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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Who Fills The Final Slots On The Voice Coaches Teams?!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/07/2013 10:49 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Who Fills The Final Slots On The Voice Coaches Teams?!
Media Courtesy of NBC
Bec Heim Managing Editor Welcome back fellow Voice fans! The other half of PopWrapped's Dynamic Duo, Erika Rivera, couldn't be here this week. She will, however, return next week for the Battle Rounds. The teams are nearly full! It’s the final night of auditions! Now the coaches are getting pickier. They are also getting hungrier for the best talent to fill the final spots. Christina has 11 artists. Adam and Blake have 10 artists. Cee-Lo has 9 artists. “Have A Little Faith In Me” sung by Matt Cermanski: Oh I remember this guy! He did the bad cover of “Teenage Dream” that I hated. (Oh haaay Usher. Miss you.) He seems to have taken the advice to heart about finding himself. He has started getting gigs and picked up vocal lessons. That’s a total one-eighty from his last audition! He sounds so much better. Less nerves. It’s much, much better. He deserves a team. He has a great little rasp to his voice. It sounds much better put together. Adam turns his chair around followed by Blake. Cee-Lo turns around too. Adam was very honest and said his previous audition was “weird,” which it was. Cee-Lo says he likes what he likes. Blake thought all of it was good and he had fun with it. Adam is impressed with his resilience. Adam throws shade with Blake’s all country team last season. Matt picks TEAM ADAM. “Rebel Yell” sung by Deigo Roman Nivara: He’s from a musical family. His Dad has won two Grammy’s for his music. He respects his Dad’s music but he’s a rocker at heart. He’s a member of Ready Revolution. He wanted to find his own path and do his own big things. His voice sounds really quiet. I think the band is overpowering him. He just sounds muffled. Plus I don’t know if this is the best song for a 90-second audition. The coaches enjoy but no one is really hitting their button. I just don’t think there’s enough there right now. Sorry dude. “1+1” sung by Tamara Chauniece: She spent a lot of time in church. Her mom is a minister. She fell in love with music. She recorded an album at eleven. She got burned out at eighteen and became a leasing agent. She secretly didn’t like it. Oh hello ANGEL. She has this great range. Oh it’s just so lovely and lush. Christina hits the button after that first run. Cee-Lo follows her shortly after. Cee-Lo said the song and Tamara were both gorgeous. Christina adored it and thought she touched her heart. Cee-Lo is so clearly hitting on her. 


“Wanted” sung by Brandon Chase: He finished high school and college early to become a musician. He went to Nashville to find himself in country music. Oh he will go to Blake’s Team. There was a rough birth for him. He stopped breathing a bunch of times. He lived through it. He wants to make the most of this special opportunity. He has the whispery, rasp to his voice. He seems very sincere. At the same time, I feel like I’ve seen him before. But he’s so freaking charming. Blake turns around. I’m not surprised. He definitely puts forth a lot of passion. Cee-Lo turns around ready to fight Blake for him. Blake thought he was a country singer. Cee-Lo said it seemed like soul to him. Adam tells him to pick based on style after a grudge. Cee-Lo said he’s not normal but exceptional. TEAM BLAKE  “If I Were A Carpenter” sung by Lupe Carroll: A flower delivery guy who loves to sing. He met his wife through music. She’s a cellist. He does love making people happy but he would prefer it with music. He has very nice light voice with a hint of whisper/rasp to it. Cee-Lo turns around. He is very good at conveying emotion. It’s definitely a good dreamlike quality to his voice. Cee-Lo says he’s a bit crazy but he’s not stupid. Adam agrees that he has a compelling voice. TEAM CEE-LO “Catch My Breath” sung by Grey: She has been singing before she talked. She is really close with her brother. She graduated from Berkley College Of Music and currently is a wedding singer/retail worker. She feels like her dream is getting further and further away. She wants to be a recording artist. Okay seriously! What is it with the music overwhelming their voice tonight? They should fix that in post. But she gets Adam and Blake to turn around. She doesn’t have a bad voice. It’s quite powerful. Oh that long glory note was really impressive. Cee-Lo was impressed because he turns too. When they turn Christina around, Blake’s turns the opposite direction.  He tells Grey that he did a 360 for her. Cee-Lo thinks her voice is perfect. Christina thinks Adam and Cee-Lo are hungry for the win. Christina thought that she was getting better as the song went on. Cee-Lo tells her that no one does different better than him. TEAM ADAM  ADAM COMPLETES HIS TEAM FIRST. “Easy” sung by Dominic Scott Kay: He has been singing his whole life. He did a bunch of movies but wants to go into music. His Dad is the drummer in the Commodores. He’s doing a song from his Dad’s band. He has to show who he really is. I know that he was good enough to get into the blinds. But the dude should stick to acting. Something just sounds off. Adam thought it was a mature choice and he needed longer notes. They think he just needs to work a little bit more on his voice. “Bailamos” sung by Michael Lynch: Where is Shakira? She would love this guy. He does pop with a Latin infusion. He has a very deep respect for Spanish and Latin culture. He went to a music school in Mexico City. The voice is an opportunity of a lifetime for him. He says that Latin music is a part of him despite. Oh dude. You’re awesome. Dude you hear those glory notes. Christina loves them and hits her button. She is really enjoying it. Blake hits his button followed by Cee-Lo. They’re surprised he’s from Chicago. Christina thought it was fun. Blake likes his vest. He shows up his Spanish speaking skills. Christina thinks he’s awesome for an Irish white boy. Cee-Lo says that he’s half amazing. Adam thinks Shakira is at home crying that she missed this guy. Adam goes to sit in the corner. TEAM CHRISTINA  CHRISTINA HAS COMPLETED HER TEAM. “Stars” sung by Deanna Johnson: She’s from Georgia and a small town. She wants to be a pop and R&B singer instead of a country music. She wants to show her pop artist colors. Oh she sounds like she is swallowing her words. She does something weird with her voice too. Adam thought she needed a little more work at the age. Christina liked the gentleness and unique tone. Blake tells her to come back after she works on it. “Wagon Wheel” sung by Brian Pound: He comes from an athletic family. He gave up athletic dreams, however, to follow music. He quit his job after high school. He has never been so happy to be so broke. He wants to break into the business. He thinks that this is a great opportunity. STOP BUTCHERING THIS SONG! OhMyGOD! Look his voice is fine. There is a nice tone. BUT STOP MAKING THE SONG BAAAAD! You need a right kind of tone for it. It just doesn’t fit. Ugh. Okay sorry. Rant over. He has a good voice. It’s solid and nice tone. Blake turns and then Cee-Lo, to fuck with Blake, turns too. Blake has an instant bro-crush on him due to the similar tastes in clothes. Blake wants to make him into a country artist. They all fight over him and Brian just kind of takes it.


BLAKE’S TEAM IS COMPLETED. A round of artists that Cee-Lo doesn’t like. “Chicken Fried” sung by Shawn “Big Sexy” Smith: A bartender and ex-Army who sings at the bar he tends. He survived an IED explosion with eighty percent hearing loss in his right ear. Carson please don’t call him “Big Sexy” in that tone. He has a nice tone with a rasp to it. He is clearly having fun. The coaches are enjoying it. Cee-Lo hits his button. Big Sexy is adorable. Not as great as a reaction as Cody Belew’s in season three. It still is pretty awesome that “YEEEAAAAAH.” TEAM CEE-LO CEE-LO’S TEAM IS COMPLETED. Come back next week for the Battle Rounds!


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