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Who Picks "Truth Or Dare" In The Second Part Of The Girls Season Three Premiere?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/15/2014 10:51 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Who Picks
Media Courtesy of HBO

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

It seems this week is too good to be true! Instead of just a half hour of Girls we get an hour!  Hurray! Hannah, Soshanna, and Adam pile into the car to get Jessa from rehab (which is in East Kitty apparently). Adam isn’t behind this plan because he feels Jessa isn’t ready to leave yet. Soshanna actually agrees with Adam for once. Jessa heads to find solace in her older gentleman friend after being locked up in solitary confinement. He gives pretty sage advice for an addict. Back on the road the gang stop for a bite and Hannah calls to check in on Marnie. She and her mother are busy cleaning her new apartment and she actually seems happy for once. That is until she finds out everyone is on this road trip and she wasn’t even invited. Not to mention Hannah lied about it. Come to find out Marnie didn’t want to go, she just didn’t want anyone else to go. Figures. But it’s not like she’s missing much. The conversation is pretty stagnant in the car, it’s mostly Hannah pontificating to herself. When they get to the hotel Sosh suggests that they play truth or dare. Adam is perplexed on how to actually play. I feel like I’m at a slumber party! Sosh goes first and her first dare is for Adam to kiss Hannah… Really Sosh? Adam quickly ends the game by announcing its bed time. Unfortunately for Sosh, Adam needs to get some nookie in order to sleep. She willing leaves to let them get their freak on. Hannah and Sosh have a heart to heart to heart in the hall about Jessa. It’s funny how they both have such different opinions on who Jessa is. Hannah has seen the scared part of her, the girl who doesn’t want to be left alone. While Sosh only knows her as some wild child who is here there or everywhere. Hannah asks Sosh if she’s ready to graduate and she replies with of course. She’s just ready to start her life. Then Hannah utters the words I think almost daily, ‘School is the best gig you’ll ever have’. Sosh just shrugs and disagrees. Silly girl. The next day Adam pulls the car over for an impromptu hike. Hannah is not amused and gets a quarter of the way up and refuses to go the rest of the way because saying no to things she doesn’t like is extremely liberating. Sosh and Adam continue on and as she talks at him she praises him for being there for Hannah. He’s devoted the past few months to helping her get better and putting his work and friends aside to be there for her. His response is simple, Hannah is his best friend. Sosh starts to tear up and I will admit I did too. Jessa’s gentlemen friend rushes in afraid that she had left. He wanted to make sure that she hadn’t left before they were able to have sex. She’s looks a bit taken aback. Which is kind of shocking given some of the stunts she’s pulled. Come to find out he was able to stay calm because he’s had a stash of pills this whole time. Jessa is not amused. The gang arrives to collect Jessa with Hannah playing the role of her sister. Come to find out that the facility offered to drive Jessa to the airport plus there was no waiver to sign. Hannah is pissed to learn that she was lied to and she proceeds to put Jessa in her place about being a crappy friend. Then asks her to not leave again because she hates it so much. With Jessa and tow they set of back to NYC. Adam offers to take Jessa to a meeting if she see fits. She says ok and Hannah holds her in the back seat. Friendship is a complicated but beautiful thing. I’m so happy this show is back in my life. Till Sunday my friends!


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