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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Who Went On To The Top 8 For The Voice Season Five?!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/19/2013 10:56 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Who Went On To The Top 8 For The Voice Season Five?!
Media Courtesy of NBC Tumblr
Bec Heim Managing Editor   Alright it’s time for The Voice Top Ten results! The performances last night were varied but pretty decent. Not the best of the season except for a couple. Who will go home tonight? Well if we’re lucky and pray really hard maybe Austin Jenckes will be sent packing. I’m hoping for it. Michael Jackson Medley sung by Team Christina: Holy shit this is explosive. Wow. This…something. It took me a moment to figure out the song. You need to tell us these things Carson. I would comment on the vocals but the whole spectacle distracted me along with Christina’s shiny bottom thing. Wow this is a pretty good medley. I wish I could hear it better. Seriously these mics need to be better. The dancers as always are super awesome. I have no clue what I just watched. I just knew that it was awesome. Adam is confirmed to be People’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” He feels “sexy” and looks a bit embarrassed. Carson also says Team Christina had the best team performance ever. Blake is in a suit tonight. Adam says that Blake is the sexiest man in his book. Blake says that Adam is beautiful on the inside. Then they hug and Adam kisses his forehead. This is excellent. Hugs all around! The Voice confessional is back with advisors. Caroline was a pirate. Tessanne stole someone else’s food. Adam had an open fly on Jumbotron. Matthew admitted that he should not have said that he wet the bed last week. James did singing banana telegrams. (Did he do “Hollaback Girl”?) Cee-Lo’s pants fell down on TV. Kat kicked off her high heel and hit someone. Miguel makes a joke about falling off the stage. Cher fell on stage after a slide with a hat. JAMES WOLPERT IS SAVED!   MATTHEW SCHULER IS SAVED!   Matthew’s family freaks out adorably. “Sugar We’re Going Down” sung by Kat Robichaud, Will Champlin and James Wolpert: HOLY SHIT ANOTHER FALL BOY OUT SONG! This is awesome!! And you can understand the lyrics! Favorite number of the night. I love that this is happening. This is awesome. Can they have a song together every week? I hope Kat stays on. This is excellent. Fantastic. This is awesome. I love Fall Out Boy so I am biased. Okay seriously America. RAY BOUDREAUX IS SAVED!   WILL CHAMPLIN IS SAVED!   Yay Will! That’s awesome dude!!! “Sharp Dressed Man” sung by Team Blake: Well they have beards for Z.Z. Top. Cole naturally has the most epic. Ugh Austin ruins the song though. Gosh Ray you really are attractive. Cole you are amazing. Blake definitely has a great voice for rock. Austin continues to be boring and brings it down. But the harmonies are nice. It’s hard to fuck up a classic rock song. TESSANNE CHIN IS SAVED!   JACQUIE LEE IS SAVED!!!   Carson makes a good Bloody Mary. He also needs to charge his phone. Matthew is turning 21 tomorrow! Happy Birthday! “Royals” sung by Tessanne Chin and Caroline Pennell: This is such a perfect song for Caroline. You should have given that to her Cee-Lo. The dancers/chorus people continue to be the most hilarious thing ever. Tessanne and Caroline actually sound pretty great together. This is a really good duet for the pair of them. It sounds good. WHERE HAS THIS POWER BEEN CAROLINE?! This was excellent COLE VOSBURY IS SAVED!   Wow that surprises me. Cee-Lo is pissed. He so looks it. Adam picks Caroline. Christina is saying something but I keep staring at her cleavage. OHMYGOD CARSON JUST SAY IT DAMMIT! CAROLINE PENNELL IS SAVED!  Bec’s Fantasy Team
  1. Nic Hawk (Team Blake)
  2. Will Champlin (Team Adam)
  3. James Wolpert (Team Adam)
  4. Kat Robichaud (Team Cee-Lo)
  5. Caroline Pennell (Team Cee-Lo)
  6. Preston Pohl (Team Adam)
  7. James Irwin (Team Adam)
  8. Matthew Schuler (Team Christina)
  9. STEALS: Stephanie-Anne Johnson (Team Christina)
Erika’s fantasy team:
  1. Briana Cuoco: Team Blake
  2. Will Champlin: Team Christina
  3. Kat Robichaud: Team Cee-Lo
  4. Caroline Penell: Team Cee-Lo
  5. Tessanne Chin: Team Adam
  6. Jacquie Lee: Team Christina
  7. Lina Gaudenzi: Team Adam
  8. Matthew Schuler: Team Christina
  9. STEALS: James Wolpert: Team Adam
  10. STEALS: Amber Nicole: Team Cee-Lo


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