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Who Has "The Heart Of The Truest Believer" On This Week's Once Upon A Time Season Premiere?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/30/2013 12:04 am
PopWrapped | Television
Who Has
Media Courtesy of ABC

Jacob Elyachar

Staff Writer

For the past two seasons, ABC’s Once Upon A Time has cast a spell over audience members. As the show begins its third season, viewers will find three of the show’s greatest heroes: Emma, Mary Margaret/Snow and David/Charming teaming up with three of their greatest opponents: Captain Hook, Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin and Regina/the Evil Queen to save Henry from a malicious Peter Pan. Did the group get closer to their goal?  Read on to find out…. The season premiere kicked off with a flashback with Emma giving birth to Henry in the prison hospital.  She tearfully decided to surrender her rights to be a parent. Fast-forward to the present day as a determined Emma and an uncanny crew made up of her allies and enemies are aboard the Jolly Roger ready to save her son from Peter Pan’s clutches. Unfortunately, the sextet’s alliance slowly began to crumble after Rumpelstiltskin (in Dark One attire) exited the boat to personally find his grandson.  The bickering between Snow, Regina, Hook and Charming took a dramatic turn for the worse after they were attacked by a school of vicious mermaids. While a majority of the mermaids got away, Emma and Regina captured one who forewarned that their bickering would lead to their downfall.   She was correct as a massive storm threatened to tear the Jolly Roger apart.  Emma got the quartet’s attention by jumping into Neverland’s rough waters.   The quartet was able to work as a team to successfully rescue Emma, who took her rightful place as the group’s leader. Meanwhile, Henry and his captors, Greg and Tamara, arrived on Neverland just hours before his family. Henry put on a brave face and told them that both of his mothers were coming to rescue him. Greg and Tamara were about to phone in to the Home Office to tell them that they were in Neverland but received a rude awakening----Pan and the Lost Boys were their employers. While Peter Pan killed Greg by taking his shadow, Tamara had to deal with the wrath of Mr. Gold.  The villain found the dastardly duo and demanded to know the location of his grandson. Tamara stated that Henry ran into the Neverland jungle and apologized for hurting Neal.  Mr. Gold rebuked the apology by ripping her heart out and crushing it.  However, Mr. Gold had his heart crushed as he ran into a Lost Boy, who delivered both a warning and a doll to the Dark One. The Lost Boys were eager to capture Henry and bring him to their master.  However, Henry ran into a runway that claimed that escaped from Pan. The duo ran around the jungle dodging the Lost Boys until they ran into a cliff.  The boy stated that they were toast and until he revealed that he stole pixie dust for Pan but could not get it to work on him.  Henry showed that he did believe in magic and got the two to safety across the island.  Unfortunately for Henry, he still remained in danger as his companion was revealed to be none other than Peter Pan. As his son prepared for the battle of his life, Neal found himself in the Enchanted Forest with three new allies: Princess Aurora, Prince Phillip and Mulan.  He shared with them that he was Emma’s lover, Henry’s father and Mr. Gold’s son and begged them to help contact them.  While Aurora’s efforts did not pay off, Neal and Mulan traveled to his father’s castle to see if he still had magic available. Once the duo arrived, they met Robin Hood, who told them that he owes Mr. Gold a favor that he would give to Neal.  Baefire was able to find the magic that he needed: a crystal ball.   By using magic, Neal was able to find Emma as she entered Neverland in hopes to saving their son. Next week: The quintet continue their search for Henry as the Truest Believer tries to survive Peter Pan and the Lost Boys’ attack.  Meanwhile, Mr. Gold reunites with Belle in a strange way.


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