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Who Is "The One-Man Wrecking Ball" On Survivor: Blood vs Water?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/23/2013 11:05 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Who Is
Media Courtesy of CBS

Chelsea Workman-Jernigan

Staff Writer

We start tonight’s episode at the Galang tribe, where Laura B. discusses how proud Rupert would be of her for making it past her first Tribal Council. The tribe notes they didn’t look at Laura M. during her departure. Aras did look in Laura’s eyes, though, and was surprised to see such venom in her eyes. He also comments on how the tribe considers him to be a leader at this point, something that can never be good. The next morning, Tyson and Gervase get up early to discuss strategy. “King Aras” is a huge threat, and the two of them are worried as to what might happen if they keep him-post merge, which could be a good or a bad thing if Vytas also makes it to the merge.  With possibly one challenge left before the merge, they know they need to come up with a plan quickly if their team loses another challenge. At Redemption Island Arena, Ciera instantly begins to break down upon hearing that her Mom was eliminated. When Jeff asks her if she was surprised that her Mom was the one to go, Ciera says no, explaining she felt something within her, as if her Mom really was the one to go. Before Jeff could even finish explaining that Ciera could take Laura M.’s place, Laura immediately says no. “There’s no way in Hell she’s taking my place.” The three competitors must balance on a beam as they untie a set of four bags that are hanging from said beams. They must grab one bag at a time and untie it before moving onto the next. The pieces in the bags contain numbers that must be arranged in sequential order, with each bag containing more and more pieces. Laura M. stays in the lead, while Brad and John are fairly consistent in staying in second place. Laura M. quickly finishes, emerging as the winner of this Redemption Island duel. John quickly finishes behind Laura, and after 14 days, Brad Culpepper is the next person to leave Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Because Laura M. won the duel, she gets a chance to give out the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Instead of giving it to her daughter – in a good strategic move, because that would put an even bigger target on Ciera’s back – she gives it to Vytas. Just like Monica did each time it was given to her, Vytas also decided to burn the clue. Honestly, I’m tired of these people burning such precious clues. Before they leave, Jeff announces a most exciting twist: instead of competing against their loved ones, they will now be competing with each other! Most of Galang stays together, with Katie and Vytas being the only new members of the tribe. The Coconut Bandits (Gervase and Tyson), along with “King Aras”, are the new members of the Tadhana Tribe. Tyson and Gervase immediately start badgering the remaining members of Tadhana about the ins and outs of the voting, as well as providing information as to where the Hidden Immunity Idol is at. That’s just as bad as burning it! Have these people not watched Survivor before? You don’t sacrifice all of the goods to try and secure your spot in the game! Because he and Gervase want Aras out of the game, they instantly begin making him look like a tyrant to their new tribemates. Tyson also announces he plans on stealing all the food from his new tribe, and he’ll do whatever these people want him to do, because he doesn’t want them to think he’s lazy...if they haven’t already. At Galang, Tina expresses utmost joy at being able to play the game with her daughter, Katie. Vytas expresses worry at being the biggest target now that he and Katie joined a tribe where four of them have been playing the entire game together. Because he’s the only man on the tribe, he decides to open up about his past. Laura B. admires the fact that he is able to open up about his heroin addiction and his eight months in jail. At the combined Reward & Immunity Challenge, a pair from each tribe must go out and grab gates and fish traps to help build a puzzle. The reward includes picnic foods, including turkey, ham, cheese and brownies. Up first from Galang are Tina and Laura B., while Gervase and Aras represent Tadhana. Laura B. and Tina think they are finished but forget the fish trap! Tadhana now have a huge lead thanks to the girl’s mistake. Hayden and Ciera know they have a lot of time to make up, and catch up slightly to Monica and Vytas. Tina and Monica quickly close the gap between Galang and Tadhana as Tyson and Aras start to fall behind while building a puzzle. In an incredibly heart-pounding back and forth race, Tadhana emerges as the victors for their second challenge win! At Galang, Tina immediately apologizes for the mistakes she made. She already knows that she’ll probably be able to go, but if she doesn’t, then she’ll feel an immense amount of guilt because of what happened. Kat had her sights set out on voting out Vytas, but because Monica won’t shut her mouth and stop strategizing – much like her husband – she thinks it’s a good idea to get rid of another Culpepper. Tina immediately questions Kat’s loyalty, because of her sudden flip-flopping. Because of their alliance, Tina immediately tells Monica what Kat had said. Monica immediately corners Kat, who continuously denies to her face that she said nothing about voting Monica out. As Tribal approaches, Kat wants Vytas out, and Monica wants Kat out. In the words of Tina, “Honestly, it is a coin toss! It is fifty-fifty!” We enter Tribal Council, where Jeff asks Kat how things are going in the tribe. Kat brings up how she and Monica haven’t been getting along, where it turns into a full-blown “You know I trust you!”/”I want to trust you, but I don’t know!” discussion. Vytas and Kat soon go after each other, with Kat trying to keep their tribe together and Vytas seeing through Kat’s act. She is clearly at a point where her back is against the wall, and she’s fighting to stay in the game at this point. In another huge blindside, Kat is the next person to be eliminated and sent to Redemption Island. As Jeff says, you can’t ask for trust, you have to earn it. Kat has lost hers, and Vytas has gained his. In the preview for next week’s episode, we see Vytas and Katie become closer. Tina says she wouldn’t mind if they hooked up as she says, “I’m ready for grand-babies!” On Tadhana, Aras continues to stay on the outs of his new tribe thanks to Gervase and Tyson.


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