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Who Had Face Time On This Week's Pretty Little Liars?!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/03/2013 2:50 am
Who Had Face Time On This Week's Pretty Little Liars?!

Erika Rivera

Managing Editor

Welcome back, Liars! What does A have in store for our girls this week? Judging by last week’s episode, their moms have to watch their backs as well! Will we get any new answers this week about A and her plots? Let’s get started!


The episode starts with Emily’s dad finally making it home. He wishes her luck on her way to school and embraces his wife as Em walks away. Poor Fields Family. Looks like they are about to have some issues because of A.

Hanna and Caleb play catch up with Caleb telling her about Mr. Marin’s missing gun. Hanna freaks because it’s starting to look more and more like her mom offed Wilden. This sends her in a tizzy and has her attacking the other Liars as soon as she sees them. 

She jumps on Spencer about Melissa’s mask and whether or not she’s shown it to her big sis. Hanna is so sure that Melissa is A and is trying to set her mom up for murder. Spencer has yet to show Melissa the mask and tries to explain why when Emily shows up with the news of her dad’s homecoming and the reason behind it.

Unbeknownst to the girls, they are being watch by the hottie detective and a new female detective (Nip Tuck alum Roma Maffia). Guess the girls are really in trouble if she’s now part of the investigation team. Both detectives are here to close all the open murder cases in this town (about time!).

The girls head to their favorite sitting spot and catch up. Emily gets a message from her dad, telling her to come straight home. They all wonder if the creepy mask guy has noticed the pilfered mask. They all also quiz Aria about her mom and new beau to which she replies nonchalantly in return “Just fine”. As the group separates, Hanna reminds Spencer about Melissa (okay, she gets it!). “I thought Senior Year was supposed to be the best year of your life,” laments Spencer to Emily, to which she says “If you survive.” Touche.

The Hasting family has a letting get together at the coffee shop, with Spencer clearly getting raked over the coals about Melissa’s possible new gig. Spencer’s mom thinks she’s jealous of Melissa but Spencer’s mind is elsewhere. She finally tells her mom that she got rejected from UPenn, which her mom doesn’t believe at first until Melissa says something. Melissa offers her help to Spencer, which her mom makes her accept (so glad I’m not part of that family).

Hanna has her own family issues when she stops by to see her mom at work. The detectives are there, checking out Wilden’s safety deposit box. They find all kinds of goodies in there, including a gun whose serial number has been conveniently filed off (wonder who did that). They question Mrs. Marin about the box, with her looking quite guilty about the whole thing. Hanna looks nervous, which Lt. Det. Tanner (the female cop) notices. They leave the Marin’s sans box and to wonder what the cops are going to do with the contents of the box.

Emily has her own problems as well when while talking to Spencer late at that night, she overhears her parents talking about Social Services and her. They are both worried about her and why she is lying to them. The following day, she lashes out her doctor about why he called Family Services about them. He still thinks something funny is going on then drops a bomb on her about her shoulder: she’s torn her rotator cuff and doesn’t need to be swimming anymore (adios, Stanford dreams!).

Hanna takes matter into her own hands as well and talks to Tanner alone as the detective is hanging out at the park. She tries to implicate Melissa but Tanner is more interested in her and Wilden’s relationship.  Hanna continues to botch her talk when Caleb arrives to save the day. The pair walks away, with Caleb admonishing Hanna for doing that. Hanna is desperate to save her mom but Caleb is quick to tell her that these guys are the real deal.

Spencer and Toby find out more about Dr. Palmer (Toby’s mother’s doc) and track him down. Spencer offers to go with Toby but he tells her she has Melissa to deal with. He takes off, leaving her with the girls as they plot the confrontation. Emily spots Paige and looks like she’s going to tell her about her injury but changes her mind.

Aria, in the meantime, has a date with Jake when they run into Malcolm. The scene gets awkward when the boy mentions Ezra. Aria kind of shuts down, something Jake picks up on and questions later (AWKWARD). She tells him her story about Ezra, which makes Jake tell her that she’s not done with Ezra. She kisses him, which he rebuffs since he now knows the truth. He tells her to decide about Ezra and walks away.

Hanna and her mom talk about the police visiting. Looks Mrs. Marin’s problems just got worse as her employers have restricted her duties. Hanna confesses to her mom that she knows she was in Rosewood the night Wilden was murdered. Mrs. Marin finally admits to it (ugh), though Hanna wishes she would deny again. This is looking really bad….

Meanwhile, Toby has found the doctor but the doctor has apparently lost his senses as he is now a patient. Toby chats with him a bit but sees he’s getting nowhere with him. As he starts to walk away, the doctor tells him to tell his mother (who’s dead) to stay away from the blonde girl with the bad vibes….looks like Ali or someone like her had something to do with his mom’s death! Plot thickens!

Back at Rosewood, Spencer and Aria set a trap for Melissa with the mask. They have her find it in her suitcase and wait to see what she’s going to do. Melissa looks shocked by the mask and immediately takes off with it, followed by the two Liars in pursuit!

The Fields family has it out, at the same time, about Emily’s lies. They want to know what’s going on but she won’t budge. They lash out at one another, with Emily running out of the house during the argument (this is quickly escalating and makes me sad).  DAMN THAT A!

Caleb and Hanna, in the mean time, talk about Mrs. Marin’s issues when the cops show up to talk to her. They both cover for Ashley but the cops don’t look convinced.

As for Spencer and Aria, they find that Melissa has run off to the creepy mask guy’s place and comes out with a bag of something. Spencer follows her sister while Aria keeps an eye on the creepster. Aria finds that he lied about breaking the Ali mold by uncovering a whole slew of them while Spencer witnesses Melissa breaking masks and dumping into the nearby lake.

Spencer and Melissa have it out with Spencer determined to found out the truth. Melissa admits to being on the train but not to wanting to hurt the girls. She says that Wilden was behind all of that and that he was taking orders. She also admitted to sending Shawna and Jenna to check on the girls, and that Wilden set the fire. Spencer slowly puts the pieces together and asks her sister if she killed Wilden. She doesn’t deny it but says she’s been doing all of this to protect her sister before walking away.

Aria, on the other hand, has a chat with Hector (creepster), and he tells her that he kept the castings but not the mold. He also let her know that Melissa came for answers about Alison, which is why she had the masks done, and the last time Ali was around there, she wasn’t alone and drove off in a dark car….

Back at Liar Central, Paige and Emily have a talk about Emily’s future with Paige being super supportive and optimistic. They walk home and find the cops outside talking to Em’s parents about the fight earlier. UH OH!

Spencer and Aria are chatting about their new discoveries when they get a message from A saying “Melissa’s guilty about a lot of things but she’s not ‘A-Material’. Kisses”. They both go to call the others when Hanna walks in saying she thinks her mom killed Wilden and A knows! YIKES!

Our fabulous episode with the mysterious hooded person piecing together the masks of Melissa…guess he/she fished them out from the lake!

There you have it, my fellow liars! I will be MIA next week but in my place, the lovely Adele Fredeluces, will be recapping the show.




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