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Which Artists Soars And Which Artists Fall In The Voice Top 12?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/11/2013 11:44 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Which Artists Soars And Which Artists Fall In The Voice Top 12?
Media Courtesy of NBC
Erika Rivera & Bec Heim Senior Editor & Managing Editor Hello everyone! Welcome to The Voice Top 12! Oh man last week was filled with some pretty awesome performances. Now as we inch along the line things are amped up even more. Let’s get this thing started!   Wake Me Up” sung by Caroline Pennell: Caroline wants to follow in her musician dad’s footsteps. The visuals are odd. It shows a dichotomy between her outfit and the background. Caroline, as always, sounds lovely with her angelic tone. Though I think it gets a bit drown out in some places by the band. It sounded good though. Cee-Lo says that she is smiling and shining and making connection. Also what the fuck is Cee-Lo wearing on his head? It looks like something from American Horror Story: Coven. Blake is happy to see her happy and more energetic. He also says that the audience have the worst rhythm ever. Adam says he loves the audience and calls Blake a “jerk-face”. He says that he loves Caroline branching out as well and the purity of her voice. “Man In The Mirror” sung by Josh Logan: Josh thanks her for saving him. She wants him to break it down to the heart of the song. I’m so bored. Josh Logan is just so boring. I don’t hear any heart. It’s still very technical. Yeah he has that nice rasp. It’s still devoid of any actual meaning. I’m bored. He’s boring. Christina says that she didn’t notice the technical and saw more emotion. Adam wanted to see more of Josh. He said that it was technically good. Cee-Lo (and his stupid hat) say that Josh continually impresses him. Carson Daly and Matt Lauer have a moment together. Adam is happy that Carson has a friend up in the skybox. They also talk about Movember. “Mr. Brightside” sung by James Wolpert: Adam gives him the Killer’s song because it fits his sweet spot. He says that drama and opera in the song. Alternative rock is where he started. James says there is no room for error (ahem “More Than A Feeling”). I love the emotion in the song. He sounds like he is genuinely bummed out. FUCK YEAH JAMES! He kicked ass there. Oh! Hello amazing note! Adam said that it was the most dynamic and controlled yet blistering performance. He has nothing to say. Christina said she is really proud of him and that he has had a lot of growth. She loves his high note and said that he was on point along with being fun. Cee-Lo (they really want us to see this hat) loves that he controlled and commanded the stage. “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive” sung by Austin Jenckes: Blake is going to mold Austin into a country artist. Austin wants to use the money to marry his girlfriend. Blake thinks that Austin should expand his notes. Well I’m bored. Austin is not the most dynamic performer. Also I don’t think he’s hitting all the notes. He’s just so dull despite his strength of his voice. My country music loving friend says I should be offended by the performance. I was already bored so I can be bored and offended. Blake says that he is so solid ever single time. He says that people want to sit down and have a beer with him. Adam liked that big note that he hit. Cee-Lo likes his twang. Adam brings up the hat by saying that Cee-Lo looks like Zorro. Christina said it felt good. “Love Is Blindness” sung by Jacquie Lee: Jacquie reveals the first song she learned to sing is Christina’s cover “Reflection” from Mulan. Christina wants to show she can be current. Jacquie needs to add some more smoke and darkness into the song. She’s very emotional. I don’t, however, think this is as good as “I Put A Spell On You” from last week. She does sing her freaking face off with some huge notes. HOLY HELL! THAT NOTE!!! She blew my hair back. I just question the song choice more than anything else. I think they should have gone something quieter. Christina says that she has a soul behind her ears and it goes with her voice. Adam says it was a more mature different direction for her. When she opened up it was a whoa moment. Cee-Lo says that he is going to download the song because it was awesome. “All Of Me” sung by Ray Boudreaux: Ray has to connect with the song emotionally. He does a very nice quiet opening. Blake is proven right when the woman go wild in the audience. It’s a solid performance but I’m unsure about the high notes. His pitch isn’t there. He does connect with the song emotionally. I did feel an honest emotional connection with the song. Awww showing his adorable daughter! Blake said that he got wrapped in the song. Blake says that Ray is sexy and that he made a connection with the song. Christina said that it feel a bit short in places and that his pitch wasn’t there. “Sail” sung by Kat Robichaud: This week Kat is going balls to the wall rocker. Cee-Lo wants to show her dynamic performance abilities. Kat needs to find the right moment to hit the high notes. Kat utterly owns the stage and makes me fall in love with her. She really is a goddamn rockstar. HOLY SHIT SHE IS CROWDSURFING IS SINGING! FUCK YEAH KAT! Kat is freaking awesome. And there are the glory notes! YES! YES! GOD YES! Aww and her husband is just so adorkable in the bowtie. Cee-Lo is excited by the performance and Kat’s voice. He said she made an impression. Blake said he loved the performance. Adam loved the crowd surfing. Christina said that Kat came to play today and loved the artistry of it. “Another Day In Paradise” sung by Jonny Gray: Cee-Lo wants him to have a memorable moment that shows his talent and heart. Jonny says that his Mom is a hero. Cee-Lo says that he needs to stay anchored to the bridge. Jonny has that good rasp. It’s a very understated performance. Unfortunately, Jonny isn’t connecting with it. So it is also a bit boring. I think there could have been a bit more oomph or maybe it’s because of Kat’s performance. I did feel something watching it. It just wasn't his best. Cee-Lo says they need narrative nourishment in music. I don’t really know what Cee-Lo is saying sometimes. Adam said the sync was often and rhythm issues but then he found his groove. “My Kind Of Love” sung by Tessanne Chin: Tessanne is going to sing the song to her husband. Adam says that she needs to not be afraid of the high notes and the mic. She has a lot of power in her voice. Tessanne has that wonderfully smooth voice. She is definitely bringing the house down as per usual. Oh damn girl keep on nailing it! And there is that note taking me to church. I love that the raw emotion of her voice as she sings. Goddamn that last note was awesome! Awww her husband. Adam loves her emotional and flawless voice that blows his mind repeatedly. Christina thought it was very cool. She can hear so many people’s voices and then into her vocal power. “Hallelujah” sung by Matthew Schuler: Matthew wants to show the delicate parts of his voice in the song. Christina says he needed to fearless and show artistry. Hopefully he can do something new with it. This is one of the more over covered songs. I have chills. Matthew knows when to find the quiet moments and then when to hit us with that powerful voice. It is seriously mindblowing and chilling all at once. Both of his parents are crying! I was tearing up too. Christina says that it was magical and says she is humbled that she is his coach. Blake says that Matthew is magical and powerful. Adam shows off a wardrobe change because he felt nerdy in his other outfit. He looks like the Fonz and it’s awesome. Adam said that the song is one of the best ever written. He said that he preserved the legacy of the song. “Adorn” sung by Cole Vosbury: Blake and Cole bond over losing family members in car accidents. He wants Cole to show he can do any kind of music. Blake says that he needs to trust his gut for performing. Cole’s rasp is really truly fantastic. Seriously Cole is proving to be a surprise bit of awesome. Oh damn. This is very smooth but has nice bursts of flavor. Cole is like a Starburst. The falsetto is the right choice there. Blake said that Cole is like bringing a gun to a knife fight and that his performances are just amazing. Cee-Lo is really impressed by Cole and is so happy for him. “Demons” sung by Will Champlin: You can do it Will! Adam says that Will needs to have that absolute moment of awesome. He needs to connect to the audience. Adam also thinks that Will needs to negotiate his breath control. He keeps up with the wordy song and finds a good groove. OHMYGOD that note! Wow that note was awesome. And then he went back to keep going about it. Damn son. Still it wasn’t his best performance. I do see him moving on because I can think of worse I heard tonight. Adam says that he loves that Will loves much “way too much.” He loved the passionate performance. (We ran out of time for the other coaches to say anything.)

Erika's Take:

Caroline Pennell: “Wake Me Up” By Avcii is what she is given to sing tonight by Ceelo. I really hate this song to be honest so I’m not really pleased about this song choice for her. Personally, I think it’s too upbeat and doesn’t really capture that special quality that her voice has. That being said, she does a great job and manages to keep my attention. Josh Logan: “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson is his song for this week. He already gets brownie points because I love this song to death and every cover I’ve heard of it. Seriously, you can’t mess this song up because it’s that great. Guess I was wrong. Josh had no life in this performance, and it showed in his voice. I don’t know what the coaches saw nor heard but it was definitely lacking in energy. James Wolpert: “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers is what Adam hands James this week. I feel like James is about to come out guns blazing and just rock out. James did just that and more. He rocked out and hit an amazing high note in the middle of the song. He owned that song! I’m so buying it! Super nerd rockstar! Adam is pleased and gushes over his teammate. James was on fire! Austin Jenckes: “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive” by Travis Tritt is what Blake gives Austin this week. Blake wants him to tap into his country side with this song. I was bored though. I’m still waiting for Austin to have a break out moment in this competition. He has the emotion but still feels way too restrained for me so I’m having a tough time connecting. Jacquie Lee: “Love Is Blindness” by Jack White is what Christina chooses for Jacquie. It’s a challenge indeed but she kicks some major ass in it. The girl’s pipes have no boundaries. Christina really has a rare gem in her team with this young girl. I got chills. Jacquie delivers without fail and owns that song. Ray Boudreaux: “All Of Me” by John Legend is what Blake challenges Ray with this week. And with this song, Ray won me over with this song finally. I wasn’t getting it at first but I get it now. If Blake keeps picking songs like this for Ray, he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. Christina hits on a few mishaps that Ray took but I didn’t notice to be honest. Kat Robichaud: “Sail” by AWOLNATION is what Ceelo hands to Kat. BEST SONG CHOICE EVER. KAT TOTALLY KICKED SOME ASS. Sorry for the all caps because HOLY CRAP, KAT ROCKED. As Christina said, Kat came to play today and was AMAZING. This song was made for her. Rock on, Kat, rock on! Jonny Gray: “Another Day In Paradise” by Phil Collins is what Jonny is given. I love me some Phil Collins but this song doesn’t suit Jonny. I feel like he is struggling with singing it. I can’t connect with it which is a pity since I like Jonny. He’s going to be in danger. Tessanne Chin: “My Kind Of Love” by Emeli Sande is what Adam gifts Tessanne with. It’s a gift because she’s going to crush this amazing song by Emeli. Right off the bat, I get chills. Tessanne has so much passion in her voice that you can’t help but feel something every time she gets to sing. Adam is right, Tessanne has talent in spades. I hope she goes far. Matthew Schüler: “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley is what Christina gives Matthew. He’s aiming to be tone it down, which this song will help with. I may cry. This song is so touching. And I did because this song was just so perfectly done. Matthew knows how to show his power and when to hold back. I got chills, and it’s not because I’m cold. That song really sealed Matthew’s status as a frontrunner. Cole Vosbury: “Adorn” by Miguel is Cole’s song for this week. I just gotta ask what Blake is smoking this week: two R&B songs for his team? What? Gotta say, I love Cole’s vocals on this song. He gets a standing O from the coaches, and it was well deserved. Cole did amazing on this song that was not even in his wheelhouse. He’s definitely Team Blake’s superstar. Will Champlin: “Demons” by Imagine Dragons is the show’s closer, and this song is perfect for PopWrapped’s fave. It’s his second Imagine Dragons’ song on the show, and I think it suits him. Adam wants him to have a moment, and I think he finally does with this number. Will hits this incredible note towards the end, and Adam looks like he couldn’t be happier with his teammate. The crowd loved it as did I. Will gave it passion, which is something you can’t teach. Join us tomorrow for the second round of the eliminations!


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