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Who Goes To The "Sleeping Beauty School" On This Weeks Lost Girl?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/21/2014 10:31 am
PopWrapped | Television
Who Goes To The
Media Courtesy of SyFy

Catherine Meushaw

Staff Writer

Previously on Lost Girl, everyone forgot who Bo was, George Takei played a big snake, and Lauren got put in a terrible wig. Check out the full recap here.
This is a recap, so there will be spoilers.
The episode opens up with Trick cleaning blood off of the picture of Bo, talking about how they all remember who she is and asking where she is. It’s suggested that Trick killed Aife, but not stated, so it’s possible we haven’t seen the last of her.
Next we see Dyson, who is once again at the crash site looking for any signs of Tamsin. This time he hears something and heads down to check it out. In the bushes he finds a little girl.
At Bo and Kenzi’s place, Kenzi has created a shrine of sorts in Bo’s bedroom. It’s a nice little welcome home gift of champagne, chocolate, food, sex toys, lube, and the promise of a Victoria’s Secret runway model hookup. It’s the only thing Kenzi feels she can do and it’s probably helping to relieve her from some of the guilt she feels over forgetting about Bo.
Dyson interrupts Kenzi to bring her downstairs to meet the little girl, who he thinks is Tamsin. His reasoning behind this is that Valkyries have many lives and he found her at the crash site. I guess they’re like phoenixes, they just kind of get reborn. Although this is less ash-y, more crash-y. While they debate about whether or not it is Tamsin, the little girl picks up a knife and throws it at the wall while saying, “peace out losers, I’ma go play,” which convinces them that it is her.
We jump to the diner where Lauren is trying to call Dyson but he doesn’t pick up, because of Baby Tam Tam. Her co-worker, possibly boss, Crystal, comes up to her and gets a little flirty, but Lauren brushes it off.
Back to Dyson and Kenzi, who are joined by Trick. Trick explains to them that when Valkyries are reborn, their memories don’t just come back all at once, but more scattered. Trick also tells them that sometimes Valkyries repress memories from past lives because they deal with so much death, so it’s possible Tamsin may never get the memories back that involve Bo. To get Bo back, they need the compass that helped them get their memories back and an Armillary Sphere. He thinks the compass is still at Engleram’s place, but luckily Kenzi took it with her when they left. The sphere, however, was in Trick’s possession, but it seems to have gone missing. Kenzi tries to leave but Dyson stops her, leaving her to take care of Tamsin. During this whole conversation, Tamsin is making Kenzi play a video of an animated bear dancing to Gangnam Style over and over and over on Kenzi’s phone.
Trick takes a look at the compass and discovers that Bo is no longer on the same physical plane as they are. Cut to Bo who wakes up a little confused find out she’s on a train.
When Dyson gets Trick alone, he asks what happened between him and Aife, he can smell her blood. Trick tells Dyson that he wounded Aife, who went insane again when she got her memories back. So Aife is still alive, which means she’s still able to cause trouble, I’m assuming she’ll show up later. They agree that Bo can’t know about Aife, which adds to a growing list of things Bo can’t learn about. They start naming trackers who can help find Bo, narrowing it down to one, Endymion, who hasn’t been seen in 800 years. Trick sends Dyson to find a Fae named Selene, Endymion’s ex.
We finally get a first look at the Una Mens, who have Vex captive. The Una Mens don’t look like much, but they lack any sort of empathy or concept of pain. They are torturing Vex to find out what happened to Evony, and not really accepting his answer that she escaped. They pick up a mask that looks kind of like him from a mannequin labeled, “The Last Mesmer.” They start to put a mask on him, but then he tells them that he will give them what they want, not the information about Evony, but something more valuable, “Her.” The camera pans to four other masks, the “Claimed Human” which I think is the Druid, Mossimo, the “Human Terrorist” Kenzi, the “Unaligned Succubus” Bo, and the “Human Doctor” Lauren. It isn’t quite clear who he is referring to, the assumption is Bo, and the Una Mens let him go. Before they let him go, they put a little wormy thing in his mouth.
Dyson and Hale go to Selene’s Salon to find Endymion, or Eddy as Selene calls him. Selene takes Dyson in the back, leaving Hale to go through the computer. Hale is interrupted by Clio, the nymph from last episode, who tells him they need to go find Astrid.
At Kenzi and Bo’s, Tamsin is doing that curious kid thing and asking Kenzi a bunch of questions, mostly about Dyson, Hale, and love. They’re in Bo’s room, so Tamsin is going through all of the stuff Kenzi put out, including asking what condoms are. Kenzi finally kicks her out when Tamsin goes for the weapons chest, telling her to stay out of Bo’s room. Tamsin goes to use the bathroom and finds Kenzi’s sparkle cream and starts scooping it out into the toilet. When Kenzi catches her, she drops the whole jar, leaving Kenzi without Fae powers. When Kenzi freaks out, Tamsin starts to cry and Kenzi uses the last of her sparkle power to try to cheer her up. They then go to make cookies. Well, they try to make cookies, Kenzi gives Tamsin the spoon to lick and Tamsin doesn’t like it and hides it under the couch. They have a nice talk about what a BFF is and Tamsin finds the Wanderer tarot card that Bo disappeared into. When she picks it up, the card bursts into flames.
Dyson and Hale are with Astrid, who tell them that the woman who sent them does not want them to find Eddy, but wants their memories erased. Lucky for them, Astrid is not a fan of the women at the salon, and bottles a kiss for them to use to find Eddy. She also puts something on Hale’s forehead, telling him to go to the one he loves. The two return to the salon and are greeted by Clio, who tells them they shouldn’t have returned and sets the girls on them. The salon girls have scary, crazy long fingernails and start to attack them, but whatever Astrid did to Hale made him irresistible instead, giving Dyson a chance to slip away. Dyson finds a hidden room where Eddy is lying dead asleep on a bed. Selene explains to Dyson that she’s the only person who can wake him up and she won’t do it. Dyson threatens her and the whole scene is just really uncomfortable. She does say something about a kiss and Dyson remembers the spray Astrid gave him, he sprays Selene and then has her wake Eddy up with a kiss. The first thing Eddy does when he wakes up is elbow Selene in the face and call her a harlot, he then asks for Dyson’s help tying her up, calling her a trollop. Eddy does not make a fabulous first impression.
At the diner, Lauren is going a little crazy not knowing anything about Bo and seeing her face in random places, like in a newspaper. She drops a tray, catching Crystal’s attention, who calls her out on having never waited tables before. Crystal flirts a lot with Lauren, inviting her for a drink after closing, which Lauren declines, simply saying, “I can’t.”
Back to the train where Bo is trying to pick a lock. Bo is trying to pick the lock so that she can leave her room. She makes an off-hand comment about Kenzi, then says, “Kenz.. I know that name.” It seems that Bo also lost her memories and has not gotten them back, but simple things are jogging her memory. She abandons lock picking for knocking, then tries using a candle to break the lock when the door opens and a maid comes in, warning Bo that she has to be quiet or she will wake “him.” I’m assuming the him she is referring to is the Wanderer. She tries to succubus the maid into giving her answers, but the maid is less than helpful and just adds to the mystery saying, “beautiful eyes, both brown and blue. You’re the one.” The train starts making all sorts of noise and the maid tells Bo it’s her fault and she made him angry.
Eddy tries to get Dyson to talk about Bo in a whole, tell me about the love of your life thing and Dyson doesn’t do a very good job of it. He also mentions that Bo has a girlfriend, which causes Eddy to be rude and Dyson to threaten him. They get the picture of the Wanderer card from Kenzi and Eddy tells them that if that’s Bo, she’s in trouble and he can’t help them. It’s not until Dyson actually speaks from the heart about Bo that Eddy agrees to help. Dyson also convinces Hale that he needs to stop with the excuses and tell Kenzi how he feels about her.
At the diner, Lauren gets sexually harassed by a customer and goes to talk to Crystal about it, who calls her out on being rude. Lauren apologizes for being an “egocentric jerk” and Crystal tells her not to worry, and not to worry about the customers. Before they can start flirting more, rude customer starts to choke and Dr. Lewis springs into action. She has to perform a tracheotomy because the good ol’ Heimlich maneuver doesn’t work. She discovers he’s Fae, a Ghanian Diversity Fae to be exact. He has a crazy mouth looking thing in his throat, which I included a picture of, because why not. Lauren reaches in without hesitation and pulls out the piece of liver he was choking on. Unfortunately, Crystal took a video of the “whole alien thing.”
Back at the train tracks, it’s just Dyson and Eddy, Hale has gone off to talk to Kenzi. Dyson smells someone following them and it cuts to Clio chilling on a roof with binoculars. Eddy says they need to find an inconsistency and Dyson notices a popcorn vender that appears on both sides of the track simultaneously.
Hale is at Kenzi’s waiting with flowers, rehearsing a speech. He’s all flustered and Kenzi thinks it’s about Bo, because that’s all her mind has been on. Finally he gets out what he’s trying to say and Kenzi kisses him. Kenzi then pretty much jumps him and Hale goes with it until he realizes that it’s the perfume that Astrid put on him. They are interrupted by Tamsin screaming and Kenzi snaps out of it. They run upstairs to discover that Tamsin is no longer adorable child Tamsin, but teen Tamsin with crazy curls.
We return to the train tracks where Dyson is rooting around in train yard junk and finds a boxy kiosk thing that baffles Eddy but looks important. Dyson gets all angry that Eddy doesn’t know what he’s doing and Eddy’s solution is to just randomly push buttons. Eddy is stopped by Clio, who tackles him. Dyson and Clio fight a little and Dyson asks why she’s stalking them and she tells him that Eddy isn’t actually Eddy, she’s Eddy. Eddy accuses her of stealing identities and Clio explains that why Eddy was sleeping, she took over his requests for help. She’s an Elemental, just like Eddy, but while he only has command of one of the four elements, she has command of all of them. She shows off her skills and knowledge of the earth around them and it’s history, all while pushing him onto the train tracks. While he sings about himself, no joke, a train comes by and hits him. Not going to lie, I’m not too upset about it.
Clio tells Dyson when the next train is coming and asks if he has a train ticket. He brings her to Kenzi and the tarot card, which has 2015 in Roman numerals stamped on it. They think it’s the time for the train, so they head back to the tracks. When they get back to the kiosk, before they use the tarot card, Clio warns them that there’s no going back. They chat a little bit more and Clio puts the card in the kiosk, surprised that it works.
Before they can do anything, Dyson gets a phone call from Lauren. Lauren politely asks about his stitches before talking about wanting to return home and asking about Bo. Dyson tells her that she needs to stay away because there are still people looking for her. He doesn’t give her a straight answer about Bo, which is probably for the best because Lauren would probably rush home if she found out. She tells him that she’s scared and he reassures her telling her that she’s smart and resourceful and she’ll figure it out.
Quick cut to Vex, who is trying to break into a car while on the phone with Clio. They make a deal involving Bo, all we know is that Vex wants her in one piece. Dyson overhears and asks her about it, but she gives her blood oath that she will find Bo. They hear the train coming, Clio says it’s a “Death Train” because of course it is. They both get on the tracks and wait for the train to come. They disappear right as the train is about to hit them.
Kenzi calls up Mossimo to get more sparkle cream, telling him she can pay. What is she paying with? Trick’s Armillary Sphere, the thing covered in rubies that he was missing earlier. She leaves Tamsin alone, which is probably a terrible idea and goes to meet Mossimo.
Lauren is drinking after work with Crystal and tries to get into her phone to delete the video. Her phone is password protected, and naturally she catches Lauren trying to get into it. Lauren panics, explains that if people find that video she can be in a world of trouble. Crystal deletes the video, gaining a hug and enough of Lauren’s trust to get her real name. If only Lauren would ditch the wig.
In the last scene, Bo succubuses the maid and then jumps off the train.
 Some of my favorite quotes:
Trick: This place is a death trap
Kenzi: Remind me to embroider that on a pillow.
Kenzi: I’m just merely educating the child in the ways of internet hilarity. Watching an animated bear dance to “Gangnam Style” is  just a basic life necessity.
Kenzi (When the card is burning): Holy dildos!!
Kenzi (When she sees Tamsin has grown): Holy Portia DeGeneres, Shakira, David Lee Roth!!!
Hale: Who do I look like? Dr. Spock’s Guide to Growing Valkyries?
Kenzi: If she keeps this up she’s going to be Betty White by Tuesday!!
This episode leaves us with some important questions;
- Who are the Una Mens and what do they want with Bo? What do they want with anyone for that matter?
- Can Clio be trusted?
- Will Tamsin actually be able to remember what happened with Bo?
- What is with the train?
So what did you think of the episode?


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