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Who Left "Things Unsaid" On This Week's The Fosters?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/28/2014 11:48 am
PopWrapped | Television
Who Left
Media Courtesy of ABC Family

Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer

Last week on The Fosters, Brandon found a way to briefly reunite with Callie and this week, straight off the bat, we see the consequences of not following the rules.
Callie’s probation officer is now at the house and is aware of the relationship between the two foster siblings. He makes clear that nothing more can happen between the two, which everyone knows, but somehow Brandon doesn’t seam to understand. At the group home Rita tells Callie, that just because there isn’t bars on the windows, and locks on the doors, doesn’t mean she can just leave whenever. In a way, I want Callie to stay at the home for a while because Rosie O’Donnell has been a much welcomed addition to the cast.
Mike is around when Stef and Lena hand Brandon a restraining order. Extreme measures, but I feel it is the only thing that will keep the two apart. Well that’s at least what Stef thinks anyway. Stef is on her way back to work that morning, which makes it awkward with Mike at the house at the time. He still is uncertain of his future after the shooting. I can see that Lena has been having a hard time lately, with all the Callie drama, but tough love is what the girl needs. If that means staying at the group home longer then so be it.
Back at the group home Callie is still sneaking around. She has somehow got her hands on a phone, and reads a short text from Brandon. Jesus is jogging on the beach when he runs into Emma. They flirt for a bit and she seams genuinely interested in him. I don’t know how to feel about her though. The show got me all invested in Lexi and Jesus, only for her to leave just as things were heating up, and we aren't sure how long it will be until we see her again.
Stef is at work and meets her new partner. You can tell she isn’t impressed by the guy. She didn’t want to work with Mike at first either, and they ended up working fine together. Unfortunately I don’t think it will be the case with the new partner.
Kelsey is still around trying to cause more trouble at the drama club. It makes things worse that Chase appears to be interested in Mariana, this only results in a angrier Kelsey. Chase asks Mariana to help him with lines after school, and she agrees, but I can she her feelings getting hurt in the long run. Latter while working on costumes, Zach is trying to fix a sowing machine for Mariana, and the two find they have a lot in common. If only Mariana would open her eyes and go for a guy that will treat her right.
On a previously mentioned field trip with the girls, Callie manages to sneak off and meets Brandon in a area where she can easily be seen by anyone. After kissing, Brandon mentions the restraint order and Callie realises how serious this all is. She tells him they have to stay apart but he won’t listen. rita has by now noticed Callie is missing and runs around looking everywhere, but it is the girl who bashed Callie in juvy that saves the day and gets Brandon to leave right before Rita sees him.
Not to the audiences surprise, Kelsey manipulates Mariana into telling Chase she can’t read lines with him, only for Kelsey to tell him that she can help. Luck is on Mariana’s side though, as Kelsey forgot she had detention. At work, Stef and her partner have different views on kids in the foster system, and a massive argument erupts when Cole, from the group home, is denied access to the female toilets.
Jesus is at wrestling and doesn’t fair to well against someone who was much stronger. In a form of initiation, Jesus goes punched right on the eye. Things get worse when Lena, as Vice Principal, confronts the coach about it in front of the entire team. When Jesus gets home after a rough day, the last thing he really needed to find was a trail of ants in his room. Later Lena talks to Jude about why he was keeping food in his room (which was the cause of the ants). It was due to Jude thinking he would have to leave soon, and other foster homes don’t feed their kids as well.
At the drama club after school, Mariana and Chase kiss, while a disappointed Zach, and a angry Kelsey, watch on. Later Kelsey tells someone at the school that she got the pills, that were taken earlier in the year from Mariana not Jesus, which means suspension for Mariana, and no more costumes for the drama club.
Callie is the only one to defend Cole at the house, which surprises Rita of how understanding she is. Stef stops by unannounced to see Callie, but she should really know only to come by on family days. Callie notices her as she walks back to her car. Cole catches Callie with the phone outside and tells her to give it to him. Callie did in the end, as Cole was only trying to look out for her.
Mike and Brandon have a much needed heart-to-heart and Mike gives him money for his piano lessons. But Brandon proceeds to cancels his piano lessons and instead keep the money, presumedly to help Callie. Cole, pretending to be Callie, texts Brandon telling him that it is over between the two!


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