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Who Is "Speaking Of Baggage" On This Week's Parenthood?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/08/2013 7:25 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Who Is

Shelby Parker

Staff Writer

It looks like the real juicy story lines of the show this season are starting to unfold, as we've seen in the last couple episodes, and tonight was no different. Relationships are starting to be tested, even more so than before, and decisions will need to be made in the weeks to come. Drew's relationship with his new friend, Natalie, starts to heat up, or at least that's what he thinks. She shows up drunk at his dorm and they spend the night together. Naturally he thinks that means she's into him. But, when she comes to the show at The Luncheonette, she says, "I like you, I just hope you don't get the wrong idea..." referring to the night they had. She tells him that in high school, she was the good girl, and now she just wants to have fun and relax a little bit, and he tries to shrug it off. At the end of the episode, she shows up to his dorm once again, and he doesn't know what to think since she had just told him she wanted to be friends. He lets her in, and round 2 of being friends with benefits seems to ensue. The Luncheonette/Ryan &Amber At the Luncheonette, Crosby and the band are arguing a bit. Okay, it's just with the lead singer, Oliver, in Ashes of Rome, which isn't exactly out of the ordinary. He keeps trying to perfect something for a song, and it's just not coming out. Crosby and Oliver fight it out, while Amber seems to be pretty chatty with Zack, one of the other band members about the fight they're witnessing. As she's helping out with the band, Zack puts his arm around her, and Ryan happens to walk in at the same time. Amber stops what she's doing to talk with him, and he announces he found a witness for their eloping ceremony, when Amber breaks the news that Sarah will probably want to be involved with the wedding now. He thinks that's great news, and they decide to talk about the rest of the details and plans later, as she has to get back to work. Crosby and Adam play the band's CD and something just doesn't sound quite right. Amber suggests having a live show at The Luncheonette to record the song they've been working on; Crosby and Adam are all for it. They can feed Oliver's ego and get a young group of people to come in and listen. Kristina happens to stop by The Luncheonette for a few minutes, and as they talk about wedding plans, Amber's curiosity goes up. She asks Kristina how Adam proposed to her, and she explains that it was the day after Valentine's Day, because he knew how much she hated the holiday, and that "it just made sense." She adds, "I'm sure you felt that way with Ryan." Amber agrees, but the look on her face seems to say otherwise. Afterwards the band plays and the crowd seems really into it, Amber is around giving the guys in the band hugs, including Zack, and telling them how great they were, when Ryan walks in. When everyone has left, Ryan drops to one knee and holds out a ring. "My life changed the moment I met you," and Amber is completely shocked, asking how he had the money to afford it. He told her that he used his money from combat, and that he was sure it was the right decision. "So, it's official, right?" he asks, sliding the ring on her finger before she even has time to answer. Joel and Julia Things have been a little rocky all season with Joel and Julia, with Joel's schedule, and so many changes in their household. Julia gets a voicemail from Ed, grins and replays the first part of the message again where he refers to her as his "partner in crime." Right after, they flash to Julia showing up at Joel's office unannounced (after probably feeling a bit guilty with the voicemail that made her so happy). She tells him it just feels like they aren't connecting much lately, and when she realizes they are alone, she opens her jacket to reveal that only a bra is covering her. It looks like they connect just fine on the train to "funkytown." A little later on, Julia loses her cool a bit on the kids and starts yelling at them to pick up their toys that are all over the house. She walks outside to catch her breath and calls Joel to talk to him about it. Julia: I'm losing it a little bit. Joel: I know it's stressful, I've been there. Before Julia can tell him anything else, Joel tells her he has to go, since he's pretty swamped at work. As soon as they hang up, Ed sends her a picture, and a smile pops up on her face. Later, Julia calls Ed and confides in him that she's not doing well, telling him that she doesn't just want him to say things are going to be okay. He says, "I would never tell you that," and that seems to cheer her up just a bit. It seems like she’s finding everything she needs to hear in the arms of another, and that could get very dangerous. Camille and Zeek Camille is getting ready to leave for her trip to Italy, so she sits Zeek down to fill him on everything he needs to know while she's away, like alarm codes and all the phone numbers he might need. The Braverman family dinner is also where it's announced that Camille is going to Italy without Zeek, and no one can believe it. They ask him about it, but he just changes the subject and carries on like nothing. The siblings meet at a coffee shop and start wondering why their dad wouldn't be going to Italy with their mom, where Julia is obviously distraught with other things on her mind, and is pretty quiet in the conversation. Finally, she speaks up and says, "What about mom?" She explains that she should do something for herself and their dad doesn't listen to her. It doesn't seem like she’s just about her parents' marriage, and gets up from the table, leaving the others at a loss for words. Adam tries to talk with Zeek about why he isn't going to Italy, and Zeek immediately knows something is up. "Oh no! You've got that Adam concerned look on your face." Adam starts telling him that he should go with their mom to Italy, "Maybe it's not about what you want. Maybe it's about what mom wants for a change." That's when Zeek spills the beans on Camille wanting to sell the house and how she keeps talking about "Act three" of their lives like it's some play. He also finally tells Adam that he wasn't invited to Italy. Julia helps out Camille with some of the packing for Italy and tells her that she's proud of her for going. Camille explains that her and Zeek have been attached at the hip for so long, it's like she forgot they were two different people, which has Julia in tears. Camille asks her what's wrong, and she just says that it's because she's so happy for her. Finally, as the last scene unfolds for the night, we see Camille saying goodbye to Zeek, as she leaves for her trip to Italy, and the taxi leaves him behind. He goes inside and hasn’t been in there long, before he sets the alarm off. Guess the expression is true that behind every man is a good woman. It will be interesting to see how Zeek carries on alone. Max and Hank Although these two aren't a couple, they sure do make a great team, and, in my opinion, always have some of the best scenes. They're both extremely straightforward and have impeccable timing. But, I digress. Max finds a picture of Sarah in the drawer at Hank's studio and starts to ask him "20 questions" about it. He starts tossing out ideas of why he might be keeping it, "You're white and male and smart...You could be a serial killer." Hank tells Max he isn't a serial killer and Max suggests that he must still have feelings for her then, but he says "no" and they're just friends now, that's all. He keeps the picture in there because it's a good one, and that's all there is to it. Sarah and Hank While these two might not be together anymore, I'm still rooting for them (even if I might be one of the only few who is). Max announces to the rest of the family at one of their famous dinners that he found the picture, which seems to stop Sarah in her tracks. But Max assures her, "He doesn't like you anymore, because you're flaky and have baggage." He even adds, "Also, Hank is my best friend," because he spends more time with Hank than anyone else at school. Sarah sits there, not really sure of what else to say or do...Awkward! Sarah goes into his store the next day to talk to him about everything he's been telling Max. She starts with, "It's sad sometimes that it's over between us, but it's over." She reminds him that they're just friends and that's all. He said he knows, and she wonders why he told Max all of that stuff about her being flaky and having a lot of baggage. He starts arguing that he was just trying to answer Max’s questions and she says he should have been the adult and doesn't have to answer. Hank starts saying maybe it's best that Max doesn't come in anymore, if it's just going to cause problems like this. Uh-oh! But, by the end of the night, Hank comes over to Sarah's apartment to talk about the little spat they had. He says it's good for Max, and it's good for him too, so he should continue coming. Quotes to Remember: "That sounds like a metaphor. I hate metaphors!" ~Max


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