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Who Is Heading Back To Civilization After Last Night's Survivor Elimination?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/24/2014 3:00 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Who Is Heading Back To Civilization After Last Night's Survivor Elimination?
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Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer


With LJ gone from the game and sent to the jury, and with Trish, Jefra, and Kass all unaware of the plan, Tony had some explaining to do back at camp. Jefra was mad, while Trish was able to understand why Tony did what he did. This is what makes her a better player than Jefra. Spencer is talking about how unpredictable Tony is, and that he will need to go sooner rather than later. We are then treated to seeing Tony recreate the spy shack, which we will call Spy Shack 2.0. Although he looks stupid for wasting time moving branches and leaves to make a small leafy cave for himself, it works to his advantage when he can hear Trish and Jefra talking about him. Reward time. Once again to my displeasure they will be playing reward in teams. Although at first it sounds like a pretty easy challenge, for them to row out in a boat and grab pieces of a puzzle then bring it back to the beach to put the puzzle together, it was harder than it first sounded. Those boats were massive, and Jefra struggled to even get into hers let alone row in it. The Orange team was better at getting their puzzle pieces, but both teams arrived at the beach at around the same time. While everyone had a hard time figuring out what the puzzle said, it was Spencer who was first to figure it out: Worth Playing For. So the foursome of Jefra, Jeremiah, Spencer and Tasha won, and were rewarded with a nice BBQ lunch, where they also got letters from home. At the reward Spencer brings up the obvious, and that is for them to all make a final four deal, which Jefra agrees to. She must not have thought very hard about that choice. Back at camp with the losers, Tony is on another idol hunt, this time he wants to find the super idol. He goes looking for it while he was meant to be getting food for the group. Meanwhile, Woo and Trish are doing what they said they would be doing, and that is getting food. Only problem is that Woo does this a bit too well, falling over five meters down from a tree, landing flat on his back. I’m surprised he didn’t need medical to come and check up on him. We don’t even get to see the newest foursome arrive back at camp. Instead we go straight to the Immunity challenge, which is another of the endurance kind. The first four people fall out before we even hit the ten minute mark, leaving Woo, Jeremiah, Spencer, and Tasha. By the time we get to the last stage, we have another showdown between Spencer and Tasha, and both need it just as much as the other. Tasha is the one to outlast and takes her second immunity in a row. Tasha, still thinking Jefra was with them, was prepared to let it go to a tie and pull rocks. Wow, the girl came to play. Trish and Kass get Jefra back on-board with them, so the core alliance of five start to decided who they will vote for. In between all of this talk, Tony managed to find the super idol. At tribal council, it is obvious the vote will either be for Spencer or Jeremiah. With an idol in his pocket Spencer knows this will be the time to play it, but he plays it for himself when he should of played it on his buddy Jeremiah. With that, Jeremiah is gone in a 5-3 vote.

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