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Who Survived The Start Of The Live Rounds This Week On The Voice

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/07/2013 9:57 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Who Survived The Start Of The Live Rounds This Week On The Voice
Bec Heim Managing Editor I AM SO NERVOUS! The result shows make me feel a mixture of dread and anticipation. Mostly dread thanks to season four. Although considering how they have been edited I think Team Blake may be doomed to defeat. I wonder who will move on?! Let’s recap this thing! Oh God Olivia Henken charted? Seriously? Yes I am still on that! Don’t judge me. “Free Ride” sung by Team Blake: Wow. The mics are really, really bad here. The harmony went pretty nice. Oh Nic that’s much better than “Blurred Lines.” Ray is very good. Shelbie I prefer here too. This is one of the better group performances. Cole sounds great there. I prefer him to Austin. And Nic has a dance party break. Excellent. Well at least he redeemed himself if he goes home. We get a montage of Team Blake contestants. AUSTIN JENCKES IS SAVED. What the hell America? Really? This guy is boring. WHAT THE HELL?! I don’t even know anymore. COLE VOSBURY IS SAVED. This I agree with. BLAKE SAVES RAY BOUDREAUX. Awww. Bye Nic. You were fun and you redeemed yourself in the opening number. Bye Shelbie and Nic. “Give A Little Bit” sung by Team Cee-Lo: Caroline’s voice is kind of drowned out here. Kat is shining though with Jonny. The harmonies aren’t as nice as Team Blake though. It sounds disjointed. Oh! There’s your voice Caroline! Amber Nicole is a bit there. I’m too busy staring at Tamara’s outfit. Seriously someone needs to talk with the wardrobe department here. ASAP. Now a montage of Team Cee-Lo! CAROLINE PENNELL IS SAVED. WOOOOOOO!!!!! LOVE YOU GIRL! JONNY GRAY IS SAVED. Yeah I could see that happening too. I’m cool with this save. CEE-LO SAVES KAT ROBICHAUD. Oh hell yeah! That is a smart man! Bye Amber and Tamara. “Love Somebody” sung by Team Christina: There’s Josh Logan doing his Adam impression. Oh this is not Olivia and Stephanie’s song. Jacquie sounds good and so does Matthew. I think this the worst team performance of the night. Oh God this is painful. Can we stop this? I want this to stop. Please? It’s still going on?! You do not sound like you want to “dance the night away” you sound like you wish this was over. I am wishing this were over too. Oh thank God it’s over. Now it’s a Team Christina montage. JACQUIE LEE IS SAVED. DAMN RIGHT SHE IS! The girl deserved it after that performance! Holy crap! MATTHEW SCHULER IS SAVED. Thank God America. You actually saved the right people. WOOO!!!!! I wish that there were a play off like at award shows at this part. COME ON! Otherwise Adam is going to get screwed over for time dammit. CHRISTINA SAVES JOSH LOGAN. He’ll be gone by next week. Bye Stephanie and Olivia! Oh God now an interview. Why? “Safe and Sound” sung by Team Adam: Interesting song choices tonight from the coaches. OHMYGOD HARMONIES! HOLY FUCK THEY SOUND GREAT! Again this is not a song for Grey. Preston sounds good and so does Tessanne Chin. James sounds slightly out of depth here. But Will sounds great. Oh then James hit that nice note and definitely much better. Now Will is rocking out. This is so much better than Christina’s team. I just realize that all three guys on Team Adam wear glasses. That’s awesome. Now the Adam montage! Not to sound rude but can we keep this quick? I have Glee. Also I hope Will moves on! JAMES WOLPORT IS SAVED. That is not a surprise. TESSANNE CHIN IS SAVED. Also not a surprise but still… COME ON ADAM SAVE WILL DAMMIT! ADAM SAVES WILL CHAMPLIN. We say goodbye to Preston Pohl and Grey. FANTASY TEAM STANDINGS: Bec’s Fantasy Team
  1. Nic Hawk (Team Blake)
  2. Will Champlin (Team Christina)
  3. James Wolpert (Team Adam)
  4. Kat Robichaud (Team Cee-Lo)
  5. Caroline Pennell (Team Cee-Lo)
  6. Preston Pohl (Team Adam)
  7. James Irwin (Team Adam)
  8. Matthew Schuler (Team Christina)
  9. STEALS: Stephanie-Anne Johnson (Team Christina)
Erika’s fantasy team:
  1. Briana Cuoco: Team Blake
  2. Will Champlin: Team Christina
  3. Kat Robichaud: Team Cee-Lo
  4. Caroline Penell: Team Cee-Lo
  5. Tessanne Chin: Team Adam
  6. Jacquie Lee: Team Christina
  7. Lina Gaudenzi: Team Adam
  8. Matthew Schuler: Team Christina
  9. STEALS: James Wolpert: Team Adam
  10. STEALS: Amber Nicole: Team Cee-Lo
Join us next week for more of the Live Rounds!  


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