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Who Is Trapped In "The Cell" On This Week's Vampire Diaries?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/06/2013 10:04 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Who Is Trapped In
Media Courtesy of The CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

It was Operation: Help the Salvatores on this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries and Damon once again got the short end of the stick.  “The Cell” was flashback centric, exploring more of Damon’s time as an Augustine vampire and revealing how he was able to escape the grasps of the evil doctor in charge at the time.  We got to know Aaron a little better which helped shed some light on what his role is in the grand scheme of things.  However, his storyline is still a major snoozefest.  Bummer.  There was no Bonnie and Jeremy in this episode, so I’m just going to assume they’re still cozied up in a bed somewhere.  And speaking of cozying up, a pairing totally got down in the second half of the episode and it was simply the best.  Okay, let’s break this baby down and see what you missed this week. Previously on The Vampire Diaries... Stefan was/is suffering from PTSD after being stuck in that safe and dying a hundred times over.  Katherine attempted to kill herself after she found out she was going to die but Stefan saved her and told her to suck it up.  Maxfield turned Jesse into a vampire for research purposes and then Elena killed him when he attacked Damon.  And Damon found out the Augustine society was still operating but got captured by Maxfield and returned to his old cell. The episode kicks off with a flashback to the Salvatore Boarding School in 1953.  A leather-jacket-wearing Damon shows up after being summoned by his relative, Joseph Salvatore.  Not soon after he arrives, Joseph injects him with vervain and admits he’s selling him out.  But Damon still has enough strength to stab him in the neck with a shattered glass and kill him.  Another man shows up and injects him with yet another dose of vervain, letting Damon know that he will be his doctor from now on.  We go back to present time, where another evil genius—Maxfield—tells Damon that he’s Jesse’s test subject replacement. And at the Salvatore house, look who’s writing in a diary!  None other than Miss Katherine Pierce.  Apparently Stefan has her on suicide watch and has asked her to write down her thoughts as a form of therapy.  But Katherine is no Elena and the idea of writing in diaries is just not her cup of tea.  She questions Stefan about his own issues, coming to the conclusion that he needs to get over his PTSD before he can act like a therapist to her.  Luckily for him, Katherine has called upon the help of the most selfless and bubbly person they know, Caroline.  The blonde shows up at the Salvatore’s doorstep, “I’m your sober sponsor and I heard that you needed help,” she says, hauling the giant safe he was trapped in all summer.  Literally, Stefan’s worst nightmare. Meanwhile at Whitmore, Elena pays Aaron a visit and he immediately informs her that campus security told him Jesse killed himself the night before.  After an effort to make him feel better fails, she tells him she’s there for info about Maxfield.  Aaron says he became his legal guardian after his “Aunt Sara” died.  Okay TVD, you’re making the similarities between Aaron and Elena way too weird now.  I mean, it’s not a coincidence that the actress who played Elena’s Aunt Jenna is named Sara, right?  It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.  Moving on... Elena informs Aaron that Damon disappeared since going to talk to Maxfield and he agrees to help her look for him. Speaking of Damon and Maxfield, the Salvatore warns him that things won’t end well for him.  We flashback to the bad old days where Damon is strapped to a stretcher and it’s revealed that the doctor torturing him is in fact the original Whitmore.  The doctor’s goal is to use vampires to contribute to medical advances—cutting out organs and figuring out how they regenerate, that sort of thing.  But Maxfield tells Damon he wants to take his research to the next level, now that’s he’s learned to create a vampire who craves human blood. We go back to Aaron and Elena and she tells him that it’s too suspicious that both of his friends mysteriously committed suicide for no apparent reason.  Aaron is surprised to learn that Maxfield forged the death certificates in order to hide a darker truth.  They arrive at the Whitmore home and Aaron reveals he’s actually a Whitmore and pretty much owns the whole school.  Elena spots a picture of the Augustine society and notices her dad is in the photograph.  Maxfield shows up and tell her it’s a good thing her dad didn’t live to see her as a vampire and stabs her on the neck with vervain.  After Aaron questions his actions, he spills the beans about vampires and his research.  He tells Aaron his family pioneered vampire hunting and research.  Maxfield hands him a book and tells him to consider it his legacy. Meanwhile in Mystic Falls, Caroline’s plan to rid Stefan of his PTSD is to lock him in the safe and let him face his fears.  It’s obvious Stefan is suffering from major claustrophobia but Caroline insists that she knows what she’s doing.  “Have you two ever uh..? You know,” Katherine asks, making Caroline react like a 6-year-old worried about cooties.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the writers are definitely setting up a possible romance between Caroline and Stefan down the line.  Unless they’re trying to establish the fact that they’re just friends and nothing more.  I don’t know, my guess is as good as yours.  Stefan meanwhile, is having a horrible time in that safe and he hyperventilates so much that he passes out.  Katherine knows they have to tackle the root of his problem and comes up with another idea. Back in the cells, Elena awakes from her vervain-induced sleep to find Damon locked up next to her.  He tells Elena about his past with the Augustines and about being inhumanely experimented on.  When she questions how he kept his sanity, Damon tells her he made a friend who helped him out.  We flashback to Damon’s first encounter with Enzo, he tells Damon that the doctor only gives them enough blood to keep them alive so instead of gobbling it up, he should enjoy it and think about the future and his revenge.  We watch as Damon carves his initials to the cell wall and tells Enzo he knows what it will be.  Elena brings up the fact that her dad was also an Augustine but she refuses to believe he could be that evil, to which Damon responds with a simple, “People are full of surprises,” and promises he will get her out. We zip back to 1950-something where Enzo and Damon are talking about typical stuff, like girls.  He tells Damon that he fell in love with one of Dr. Whitmore’s assistants.  She would study him and take notes but when she found out what was really going on in the lab she felt terrible about it and quit her job.  Damon tries to make him feel better by stating that a relationship between a vampire and a human wouldn’t have been possible anyway.  Oh, Damon, you obviously didn’t know yourself back then.  Dr. Whitmore arrives to take Enzo away and Damon has to endure the sound of his suffering from the cell.  When Elena asks how he escaped, Damon explains that once a year he and Enzo were taken to Dr. Whitmore’s annual party where he would demonstrate the healing properties of vampire blood.  This gives Enzo and idea, one of them could drink both rations of blood a day and by the next party, that vampire would be strong enough to break out and help the other escape.  They decide who that vampire will be by playing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors—classic. Damon ends up being the winner and ingests both rations of blood for a whole year.  By the time the party comes around it’s 1958 and he has indeed become stronger.  When Dr. Whitmore takes Damon out of his cage, he breaks free of his restraints.  Before feeding on him, he makes sure to gouge out his eyes and the rest of the partygoers go into a frenzy.  The lit candles used as decoration get knocked over, igniting a fire in the room.  Damon gets so carried away with biting people left and right that he doesn’t free Enzo right away.  By the time he wants to help, the fire has already gotten out of hand and he discovers the bars of the cage are somehow laced with vervain.  He leaves Enzo there to die and saves himself.  But the feelings for his friend are so strong that he decides to turn off his emotions before walking away. Meanwhile, Maxfield doesn’t think that dropping all those truths about vampires and family hunting business on Aaron is enough of a birthday present, so he gives him a watch that he only describes as a “safety precaution for use in vampire research.”  Aaron doesn’t seem to know what he means and neither do I.  Maxfield finally admits that his parents were killed by vampires and he covered up the truth.  This was the reason he started his vampire research.  “I hope you’ll join me,” he says but Aaron is so angry he just punches him in the face and grabs a gun with wooden bullets out of the safe. We head back to the Salvatore home, where Katherine’s placed herself in a dangerous situation by locking herself in the safe with Stefan.  As expected, he starts freaking out because he knows his hunger will get the best of him and he’ll end up hurting her.  Katherine knows he’s the one who wants to keep her alive, so this can be a good way for him to overcome his anger.  When he says he can’t be in there, Katherine spits back the words he said to her when she tried to kill herself, “You’re Stefan Salvatore, suck it up.”  She digs deeper into Stefan’s feelings and tells him the root of his problem isn’t that he was left to die in the quarry but that Elena left him for Damon.  Stefan gets angry and fights his urge to feed on her.  Katherine talks him out of it and calms him down but just when they’re about to share a kiss, Caroline opens up the safe and ruins the moment. Back at Whitmore, Aaron shows up at the basement and finds Damon and Elena in the cells.  He points the gun at Elena and accuses her of killing Megan and his parents.  She insists it’s impossible because she hadn’t been invited in when Megan got killed.  Damon reveals he was the one who killed his parents and just when I’m thinking he’s doing it just to protect Elena, he tells the truth.  It was all part of his revenge plan back in 1953.  After his escape, he planned to kill the members of the Augustine society and also all the members of the Whitmore family.  In a flashback, Damon tells Enzo that he would kill everyone except for one person.  He’d allow that Whitmore to grow up and have a family just so he would continue to have people to kill.  This explains why Aaron is the sole survivor of the attack.  So basically, Damon’s been killing Whitmores all along and we never knew about it.  Geez, what other secrets are you hiding Mr. Salvatore?  Back in the present, he tells Aaron he lost count of how many Whitmores he’s killed.  Elena asks him who the last person was and when he tells her it was Sara, Aaron shoots him in the head. At the Salvatore home, something unbelievable is happening; Caroline can’t pick up the safe by herself.  Really?  She’s a vampire and a safe is what gets the best of her?  She calls out to Stefan for help but he’s too busy dealing with Katherine to help.  The two are in the library discussing his man-pain issues.  He tells Katherine that it’s time for him to move on from his Elena heartbreak.  She’s more than willing to help with that step of the process and  doesn’t waste the opportunity to come on to him.  They start making out and Caroline—who’s on the phone with Elena—picks up on their sexy noises.  She tells Elena to give her a call back ASAP and by now we all know Caroline Forbes isn’t one to keep secrets. Meanwhile, Maxfield tells Aaron to go to school and live his life without worrying about Damon and Elena coming after him.  The camera zooms in on Aaron’s watch once again and now I’m really curious as to what kind of powers that thing has—good job show!  Back in the cell, Damon wakes up to find that Elena is gone.  We’re immediately taken to another room, where she’s strapped down to a stretcher next to another person.  We find out the other vampires is Enzo and Elena is surprised to learn he didn’t really die in the fire back in 1958. Oh snap!  I have a feeling Enzo will not be happy to learn that Damon is in the building.  Of course it could be that he’ll forgive him and they’ll go back to being BFFs but who knows.  Now that we know Enzo is alive, I suppose he is the Augustine vampire who killed Megan.  What did you guys think of this episode?  How hot was the Stefan and Katherine hook up?  Do you think Elena will be jealous?  The midseason finale is next week and I’m hoping it’s a shocker because these past episodes have been kind of slow and I’m getting anxious.  Leave us a comment below and tells us what you thought of “The Cell".


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