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Who's Got Mold? "You've Got Mold" On This Weeks Parenthood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/25/2014 11:51 am
PopWrapped | Television
Who's Got Mold?
Media Courtesy of NBC

Shelby Parker

Staff Writer

Do you want the bad news or good news first? I think I'll just go ahead and give you the bad news first. Joel and Julia talked to a counselor about how to let the kids know that they're splitting up. She asks them whether it's going to be a trial or something that will end up being more definite, and while Julia seems hopeful that they're just trying it out, Joel just isn't sure. Just as they start to tell the kids a little later on, they realize that they've been bonding a little more and don't want to put a damper on it, so they wait. They try to come up with some sort of plan of how to break it to the kids, and Joel assures Julia that it's going to be okay. She tells him not to go, that she'll work on whatever she needs to, but it just doesn't work.When they finally announce the news, obviously the kids take it hard and leaves the next morning. He said he wants to be able to pick the kids up from school and asks if he should use a key or just knock. She tells him to just come inside, and that's it. He walks out and takes one last look at the house, tearing up. Alright, I can see both sides of this equation. I really can. I get that what Julia did wasn't cool at all, and she should have told him the truth, especially when he asked her about her thing with Ed several times, and while Joel might need some time to forgive her, it does seem a little drastic that he would just move out without really hearing her out completely. I would have liked to have seen him fight a little harder, instead of just throwing it all away like he did. The first night that Joel is away, the kids are having a hard time and say they aren't feeling good, immediately want Joel to come get them. But, instead of calling him, they show up at Zeek and Camille's, where Julia breaks down and tells them everything. So many heartbreaking scenes surrounding the couple. Now, the rest of the night might not seem so bad. Max is having some problems in his history class. He isn't really being challenged and keeps getting sent to the library for disrupting others. Adam and Kristina weren't aware of it until Max brings it to their attention. Thanks to the campaign and contacts that Kristina made, phone calls have been keeping her very busy with parents who are concerned about their children, going through the same cases that the Adam and Kristina went through with Max just a few short years ago. Kristina goes to coffee with a lady, whose daughter is going through the same challenges with her high school that Max is. Kristina, being one to get very involved and wanting to help everyone, she goes to the school meeting with the mom and is very proactive about the choices that the school is making with the IEP classes.Kristina and Adam then have a meeting with Max's history teacher, who says it's really at the best interest for everyone that he goes to the library, and the principal says that he understands their frustration. Kristina is still not totally okay with that when they get home that night, and takes matters into her own hands as her and Adam discuss their options for Max going to high school. She starts searching ideas on google on "how to start your own school" and says, "how hard can it be?" Her and Adam discuss all that they've already made it through: starting The Luncheonette and Kristina surviving cancer and the campaign. It seems like they're already on the right track. If anyone can do it, Kristina surely can. She's a fighter and she will get things going. I can't wait to see how she does it and you know she will pull it off. Meanwhile, even though Camille has returned from Italy, she still seems to be stuck in that state of mind. She's still technically taking the class online, so everything she does still seems to revolve around that. Zeek is still feeling lonely and you can see that Camille's leaving has definitely given him some time to think and become more sensitive to her needs and wants. He opens up and tells her that he hopes he wasn't the one to have held her back all of these years, after she did so much and sacrificed a lot for the family. He tells her that he's willing to sell the house if that what she wants.  It's good to see that they're starting to see where the other is coming from now. Crosby and Jasmine have mold in their house, and lug all of their stuff to The Luncheonette, while they figure out where to stay. Jasmine leaves Crosby in charge of the insurance plan, which they don't have. Crosby had plenty of jokes up his sleeve, too. Adam, however, just kept giving him a hard time, when Crosby responded with, "read it with your eyes, not your mouth." Adam told him that he would end up staying at their parents' guesthouse, and he was not fond of that idea. They stay at a hotel for a little bit, but start to think it's going to be a little longer and they just can't afford it all. The only other option they have is staying with Crosby's parents, but he's still not into it. "I have constriction in my chest," Crosby tells Jasmine, thinking about all of the expenses. Jasmine tells him that her and her family went through a lot more growing up, so she isn't too worried. "We got through it then, we'll get through it now." Crosby finally gives in and they decide to stay at Zeek and Camille's, which is exciting to them. Zeek tells them, "It'll be great to have kids in the house again." It's a good thing they didn't get rid of the house now, isn't it? Lastly, but certainly not least, Sarah and Hank work together on the photography job that Sarah booked. Hank keeps saying, "You're the boss, you're the boss...," but it doesn't seem like he really stands by that. He doesn't like the ideas that she has and still tries  to run the show. He tells her all the reasons that it wouldn't work, like it won't be sunny, the shots won't work, etc. Not cool, man, not cool. Then, Carl shows up at Sarah's place, while she's putting her board of inspiration together and setting some ideas up. He takes a look at it, then Sarah tells him about working with Hank, which Carl doesn't seem to understand. She tells him it's that it's because he has more experience and figures she needs that, but he tells her that the company wouldn't have hired her if they didn't think she could do it. She's out of her comfort zone, but they like what SHE'S doing, not Hank. That seems to give her the confidence she needs. So, when her and Hank get together at his studio to shoot, she still puts her foot down and lets him know that she still thinks they should shoot at the beach and that she had a vision for it. He doesn't agree and says it's not going to work out, and walks away. All of the talk about the beach really has Hank frustrated, which he vents to Max, while they work. Max apparently does not want to hear about it anymore and Hank reminds him that he does the same thing. But, he also brings up a good point that his Aunt Sarah's ideas are better, and that she got the job; Hank didn't. Hank says, "You're a pretty smart kid, Max!" and Max replies, "I know." Hank shows up to Sarah's place and lets her know that the sun is shining at the beach and tells her that she's the boss, so they give it a shot, and you know what? It turns out to be a pretty good day. "Good idea, huh?" Sarah asks him. He just says, "It was a way to go." He asks her to go out for a drink to celebrate, and she tells him no, teasing that he would have to think it was a good idea to go out to celebrate, so he kind of agrees with her and she goes along with the drinks. I'm wondering if this is the start of a better friendship for them. I know a lot of people don't "ship" Hank and Sarah, but I personally love them. I can see that lately it has been a bit more challenging for Hank as he came to the discovery that he could have Aspberger's, but I still think that he's a good match for her, and she seems to be one of the only people (besides Max) who truly understands him or can at least deal with him. We didn't see any of Amber this week, and I have to say that I missed her. I'm interested to see how they're going to move forward from the Ryan story and whether she'll be getting a new love interest anytime soon. The next preview shows Joel and Julia adjusting to the new living arrangements and Julia not liking the silence in the house, Zeek and Camille announce that they're putting the house on the market and Crosby is not okay with that, and Carl and Sarah go out to dinner, and it seems like he might want to be more than just acquaintances/friends. Hmmm... The next episode of Parenthood airs Feb.27 (due to the Olympics) on NBC at 10/9c.


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