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Who Becomes "The Devil Inside" This Week On The Vampire Diaries

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02/02/2014 8:42 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Who Becomes
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Staff Writer

In this week’s episode of the The Vampire Diaries, Elena’s body continued to be hijacked by Katherine, Caroline felt bad about doing something—someone—bad, and Enzo came back to convince Damon that his true nature is to be a reckless killer.  Stefan doesn’t seem to give a damn about Elena’s feelings towards Damon anymore and his friendship with Caroline is pretty much the best thing ever.  Before I begin this recap, I would just like to say that after five years of this show, the characters have evolved so much and some not for the best.  Katherine, however, remains her fabulous and deceitful self, making her the best character on the show right now.  That’s hard for me to admit, since I’ve always been a Caroline Forbes kind of girl but Kat steals the show every time.  More of that from now on, please.  I’m perfectly okay with her being “The Devil Inside” Elena’s body for the time being.
Previously on The Vampire Diaries...
Damon told Enzo that he felt so bad for leaving him in a cage to literally “die in a fire,” and literally turning off his humanity.  Tyler reminded Caroline that the reason they were together was because Klaus gave the okay.  Caroline ran into Klaus in the woods and totally sexed him up.  Elena found out Damon’s been killing all the members of the Whitmore family for generations.  Damon broke up with Elena but now wants to get her back.  Katherine took over Elena’s body.
“The Devil Inside” kicks off with “Elena” meeting up with Matt in the town square.  She gets rid of his vervain bracelet and then confesses that she’s really Katherine.  Nadia shows up and tells her to stop playing games and get to the point.  Katherine compels “Mattypants” to keep her secret and then gets fashion advice from him.  He okays the shoes she’s wearing but not the dress.  She gets facts about Elena and her friends from him to be prepared in case anyone asks when her birthday is or whatever—shouldn't she already know this?  Finally she wants to know how Elena broke up with him, for future use.
We get the title card and then go back to earlier that day.  Mia needs Katherine’s corpse so she can do a spell and give Katherine complete control of Elena’s body.  Nadia’s plan to keep Elena from going anywhere in case her consciousness comes back is to handcuff her to the bed.  Handcuffs?  Really, Nadia?  Later, she pays a visit to the Salvatores to ask Damon about Katherine’s body.  He buried her and isn’t keen on sharing the location.  Stefan just kind of stands there and goes along with his decision.
At the Lockwood mansion, Matt is searching for his phone when he finds a sleeping Tyler on the couch—looks like he’s been hitting the bottles of liquor pretty hard.  Matt asks about his time in New Orleans but Tyler doesn’t want to talk about it.  He wants to start fresh.  Matt tells him he’s throwing a welcome back party for him and asks Tyler to clean up and invite people.
We shoot over to Whitmore College where Caroline is being a busy bee, cleaning everything in sight.  Aaron comes by and finds her cleaning the fireplace.  Caroline says she’s stress cleaning because of boy drama.  Basically she doesn’t wanna think about the mind-blowing sex she had with Klaus.  Aaron wants her to tell Elena that Wes will no longer bother her and that the vampire experiments are over.  He goes back to his dorm where he finds Enzo waiting for him.  We go back to Caroline who’s on the phone with Stefan.  He wants her help in finding Elena and tells her that he’s on board with Delena.  She’s not happy about it but agrees to help because she knows Elena does have a good influence on Damon.
Back in Nadia’s apartment, Elena’s consciousness returns to her body and she easily breaks the handcuffs that are tying her to the bed.  Her cellphone is going off as Caroline is trying to get a hold of her but before she can answer, Nadia intervenes and calls Katherine forth again.  They know they have to find her body so Elena doesn’t ruin their plans.  Meanwhile, the Salvatores are discussing Elena at the Mystic Grill when Caroline shows up.  Stefan tells Damon that she agreed to help him get Elena back.  They try to get a hold of Elena again and Katherine reads the text messages to Nadia.  She wants to go to Tyler’s party in order to find out where her body is buried.
At the Lockwood mansion, Matt and Tyler are getting ready for the party.  It’s obvious Tyler wants to get Caroline back as a way of starting his life over in Mystic Falls.  Tyler goes inside the house and Matt gets a call from “Elena” who wants to meet up.  And that’s how we get caught up with what happened at the beginning of the episode.  Later, Damon arrives at his house to find Enzo waiting for him.  He’s brought an unconscious Aaron Whitmore for Damon to finish off the legacy for good.  Enzo doesn’t want to believe that Damon has gone soft and wishes to see his old friend "alive and well."  I think the show is trying to insinuate that Enzo is to Damon as Klaus is to Stefan, except without the ripper madness.  Caroline calls Damon and tells him Elena is at Tyler’s party.  Aaron wakes up and Damon breaks Enzo’s neck before compelling Aaron to get out of town and never come back.  He then heads to the party.
Katherine arrives at the Lockwood mansion and waits for Matt to invite her in.  Once inside she compels Matt to leave her alone and she goes in search of better company.  She runs into Stefan by the beer keg and he asks her about her whereabouts.  He tells her Damon made a mistake by breaking up with her.  She seems uninterested and instead asks him how he’s dealing with Katherine’s death.  She gets a little irritated when Stefan replies that he’s doing fine.  Katherine suggests they have a funeral for her and then asks where she’s buried.  The only info Damon gave him was that she was put where she was always meant to be.  Katherine knows this means her body is in the tomb and she shares the info with Nadia.
Caroline runs into her and wants to talk about something bad she did.  Katherine acts like she’s interested to learn more and the blonde spills the beans about her encounter with Klaus in the woods.  She feels terrible about doing it and wants her to confirm that she’s an awful person.  “Actually you’re one of the least awful people I know,” Katherine says.  And it sounds extremely genuine.  She sees Tyler coming down the stairs and purposely asks to know more details.  Such an evil, evil thing to do and poor Tyler’s face when he hears that Caroline slept with Klaus is heartbreaking.  Katherine then leaves the party to meet Nadia at the tomb.
When she arrives, Mia begins her spell, sticking a knife smeared with Elena’s blood into her corpse and begins chanting.  Katherine begins feeling Elena’s consciousness resurface and it’s only a matter of seconds before she wakes up.  Elena realizes what they’re doing and tries her best to keep her cool as she figures out her next move.
Back at the party, Caroline attempts to speak with Tyler about what happened.  He reminds her that Klaus killed many people, including his mom.  To say he’s angry with her is an understatement.  When she refuses to leave, Tyler’s face transforms and she steps back, afraid.  Stefan gets there and pushes him back asking what’s wrong.  Tyler tells him that Caroline slept with Klaus and she looks completely ashamed and leaves.  Stefan punches Tyler and tells him that Caroline didn’t deserve him outing her like that.
Meanwhile at the tomb, Nadia questions “Katherine” about where she wants to go after the spell is complete.  Elena pushes Mia away from Katherine’s body and stops her from finishing the spell, then injures Nadia and gets away.  Mia regains consciousness and Nadia tells her to finish the spell.  Elena tries calling someone for help but discovers that Katherine locked her phone with a passcode.  As she’s running through the woods, Katherine’s memories start taking over her head.  She makes it to the Lockwood mansion, where Damon is already looking for her, but as she runs into his arms the spell is complete and Katherine once again takes control of her body.
“Elena” tells Damon that they need to talk.  He tries telling her that he made a mistake by breaking up with her and gives her a beautiful speech about her being the good in him and how much darkness there is in him without her.  She tells him that she loves making him happy but doesn’t want to be his only reason for living.  Then she makes use of Matt’s info about how Elena broke up with him to tell Damon that it’s over between them.
Later that night, Tyler tells Matt about how screwed up his life is now that he has nothing.  What’s worst is that he has an eternity of it and has no idea what he’s going to do.  Matt suggests that maybe it’s time to get out of Mystic Falls and go somewhere else.  It’s hard not to feel bad for Tyler, especially after he recounts his experience with Klaus in New Orleans and how he thought there was nothing else he could do to him that could be worst.  Then he comes to find out he slept with the girl he loves.  Tyler is utterly destroyed.
Back at the tomb, Mia asks Nadia about her payment for performing the spell, but Katherine rips out her heart instead.  She tells Nadia that she’s not leaving Mystic Falls.  There’s no one chasing after her now and everyone in town trips over themselves to protect Elena.  She tells Nadia to stay. Not only does she want to try and be a good mother to Nadia, but she also wants immortality...and Stefan.  So that’s it, Nadia is sticking around to make sure her mother gets all that she wants.  If that’s not mother-daughter bonding, I don’t know what is.
Meanwhile at the Salvatore home, Caroline is pensively sitting in front of the fireplace when Stefan arrives and tells her he’s been looking for her.  She wants him to be honest with her and tell her if she’s a horrible person for what she did.  Stefan asks what her first thought was when she found he’d slept with Katherine, to which she replies, “Ew.”  He knows that she wouldn’t be there if she had held that against him.  But Stefan’s a good friend and knows what Caroline wants to hear, so he begins by calling her “thoughtless, shallow, and undependable.”  Caroline knows that he’s joking, especially after he says that now that he thinks about it, he has no idea what Klaus saw in her.  These two!  I love their friendship so, so much.
Somewhere in the outskirts of Mystic Falls, Aaron is driving down the road in his super expensive car, when he sees a person lying in the middle of the road.  He stops to check on him and realizes it’s Enzo.  Damon shows up behind him and Aaron reminds him that he let him go.  After what happened with Elena, Damon’s decided to revert back to his murderous ways.  “Elena thinks I’m a monster and you know what?  She’s right.”  He bites into Aaron’s neck and leaves him to bleed on the road.  Enzo is happy to have his friend back and the episode ends.
Is Season 1 Damon making a comeback?  With the return of Katherine and her determination to get back with Stefan, it sounds a lot like a possible Season 1 redux.  I guess it all depends on how long Elena really is suppressed inside her own body because there’s no way she’s gone for good.  How long do you guys think it will be until the group finds out it’s Katherine and not Elena?  Leave us a comment below and tells us if you like the direction the show’s taking.


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