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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Who Died In Ravenwood's Ghostly And Haunting Finale?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/05/2014 9:51 am
PopWrapped | Television
Who Died In Ravenwood's Ghostly And Haunting Finale?
Media Courtesy of ABC

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

It's been quite a bumpy ride for the five teens affected by the Ravenswood curse. Ghosts, pacts and deaths have thrilled Ravenswood  viewers and tonight the season finale did not fail to creep us out. Some questions were answered and another can of worms were opened! While the Ravenswood gang reminisce about the things they learned in last week's episode, in particular the kid with the  bloody eyes that led Remy to Dillon and Mr. Collins, Hanna makes a surprise visit. After short introductions, she goes straight to the point: "Where's Miranda?" Now Caleb has to tell her! Hanna insists that she needs to talk to Miranda, but Caleb stays evasive avoiding the whereabouts of young girl. "I will crack your head with a skull if you tell me 'it's complicated'," Hanna exclaims. My thoughts exactly Hanna! After finally telling her what happened to Miranda, Hanna thinks Caleb is lying and crazy. Miranda appears, but Hanna cannot see her given the circumstances. In disbelief, Hanna walks out. After all that Hanna's been through, you'd think she'd give Caleb the benefit of the doubt. But then again an actual dead friend is completely different from a friend who faked a death. Olivia thinks that Ryan, the boy with the bloody eyes who appeared to Remy, is the same person she saw at the lab. They put the pieces together and figure out that he is the one helping them see what has happened in the past. Olivia suggests to go to the Mayor's office to see Ryan would show them what happened to her father. After Mrs. Grunwald convinces Hanna to stay a little longer and talk it out with Caleb, Hanna finds Caleb and breaks down. Revealing how awful she feels for wanting to confront Miranda, when the whole time she's been dead. They sit together in silence before Caleb goes off to reply to the others. Little red coat girl Max appears and she is not adorable. Max asks if Hanna would like to meet her friend and the hashtag #RunAwayHanna conveniently appears on the screen. When Caleb comes back, he sees that Hanna is with Max and he freaks as he should. Hanna is confused and frustrated. While Max disappears,  creepy spider lady takes her spot and has ice cream with a side of spider. I hate spiders. Hanna is at the chapel trying to process the death of Miranda. She speaks to Miranda and this scene is really heartbreaking. "If I don't make jokes, I'll cry because I don't want to believe all this."  Hanna thinks she's having this one-sided conversation and Miranda seems to feel comfortable in Hanna's presence, appreciating the concern. I like this friendship even though Hanna doesn't see Miranda. Remy, Luke and Olivia are about to leave Mr. Matheson's old office, but Ryan shows them exactly what they need to see before they go. We learn that Dillon was the one that stabbed Mr. Matheson with the triple sided blade. In the flashback, Remy notices evidence that'll tie Dillon to the scene. The Matheson children are devastated and angry. Olivia doesn't even want to get the police involved. She'd rather "find him and kill him" herself. As Remy decides to go home and tell her father that the police may find new evidence regarding the Matheson murder, someone is home that is not Mr. Beaumont. The lights turn off and Dillon creeps up on her. Remy tries to stand her ground, but Dillon attacks her and knocks her out. Caleb gets a text revealing Remy is missing and immediately confronts Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins still tries to deny his involvement, but as soon as he learns about Dillon's involvement in the Matheson murder he starts to reveal his role in the pact. Collins even reveals he tried to stop the curse by keeping Miranda away and convincing her to leave Ravenswood, but he failed miserably. Now Creepy Collins isn't as creepy anymore. He reveals which side he's on, but he has noticed what happens to people who try to stop the curse. Take his sister and Mr. Matheson for example, they died in the process. After getting some creepy text from Remy's phone, the Scooby gang heads to the chapel to find their fifth member. Of course, it's a trap. Dillon led them all there to die. Spider lady appears and turns into Pastor Abadon. Abadon starts to mutter a language I don't understand and he starts to bring Miranda back to life. Apparently he has the power to do so. Amongst all the magic and chaos, Dillon runs away only to be found by Max. She claims she's going to help him get away but something telling me that's not the case. She leads him deep in the woods and he falls on a train track with a train coming straight toward him. Dillon gave up Olivia to save his own life and Abadon/Max gave up Dillon. Mr. Collins comes to the chapel to save the day. He knows how it all works and reveals that Abadon is bringing Miranda back so all five of them can die together.  Abadon fails at bringing Miranda back as Collins makes a threat with a jar of hair. Fear flashes across Abadon's face and I wonder how this other person tied down by the jar can take him down. After Collins smashes the jar, Abadon rushes out in a blur. I wonder why he's so afraid of Caleb Rivers circa 1918. Caleb and Hanna say their goodbyes for the time being. Hanna drives away still in disbelief and still in love with Caleb, while Miranda looks on heart-broken once again. She's fallen quite hard for Caleb, but she knows that Caleb is in love with Hanna. While she sits and reminisces on a bench in the cemetery, 1918 Caleb Rivers finds present day Miranda. They make a connection and we are taken back and forth between the past, where the original Caleb and Miranda made there vows, and the present. Looks like Miranda may find love with Caleb Rivers after all. What were your OMG moments during the finale of Ravenswood? Are you excited to see two Caleb Rivers grace your screen next season? Until next season my Ravens, -A Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!


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