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Who Survives "500 Years Of Solitude" On This Weeks Vampire Diaries?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/25/2014 11:37 am
PopWrapped | Television
Who Survives
Media Courtesy of The CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

Caroline and Klaus.  Klaus and Caroline.  CAROLINE AND KLAUS!  I’m sorry you guys, I’m not even going to try to hide the fact that I’m a huge fangirl when it comes to these two and the fact that they were finally together again—and when I mean together, I mean together—just filled my heart with unicorns, butterflies and rainbows.  Of course, tons more happened in The Vampire Diaries’ 100th episode, like Ms. Katherine Pierce being on the brink of death and Matt getting trapped in Stefan’s old safe.  We also saw the return of a few familiar faces that were seamlessly incorporated into the episode without feeling random or out of place.  There was so much of everything, so let me go ahead and break it down for you.
Previously on The Vampire Diaries...
Elena found out that Damon was the one who killed all the Whitmores.  Damon told Elena that he was a very bad person and therefore was choosing to let her go.  Tyler chose revenge over Caroline and she ended their relationship.  Katherine found out she was dying of old age and tried to kill herself, Stefan saved her and then they had sex.  Nadia told Katherine she could keep living in someone else’s body and then Katherine had a heart attack.
The episode opens up with a flashback to Bulgaria in 1490.  A human Katherine is ready to give birth and these scenes are spliced together with scenes of present-day Katherine getting her heart jump started at the hospital.  The flashbacks remind us once again that Nadia was taken away from her by her father, who refused to let her see the baby.  This part of Katherine’s past will never not make me sad.  Nadia arrives at the hospital and Stefan tells her Katherine had a heart attack and that she’s dying.  He compels the doctors to let him take her home so she can die in peace.
Back at Whitmore, Elena is still reeling from her breakup with Damon.  Caroline and Bonnie arrive with her “breakup breakfast” and in Mystic Falls, Jeremy and Matt arrive at the bar to find Damon passed out next to a bottle of bourbon.  The girls tell Elena it’s time to let things go.  Meanwhile, Damon gets a call from Stefan right before he also calls Elena to tell them what’s going on with Katherine.  They all get together at the Salvatore home—after an awkward hello between Delena—and they drink to Katherine’s death.  It sounds like a fun drinking game, they each say the worst thing Katherine’s ever done to them and take a shot.  Basically, they say everything is Katherine’s fault because nothing would have happened if it hadn’t been for her.
Upstairs, Katherine is being her vain self even in her time of dying.  She’s not into getting old and developing wrinkles.  Nope, not for her.  She would rather have Stefan jam a knife into her coronary artery than start to sag.  Stefan tries to sooth her worries by being nice.  Meanwhile downstairs, the booze obviously doesn’t last so Matt is sent to the cellar to get more.  He’s searching through the bottles when Nadia finds him and knocks him unconscious—how quickly she forgot about their time abroad.  Damon’s busy telling stories about Katherine when Stefan comes down and asks them to tone it down.  He’s choosing to remember her as a girl who’s a survivor.  “Please, one night of hot sex with her and you’re brainwashed?”  Damon says, taking Elena by surprise.  But there’s no time to explain because Nadia shows up and asks for their help to save Katherine.  She locked Matt in the safe and buried him without his ring-of-not-dying as collateral.
Stefan and Elena volunteer to help her with her plans to save her mom.  Nadia takes them to a place where a traveler is supposed to be residing.  Elena is not happy that Stefan keeps defending Katherine, especially now that he slept with her.  Nadia tells them that she’s going to make Katherine a passenger in her own body.
Back at the Salvatore property, Bonnie, Jeremy and Caroline are busy looking for Matt but there’s still time to talk about stuff like “scandalous sex.”  Honestly, if my friend were locked in a safe somewhere and I knew he could die, I would be busy looking and not talking, but it’s TVD so it’s okay.  Caroline finds out Bonnie and Jeremy slept together and is amused by the fact that Elena doesn’t know about it.  Jeremy feels uncomfortable and so they split up from her so they can keep searching for Matt on their own.
Flashback.  Bulgaria 1492.  Two years after Katherine gave birth, she returns to her home only to find that her whole family has been murdered by Klaus—who doesn’t appear in the flashback.  Damon walks in—since he’s able to get into her head—and blames her for everything that happened to her family.  Katherine doesn’t want to believe it and she cries, hugging her mother’s body.  Meanwhile, a present-day Katherine is struggling with her nightmare while Damon is contemplating smothering her with a pillow.  It’s funny how the Sheriff walks in and tells him that murder would require her to bring him into the station and fill out tons of paperwork.  But I guess this is enough to convince Damon and he sets the pillow down.
Outside, Caroline is busy looking for Matt in the woods when she runs into Klaus.  “Hello, Caroline,” he greets her.  “Klaus,” she replies.  And then TVD tortures us by switching over to what’s going on with Nadia, Stefan and Elena.  They arrive at an old, decrepit home where a traveler named Mia greets them.  Nadia made a deal, in which the price was a couple of doppelgangers.  Nadia and Mia run out of the house, leaving Stefan and Elena trapped inside.  A bunch of travelers appear out of nowhere and start chanting gibberish.  Stefan and Elena discover their rings aren’t working, so they huddle into the darkest corner they can find in order to protect themselves from the sun.
Back in the Mystic Falls woods,  Caroline informs Klaus that Matt is buried alive so she has no time to chat, leaving him by himself.  All he does is smile and promptly catches up to her.  Klaus is there because Damon told him the news about Katherine dying and Caroline knows he’s only there to gloat and she’s not interested to hear more.  Once again, she swooshes past him and it’s obvious from Klaus’ face that he’s enjoying the chase.  They cross paths once again and he brings up Tyler.  Caroline doesn’t exactly ask but it’s obvious she wants to know if Klaus killed him.  He informs her that he’s alive and when he questions her about the breakup, she tells him Tyler chose revenge over her.  She urges him to learn from his mistake and let Katherine be.  Swoosh.
Meanwhile at the Salvatore home, the Sheriff brings Katherine some sedatives but she knows that taking them makes her weak to Damon’s mind-control.  The Sheriff asks about Elena and Katherine tells her they broke up.  She makes Damon angry and he sticks a syringe into her arm to sedate her.  We have another flashback, this time to Mystic Falls 1864, in which Katherine is riding with Emily in a carriage discussing their trip to the Lockwood Plantation.  They run into Stefan who is having problems with his carriage and Katherine is immediately taken by his good looks.  Back in present-time, Katherine tells Damon that perhaps the doppelganger prophecy is true and they really were meant to be together.
Speaking of doppelgangers, Elena and Stefan are still enduring the weird chants of the travelers.  Elena points out how awkward their situation is since they’ve been at odds since she found out about Katherine.  She apologizes for judging him.  A traveler places buckets in front of them and cuts each of their wrists to drain their blood.  They find out that they’re not healing like they should.
Back in the woods, Caroline is still searching for Matt when Klaus comes up behind her once again.  He asks if she would give him the same choice she gave Tyler—revenge or her.  Caroline tells him he can’t just show up and distract her when Matt is clearly dying somewhere but Klaus’ got it covered.  He heard Matt screaming and sent someone to help him out.  We cut to Matt as he’s stepping out of the safe.  “I’m gone not three months and look at the trouble you’re in,” Rebekah says with a smile and Klaus was right, Matt seems quite happy with his rescuer.  Too bad we didn’t get much more than that.
At the Salvatore home, Damon is still taking great joy in torturing Katherine with memories of the past.  Katherine tells him to go away but when she opens her eyes, it’s Aunt Jenna—AUNT JENNA!—who is standing before her with a knife.  She reminds Katherine of the time she compelled her to stab herself and then sticks the knife into her chest.  Just as she’s getting over it, there’s an appearance by Uncle John, who tries to cut off her fingers the way she did to him.  But then, Katherine is saved by a dashing Original in an expensive suit—Elijah.  You can see how much Katherine cares about him as she reaches her hand to touch him.  “You’re here,” she says before Damon reveals it was all a mean trick.  He tells her no one cares enough to come say goodbye but quickly gets his neck snapped by Nadia who tells Katherine she cares.
Back at the house of travelers, Stefan and Elena are still being drained of blood but still have the energy to catch up on everything that’s happened.  She finds out Katherine was the one who helped him with his Silas-induced PTSD and he tells her that he doesn’t hate Katherine anymore.  He even gives her a pep talk, asking her not to give up on Damon the way she never gave up on him.  Damon’s only pushing her away because he hates himself.  After a while, their wrists heal and they’re allowed to leave.  We’re left wondering what the blood will be used for and why the travelers want it.  Meanwhile at the Salvatore home, Nadia asks Katherine to repeat the spell so her spirit can go into her body and Mia can activate it by calling her forward.  Katherine tells Nadia that she never fought enough for her.  But she’s had a long full life and finally got to meet her.  She doesn’t want Nadia wasting any more time on her and instead tells her that it’s now her time to live.  Nadia refuses to watch her die and leaves.
We head back to the woods where Klaus and Caroline are still taking a stroll even though Matt’s already been found.  Klaus tells Caroline he won’t seek revenge on Katherine but he’s only doing it for her.  She’s hesitant to believe he went all the way there just to give up because he asked her to.  Klaus admits he was there to gloat but he’ll leave without doing so in exchange for a little something.  He wants Caroline to finally confess she does care for him, telling her that he will leave town and never come back but all he wants is for her to be honest.  Caroline says she’s in college and has plans and none include him but she does admit that she hates herself for the truth—for caring about him even after all he’s done.  She tells him she will be honest with him about what she wants as long as he promises that he will walk away and never come back.  Klaus promises and Caroline goes in for a kiss.  They smile at each other before he pushes her against a tree and he makes good on his word about having hot hybrid sex in his own body.  I wonder if that’s the same tree they were close to doing it back in the day when he was usurping Tyler.  Either way, this relationship came full circle.  It’s too bad it sounds like they’re giving them closure but at least they went out with a bang—literally.
We head back to the Salvatore home where Damon is recovering from his broken neck.  Stefan shows up and Damon gives up on messing with Katherine’s head so he leaves them alone.  The sedatives are kicking in and Stefan asks her to close her eyes.  She revisits the scene of her family’s murder and Stefan shows up in her memory.  Katherine tells him it was the worst day of her life and that Damon said it was all her fault.  Stefan makes all the bad memories disappear and tells her she deserves to find peace and that none of it was her fault.  Then she hears a baby’s cry and sees her daughter in a crib.  Back in present-time, Stefan kisses her forehead and tells her goodbye.  Elena shows up and wonders if she’s dead but Stefan says no.
Later, the Salvatores share a drink outside and look up at the night sky as they reminisce about the day’s events.  Stefan tells Damon he needs to fix his relationship with Elena and Damon admits that he can’t live without her.  However, he thinks Elena will be happier without him.  It sure seems like Stefan is ready to move on and I’m just glad he’s no longer moping around and brooding.  Inside the home, Jeremy, Bonnie, and Matt are waiting in the living room for Katherine’s inevitable departure to the other side, when Caroline—her perfect feathers all ruffled—walks in.  Matt asks where she’s been as she picks leaves out of her hair.  Caroline explains that she got lost in the woods and I’m thinking that the only thing she lost in those woods were her top and her self control.  She was out there with Klaus for hours, you guys.  I bet they covered every inch of those woods.  Let that sink in.
Matt asks Bonnie if she ever seen anyone they knows on the other side.  Bonnie tells them she sees her Grams and other witches, as well as Vicky.  Vicky’s ghost makes an appearance and asks Bonnie to tell Matt that she loves him.  Also, she’s not a fan of Rebekah and wants none of that Mabekah stuff.  Matt’s wondering what’s happening but before Bonnie can explain, Tyler shows up—he’s Rebekah’s parting gift.  Caroline and him say hello, which is awkward as hell, and then he shares a hug with Matt.  Stefan and Damon come downstairs and mention how they finished off the bottles of bourbon.  “Will someone tell these idiots to lay off the booze?”  Who else but Alaric would ask this question?  Damon raises his glass to him, even though he can’t see him and they both say “cheers.”
Bonnie suddenly sees Katherine’s ghost but Ms. Pierce isn’t crossing over so easily.  She says that it’s too soon and returns to her body.  She opens her eyes and tells Elena she still has unfinished business.  Elena tells her that she forgives her for all she’s done.  Katherine seems touched by her compassion.  She asks Elena for her help with another syringe but just as she’s putting it in her arm, Katherine takes a hold of her head and says the traveler spell.  Elena wakes up to the sound of her cellphone ringing.  When she answers, Nadia is on the other end and she calls Katherine forward.  She tells Nadia that the spell worked, “I’m Katherine Pierce.  I survive.”  She looks at herself in the mirror and makes her best Elena impression.  Episode ends.
So, how was that for a 100th episode?  The ending was quite predictable, not a huge cliffhanger like we’re used to from Vampire Diaries but it still puts forth a very compelling storyline.  I can’t wait to see what kind of damage Katherine is going to do now that she’s in Elena’s body.  What did you guys think?  Tell us your favorite parts of “500 Years of Solitude” below, you already know what was mine.  We want to hear all your speculations and theories!


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