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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Who Has A Special Moment In The Voice Top Ten?!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/18/2013 11:17 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Who Has A Special Moment In The Voice Top Ten?!
Media Courtesy of NBC's Tumblr

Bec Heim

Managing Editor

Welcome one and all to The Voice top ten! We all saved Kat Robichaud last week (go Internet!). Now hopefully everyone is going to keep delivering awesome performances. I really hope for it. We’ve been getting some awesome performances this season. I hate to see the downturn. “Say It, Just Say It” sung by the Top Ten: WHY CAN NO ONE ON THIS SHOW HARMONIZE WELL?! Cee-Lo is giving an epic “WTF” look. Yes I agree Cee-Lo. The fuck am I watching? And the mics are weird for some of them! Oh God the harmonizing. Some of them are trying and some of them aren’t. “Your Love” sung by Austin Jenckes: What? I’m confused by that choice of words. Austin doesn’t have emotional connection in his voice. It’s just consistently loud and boring. First slot please do your job and get rid of him! See here’s my problem with Austin. He sounds the same. I literally cannot distinguish anything from any of his past performances. I’m bored. This sounds like karaoke. Please can we just get rid of him? We have hot Ray and Cole Vosbury, America. YOU DO NOT NEED AUSTIN! So bored. Damn he’s probably going to get to next week based on that note at the end. Blake is thrilled by Austin’s performance and says he master the art of the slow build. I didn’t hear it. He sounded the same as ever. Christina said that she loved the ending and that they accomplished that. Adam loves his range and the gravelly tone. Cee-Lo loves Austin effortlessness. Cee-Lo also looks like he’s still raiding things from the set of American Horror Story: Coven. Okay so for some reason Usain Bolt is here. He talks about how everything in Jamaica is blowing up. No. Carson. So awkward. “Clarity” sung by Jacquie Lee: Christina takes Jacquie to do yoga. It’s actually really sweet. I like Christina this season. She wants Jacquie to hold back and shows vulnerability. Jacquie says she wants to connect with it. Christina says she needs to find the balance between the falsetto and the full voice. God Jacquie you are so awesome. She has a better emotional connection than say Danielle Bradbery did last season. The choir behind her is a bit much. But I think she found a good balance between quiet and loud. I love how stripped it is. Great job Jacquie! Christina loved the vulnerability and emotional connection. She thought it was beautiful. Cee-Lo says that she is one of the best. He noticed some things in the song earlier because of the emotional tone. Blake was also unsure of the stripped nature and missed the “Jacquie thing.” Adam loves her grace and poise for a sixteen year old. “Love Me Again” sung by Will Champlin: Awww. Will brought his family to meet Adam. His little girl is adorable! Adam says that Will now needs to go forward and have a good time. Will says that he wants to do the song upbeat. Adam says that he needs to go for his moment. OHMYGOD! That is so much better than “Demons” last week. Oh hey pyrotechnics. This is freaking awesome. I love this. He is just goddamn going for it. Will, bravo you fucking owned it man! Adam said that it was a great song and that Will’s performance was a testament to surviving. He thought it was a great choice and a good marriage. Christina thought he came into his own on the song and loved the performance. Blake loves that he is an accurate vocalist and rolls of the notes. “Leaving On A Jet Plane” sung by Caroline Pennell: Cee-Lo is also meeting family with her mother. Caroline picked this song and wants to sing it. She has gotten into college and feels connected about it. She is so adorable. Okay seriously staff for Voice. What the hell with this video screens? They’re so weird. I love her sincerity. Caroline is very sincere. It’s beautiful. She gets some big notes and long notes. I want to give her a hug. She looks like she wants to cry a little bit. But she was amazing. Cee-Lo is happy that she is happy and she has a wonderful quality of voice. He was scared of the song overpowering her. Adam loved this artistic personal statement that she made with this song and thought that she showed everyone who she is. “To Be With You” sung by Cole Vosbury: Cole thinks this song is perfect for him and his voice. I think it’s freaking perfect for him. He wants him to have his own moment. Cole switches over to a rootsy guitar thing here. Cole I love you honey! Oh Cole. This is amazing. See Cole is everything that Austin lacks. He has that great rough quality, honest sincerity, and he can grow as an artist. Cole is really talented. I love him so much. This song is awesome. Oh there is the glory note! Holy shit Cole. You’re perfection. Blake says that Cole makes him so happy and that it is impossible not to love him. All of the women in the audience are losing their damn minds. Blake loved how acoustic and true it is to Cole. Adam thinks he is more comfortable on the guitar. Cee-Lo is really happy for Cole and that he supports him. Cee-Lo you ARE raiding their costume department aren’t you!? No I will not let that! Carson is answering our questions. This is so much less awkward than previous seasons. It’s still awkward but less. “If I Were Your Woman” sung by Tessanne Chin:  Awww her husband is so adorable. Adam wants to show the classic side to her voice with a Gladys Knight song. Adam says that she needs to build from nothing to knocking us back. Tessanne says she needs to step it. Oh Tessanne. Take me to church honey. Holy hell Tessanne. Seriously this is awesome. Just keep on nailing it. Nail. It. Nail. It. DAMN! Adam said that he needed to talk her into it and that the connection to it is so important. He thought this was solidifying her presence as a major contender. Christina loved the peeks at her accent. Christina wants more moments like this so she can hear different dimensions to her voice. She thought she did a great job. “You Are The Best Thing” sung by Ray Boudreaux: Blake wants Ray to stay true to his roots. He wants to pour it into his family life. Blake warns him to not swallow his words with his accent. Ray can be a surprise. He has such a great feel to him. He has that natural charisma. He is also following Blake’s advice and not swallowing his words. I can understand what he’s singing. He also sounds really nice. Although that big note was a little one the weak side. Blake loved it and thought it was good to bring it back to what he does. Blake thought it was perfect how he bent those notes. Christina loved the brass and the horns with the guitar. She thinks that he has shown the most growth as an artist and that he has found his identity. Adam though Ray is one of the more solid moments and wanted Ray to be a bit more into it. “Without You” sung by James Wolpert: Adam wants to keep a thread of connection with the song. I think this fits much better with James. He does better with intimate performances. Adam says the verses need to be delicate so the chorus can be big. It is definitely quiet. Sort of sleepy in a good…HOLY FUCK WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!?! Now that was a note that needed to be sung tonight. I’m speechless. Team Adam is killing it tonight. MAKE JAMES DO THIS STUFF! WHY IS NOT DOING MORE?! Adam said that James came in and nailed it. He makes the song awesome and his own. Christina loved the Gatsby vibe from James. She loved the song choice and loves the cleanness of his voice. She likes the flexibility and dimension to his voice. She thought he went astray at the end with the pitch. I was too busy being blown away. Blake said that we should vote for James after banter with Adam. “We Belong” sung by Kat Robichaud: Oh Kat is made for 80’s rock and roll. I am so freaking excited for her to sing some Pat Benatar. They want an epic performance and vocal. Kat gets some of choreography. This is going to be theatrical! I am so excited. I hope it’s going to be epic. Kat’s voice sounds great. Her smokiness sounds great. I like that little tremble in places. OhmyGod Kat you are amazing and I have such a crush on you. This is the best pure theatric performance of the night. Then add her voice into the mix? Just literal perfect. Epic, epic perfection. Aww I love her husband in the audience. Kat is rock and roll. Cee-Lo is so proud of her and loves seeing the vision realized. He loves seeing her being herself. Adam thought that it was incredible. He was thrilled to see the Kat that everyone was waiting to see. It was something everyone was waiting for. “Beneath Your Beautiful” sung by Matthew Schuler: Matthew is going to be getting romantic this week. Christina also takes him to do yoga. Matthew wants to focus on something a little more tender hearted. She is thinking about his future wife and is looking out. He should make this song his own. Holy hell I love that eclipse background. Matthew is being a little too quiet or that could be the mic. Either way I couldn’t hear him that well in the beginnings. Then he punches you in the face with his awesome voice. Oh those huge notes are just so perfect. Christina says that he lights up the whole place with his performance and he does it every single time. She is blown away by him continuously. Adam agrees and that it was amazing.


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