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Who Attends The "Monster's Ball" In This Week's Vampire Diaries?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/01/2013 8:59 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Who Attends The
Media Courtesy of The CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was almost as good as the third one—almost.  Appropriately titled “Monster’s Ball,” it featured yet another lavish event in which our heroes decided to form a shaky alliance with Silas in an effort to resurrect Bonnie.  There was a lot of Katherine Pierce in this episode—which is never a bad thing—accompanied by a startling revelation involving the sassy doppelganger.  We witnessed yet another heartbreak for our favorite blonde vampire, Caroline, and the powerful witch, Quetsiyah, was up to her old tricks.  Join me as I take you through this week’s episode and maybe together we’ll understand exactly how all these pieces fit together in the grand scheme of things.
Previously on The Vampire Diaries...
The group found out that Bonnie was dead and they held a memorial in her honor.  Quetsiyah got a hold of Stefan and proceeded to fry his brian.  On the bright side, Silas was left without mind-control powers.  The mysterious traveler, Nadia, took Katherine hostage and then Katherine found out her blood was now the cure.  Dr. Maxfield, knowing Jesse had vampire blood in his system, killed him and turned him into a vampire.
“Monster’s Ball” picks up right where it left off, with Jesse in Dr. Maxfield’s secret laboratory of horrors.  He’s performing some kind of tests on him and studying his responses, trying to distinguish the difference between his human and vampire self.  He does call Jesse subject #62547, which holy cow!  That’s a whole lot of previous subjects he experimented on—assuming that’s how he’s numbering them.  Dr. Maxfield also refers to Jesse as “the perfect candidate”—ominous.  Cue title card.
From the laboratory we head out to the campus exterior where Elena’s writing on her diary.  That’s right, the diary is back!  She’s expressing her feelings about Bonnie’s death and her effort to try to move on.  As she’s recounting what’s been going on, we see Caroline and Tyler engaging in some extracurricular activities—spoiler alert! It’s sex.  Elena wants to know what the deal is with Dr. Maxfield.  Don’t we all?  He approaches her as she’s writing on her diary and reminds her about the costume ball that night.  Elena and Damon plan to go together, after all, Caroline’s already gotten them costumes for the night’s events.
Back in the dorm, Caroline and Tyler are wrapped in sheets on the floor.  It’s odd, seeing as they have a bed but I guess they like the hardwood floor much better.  It must be a hybrid/vampire thing or maybe they didn’t want to make too much noise?  Look, it doesn’t matter. Caroline tries to talk to him about college but he’s in no mood to discuss future plans about education.  She tells him about the historical ball which is mainly just an excuse to display Whitmore’s collection of historical artifacts.
On her way to class, Elena sees a (very handsome) guy staring at the portrait of Megan on display at her memorial site.  She tries to make conversation with him and find out more about what really happened to her but he’s not much of a talker.  He doesn’t even give her his name.  Ouch!  That must be a first for Elena, who’s used to everyone eating out of her hand and falling head over heels for her.
Somewhere in Mystic Falls, Silas gets in touch with Nadia, who is still in the hotel with Katherine.  It’s so great seeing Katherine scarf down a bag of Doritos as she complains about not being fed properly.  Isn’t she the best?  After Silas tells Nadia he’s been tracking her cellphone, she decides to leave the hotel with Katherine but not before telling her that Silas needs all of her blood in order to cure himself.  It comes as no surprise, since Katherine donating only a few drops, even pints, would be way too easy.  That’s not the way TVD does things.
Meanwhile, Damon comes up with an oh-so-brilliant plan to bring back Bonnie from the dead.  He holds a secret meeting with Jeremy in which they discuss the possibility of having Silas trade his life for Bonnie’s.  We see scenes intercut between his conversation with Jeremy and Silas.  Damon wants Silas to become mortal and before dying he can do a spell that would bring Bonnie back.  Or something like that, this show confuses me sometimes—always.  Bonnie tells Jeremy that Silas’ plan must be to destroy the other side completely but he can’t do it without finding the anchor that binds the spell that created the other side.  Silas thinks that Quetsiyah knows the location of the anchor and also knows she will be at the Ball that night.  Jeremy and Damon proceed with the plan to resurrect Bonnie even though she insists she’s not on board, warning of grave consequences.  Silas agrees to resurrect Bonnie with his death but in exchange, he wants Damon to kill Stefan.
Nadia and Katherine are now in a restaurant, where the doppelganger is indulging in pancakes.  Nadia tells her that she’s been tracking her for 500 years and had someone turn her into a vampire in order to hunt her down.  The reason?  Katherine killed her mother in Paris.  After a very quick story about where she committed this murder, Katherine is able to get away by stabbing Nadia with customer’s cane.  There must have been at least twenty people in that restaurant and there was exactly zero screams.  This show’s crazy.
At Whitmore, Caroline and Tyler show up at the Ball dressed as Bonnie and Clyde.  She convinced Stefan to attend as well—dressed as James Dean.  Stefan asks Caroline to dance while Tyler gets them drinks.  They’re definitely going there with Caroline and Stefan aren’t they?  I’m not really digging it, so I’ll move on.  Elena is determined to find the real cause of Megan’s death and spots the mysterious guy she met at the campus earlier that day.  She uses compulsion to ask if he killed Megan, to which he answers no.  This guy basically ends up being the male Elena, everyone he’s ever known and loved is now dead.  Elena compels him to forget about her questions and he introduces himself as Aaron.  At this point, I don’t even know if the compulsion worked or not.  Everyone in the town seems to be on vervain.
Quetsiyah arrives at the Ball and heads straight for Stefan.  He doesn’t remember her but she does a fine job at explaining she was the witch who wiped his memories.  As she’s trying to make conversation with him, Damon shows up and takes Stefan away.  Once he gets him alone, Silas enters the room and Damon breaks Stefan’s neck—I hope this is what Silas meant when he told Damon to kill him.  With Stefan “dead,” Silas has his mind-control back.  He impersonates Stefan to try to get information about the anchor from Quetsiyah.  For being a smart and powerful witch, she turns out to be quite gullible.  After sharing a dance, he reveals his true identity and asks her about the anchor.  Quetsiyah tells him the travelers hid it and she doesn’t know where it is.  After that, he tells her to forget everything they talked about.  Meanwhile, Stefan regains consciousness but Damon has to once again break his neck to keep the link between him and Silas severed.
Meanwhile, Nadia somehow got out of the restaurant without anyone going after her or trying to help.  She’s in the alley, when Katherine questions her about her story.  Nadia finally confesses the truth.  Katherine really did kill her mother, except it was when she committed suicide.  Nadia is the daughter that was ripped away from Katherine after she was born.  And just like that, TVD hits us with another curve ball.  It’s a little weird that Nadia looks older than her but I will attribute it to her turning at an older age than Katherine.  They go back to the hotel and Katherine tells Nadia that she went back to Bulgaria to look for her but couldn’t find her.  They have a nice bonding moment.
Back at the Ball, Dr. Maxfield—dressed like Dr. Jekyll, so appropriate—shares a dance with Elena.  She confronts him again about lying on Megan’s death certificate.  He tells her he thinks a vampire killed her, being very open about his knowledge of their existence.  He warns Elena about people asking questions about her and her friends and tells her to drop out of college and go back to Mystic Falls.  Later, he runs into Aaron and it is revealed that he is his legal guardian.  He tells Aaron to stay away from Elena.  Will he listen?  Most definitely not.
Meanwhile, Tyler and Caroline have a heart to heart.  He knows the only reason they’re together is because Klaus granted him his freedom and allowed him to return to Mystic Falls.  He feels like he can’t go on living that way and proves that his pride is bigger than his love for Caroline.  She knows the only reason he came back was to say goodbye—for the hundredth time.  Tyler wants to destroy Klaus’ life just like he destroyed his—I smell a character crossover in the very near future.  I’ve always been a Klaus and Caroline fan, so just hearing Caroline talk about him made my little heart swell with joy.  Later, he packs his bag and Caroline gives him an ultimatum.  If he leaves, he can never come back and they can never be together.  Tyler can’t let go of his hate for Klaus and decides to leave Caroline behind.
Quetsiyah finds her pendants on display at the historical Ball and uses it to perform a locator spell to find the anchor.  Silas shows up but since she was compelled to forget, she believes it’s Stefan.  In the other room, Stefan is regaining consciousness, causing Silas to suffer a massive headache.  Stefan pretends to be dead and when Damon checks on him, he surprises him and breaks his neck.  Quetsiyah goes to Silas and tries to help but Stefan shows up and tells her the truth.  She realizes Silas had been pretending to be Stefan the whole time and in order to keep him from finding the anchor, she performs the desiccation spell on him.  Later, Damon and Elena find a mummified Silas on the floor and take him back to the Salvatore home.
Elena tells Damon about Dr. Maxfield knowledge of vampires and Damon tells her about their plan to bring Bonnie back.  They know that in order for Silas to perform the spell, he needs to take the cure.  Enter Katherine Pierce.  Katherine begs Damon not to kill her but he bites into her neck anyway and lets Silas feed on her.  Silas is now cured of his immortality and Katherine is dead.  But wait!  Damon and Elena are in shock when they notice her heart’s still beating.  The episode ends with Katherine opening her eyes, asking if she’s now in hell.
The twist and turns are just the best, aren’t they?  I’m guessing there was more to that mother-daughter bonding moment between Katherine and Nadia.  She must have fed Katherine some of her vampire blood and that’s why Silas draining her didn’t kill her.  I really hope this is correct because I really want vampire Katherine back!  I think I will absolutely love the team up between her and Nadia.  I can’t wait to see the reaction of everyone when they find out the truth about the Petrovas.
So what did you guys think of this episode?  Did we finally reach the end of the Tyler/Caroline romance?  Where was Matt?  Is that blade he’s supposed to protect with his life, the anchor that Quetsiyah and Silas are looking for?  Tell us your theories in the comments.


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