things are finally looking up.  The happiness doesn’t last long because Simon shows up at school looking for Maggie.  He’s angry over getting fired and getting dumped by his fiancee.  He insults Maggie and calls her names, causing Carrie to stand up for her.  Simon blames Carrie for instigating the whole thing and Sebastian steps in, warning him not to get near her.  They get in a fight and Sebastian beats him up, angry by the fact that he had to deal with the repercussions of his actions.  Later, Carrie is waiting for him outside the principal’s office when Sebastian comes out and delivers some bad news—he’s been expelled.  His father arrives at the school but surprisingly isn’t angry at him.  He’s proud that he stepped up to Simon when no one else did.  That’s not all, now that he’s no longer in school, he sees no problem with them moving to California full time.  Ugh.
At the Diner, West apologizes to Mouse for reacting the way he did and for the way he delivered the news about him not applying to Harvard.  Mouse is hurt that he thinks he’s better than her and more qualified.  She doesn’t want to feel like West gave her Harvard but he insists that he did.  They both come to the realization that things between them just aren’t working anymore.  Meanwhile, Sebastian and Carrie are enjoying some of the last moments they have together before he leaves.  She’s sure they’ll be able to work things out and he promises to fly back all the time—so much she’ll get sick of him.  They’re so cute and perfect and it sucks that they’re being separated so soon after getting back together, this time for reasons beyond their control.  Carrie refuses to say “goodbye,” opting instead for a “see ya.”
It’s finally Christmas and at the Bradshaw residence the family and Walt are busy decorating the tree.  Tom presents Walt with an official Bradshaw stocking, which is all kinds of cute.  Walt thanks them for taking him in and making him feel like part of the family.  When Dorrit tells him he can thank her by getting some cheesecake—Golden Girls’ fault—Tom asks him to go get one.  He urges Walt to go to the city to buy one, subtly pushing him to go visit Bennett and not be afraid to be who he truly is.  Walt thanks him and runs off to the city.
We see the Bradshaws put the finishing touches on their tree while Carrie reflects on making mistakes and making changes in order to make things better.  Meanwhile, Mouse is decked out in a Harvard sweater, when she receives a call from the Biochemistry Dean at Harvard who makes her realize her hard work was what got her into Harvard, not West.  Maggie bonds with her father as they buy a Christmas tree, and Walt spends the day with Bennett, Larissa, and Samantha.  In the other side of the country, Sebastian is also getting a second chance to improve his relationship with his father even if that means being away from Carrie.  The episode ends with Carrie receiving a call from Larissa who wishes her a Merry Christmas and tells her that her article on Bongo Jeans is being published inInterview.  She celebrates the news with her family.
Now didn’t that episode fill you with fuzzy feelings?  It was a Christmas episode so I wasn’t expecting anything less.  Aside from Carrie and Sebastian being split once again, everything was just perfect.  I’m sure Kyddshaw will be able to deal with the long distance thing.  Carrie Diaries doesn’t return until January 3—not bad, considering other shows have been on hiatus forever now.  In the meantime, tell us what you thought about “The Second Time Around” and what you’re hoping to see when the show returns next year.


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