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White Collar Dropped In The UK, But Standing Strong In The US

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/11/2013 2:31 pm
White Collar Dropped In The UK, But Standing Strong In The US

Lobcke Hein
Staff Writer

White Collar has been dropped by its UK broadcaster, Alibi.

No further episodes will air on the UKTV channel, a representative confirmed to Digital Spy.

The series is about the unlikely partnership between charming con artist Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and straight-man FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim Dekay). Caffrey provides his expertise to help Burke catch other elusive criminals in exchange for his freedom, and together they prove that to solve the hardest crimes, you must hire the smartest criminal.

White Collar originally aired on Sky Living in the UK, but the broadcaster opted not to acquire any episodes beyond the first season.

Alibi later picked up the conman drama and aired the second and third seasons.

However, the channel has no plans to air season four “for now,” it has announced. In the US however, White Collar has been
picked up for a fifth season, which will premiere on the USA network on October 17.

Warning! The next few paragraphs contain spoilers from the Season Four finale!

For over a season now,

White Collar

‘s Neal Caffrey has been trying to figure out who he is by uncovering his dad’s mysterious past.

During the season finale, he got his answer — but it wasn’t the one he’d hoped.

After securing Ellen’s evidence box from the Empire State Building — “It’s no 18th century music box, but what is?” remarks Mozzie — Neal’s father James confronts Senator Pratt. Little does he know, Moz didn’t trust him at all and swapped the contents of the box, giving the real evidence to Neal. (Don’t ask us to explain how Neal makes a mini-blimp out of a champagne bottle to fly the evidence to safety — we’re simply not as smart as the con man). When Pratt corners James in order to get his hands on the goods, all he finds in the container is postcards.

The two get into a heated argument and Pratt pulls out his gun while James grabs Peter’s gun off the table. (The FBI agent’s badge and firearm were taken away after the duplicitous new head of the department, Amanda Callaway, found out he was sneaking around with Neal).

Peter walks in and urges James to put down the gun, but he takes the shot anyway and kills Pratt. And he’s determined not to go to jail for it, so he points another gun at Peter and backs out of the room. Left behind with gunshot residue on his hands and a bullet from his own gun in the senator’s body, things aren’t looking good for Peter, who is taken into custody as a clueless Elizabeth prepares for their dinner date back home.

Even after Neal begs his dad to turn himself in and clear Peter’s name, James doesn’t relent. Neal may be a con man, but he’s nowhere near as bad as his father. For one, James actually did murder his supervising officer, according to Ellen’s evidence. On top of that, he’s not willing to go to jail for his actions and save the one man in Neal’s life who’s truly been a father to him.

So for all the White Collar fans in the US do not despair, the sexy blue eyed Neal Caffrey will be back for another shocking season.


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