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Who "Danced Back From The Grave" In This Week's The Originals

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/30/2014 11:02 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Media Courtesy of CW

Adele Fredeluces Staff Writer

This week on The Originals we learn more about one of the powerful beings brought back after the tragic offering of our beloved young witch, Davina. Papa Tunde is one that has risen from the grave and he’s one powerful warlock. In a flashback we see that Papa Tunde paid a visit to town to teach the witches of the Quarter about sacrificial magic. He’s all about power and did not fear the Original family. Back in the present, we find Marcel still down in the dumps. He could care less about anything since Davina is gone. Klaus, however, is pretty ecstatic that the Harvest didn’t go as planned; he even pardons Thierry from his exile in the garden. After Klaus orders Diego to lead a little roust in the cauldron, Diego finds two vampires dead with some markings and a symbol that is all too familiar to Klaus and his other siblings. Rebekah even comes across the same symbol when Thierry brings her to a warehouse on the dock. Out of nowhere, the resurrected Papa Tunde reveals himself and performs the sacrificial ritual on her. The power of the Original sister is running through him and Rebekah just lies there looking like death. Again, I repeat, Marcel is still down in the dumps. He’s looking for Sophie Deveraux at the bar and instead of actively searching for her, he stays drinking away his sorrows. Cami happens to be there as well and he reveals a bit of his past with Klaus. In a flashback, Marcel returns from World War I and Klaus throws him a welcome home party. Papa Tunde is also invited and Marcel reveals it was because Klaus wanted to assess his weaknesses before killing him. It was practically a power struggle between the warlock and the Original and you know Klaus by now. He never liked to give up any power. Instead of going through with a truce Elijah made, Klaus decided to behead the two sons that bared the same mark as Papa, before taking Papa Tunde’s life. Now back to the present, resurrected Papa Tunde pays a visit to Marcelus. Before he takes the power away from the other originals, he wants to take Marcel away, since he is one of the few that Klaus has ever cared for. “The sins of the father are paid for by the son.” Elijah and Hayley find Rebekah but there is a boundary spell preventing them from obtaining her. Elijah, desperate to get his sister out of this trance, calls Sophie. She reveals that they need to add a more potent ingredient to the confinement spell, for example the blood of a witch. Baby hybrid saves her Aunt Rebekah and breaks the magical barricade since she’s a quarter witch. Back at the bar, Klaus comes to save Marcel after receiving a call from Cami. He struggles, but Papa Tunde is very strong since he’s channeling Rebekah’s power. However, as Elijah takes Rebekah out from under the spell, Papa Tunde’s power decreases allowing Klaus to break free. As Klaus tries to care for Marcel, Tunde disappears. Rebekah’s alive and kicking and she is pissed off at Thierry for leaving her to rot. Elijah comes to snap his neck before his younger sister can berate the cowardly vampire.  He’s still disappointed in Rebekah’s scheme against Klaus. Elijah wants Klaus to find his happiness, but Rebekah reiterates that she has never even gotten the chance at happiness because of Klaus. In her fit of anger, she calls Elijah a hypocrite saying he would choose love over their family, referencing his feelings for Hayley. Marcel and Rebekah have another moment together after the events with Papa Tunde. They are reminded of the past and we learn that Marcel is the reason Tunde came to town those many years ago. I guess you could say he did it for love. He wanted the most powerful witch to chase Klaus away so he could have happiness with the Mikaelson sister. But clearly things didn’t work out. After all the chaos, Klaus realized something: he needs warriors, not cowards. He gives all the vamps an option to stay and fight or leave. Thierry stands up and gets the hell out, while a few follow suit. It seems to me that some people are actually getting used to Klaus and his power. Despite everything, Sophie continues to offer her insight on the situation. She’s confident someone jacked the power from the harvest and resurrected 4 evil witches.  She evens continues to reiterate that the more sacrifices made, the more powerful Papa Tunde gets. And she’s right. The vampires exiled in the garden are all sacrificed. The blade Papa Tunde used contains power that will “do worse than death, even to an original”. But there’s one more sacrifice and that’s Papa Tunde himself. He’s happy to sacrifice himself for the greater cause. As Celeste in Sabine’s body makes the final sacrifice, I wonder what’s next for the rest of the resurrected witches. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!


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