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Who's Having "Nipple Confusion" On This Weeks Parenthood?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/16/2013 10:04 am
PopWrapped | Television
Who's Having
Media Courtesy of NBC

Shelby Parker

Staff Writer

Lauren Graham described Parenthood best as a show dealing with feelings in her recent interview on The Tonight Show. That's exactly what this episode deals with...Feelings and working them out. That's what the Braverman clan is best known for.

The show opens up with Jasmine pumping breast milk, and is obviously still worn out from staying up with the baby. Crosby reassured her, "You look so beautiful right now," and she's just not really having it.

Sarah is still a photographer, but this time she's focusing on taking pictures of pets.

Over at Adam and Kristina's house, things are still in full swing for Kristina's campaign. But, Adam is starting to get annoyed with the fact that there's no coffee, yet, they just spent $250 on juice.

Ryan and Amber are spending some, uh, quality time together in their apartment, when Drew walks in. Poor kid is probably scarred for life after all that he's seen by walking in on people like that. Guess it'll teach Amber to lock her door. He explains that his roommate kicked him out, because he has a girl in there and that it keeps happening. So, Amber and Ryan tell him he can stay at their place.

Zeke buys a 1965 Pontiac convertible to work on and repair that will probably take about a year to fix up. Camille finds it funny that he would do something like that when she has been wanting to discuss the idea of selling their house.

Joel and Julia have a meeting with Victor's teacher, due to the fact that his reading skills are lower than the rest of his class. It might be that they have to hold him back, but Joel isn't for that at all. The teacher recommends that they work with him a little while longer on his reading skills, then they'll go from there if nothing improves.

Sarah stops by Adam's office, while he happens to be working on a budget for Kristina's campaign. He says if Heather continues to be the one in charge, they'll go broke. He mentions that Kristina needs head shots, but it'll cost a fortune, so Sarah offers to take them. Adam isn't really sure, but when she tells him how much she wants to do it, he agrees to pay her $50 dollars to take them.

Kristina is trying on blazers that night, trying to find one that looks professional, when Adam tells her she looks "sexy." She says, "A mayor isn't supposed to look 'sexy', a mayor is supposed to look mayoral." That's when he decides to bring up that he looked at her budget, which she isn't too happy with. He tells her that Sarah is going to take her pictures, which she isn't too sure about, and says that she's going to need a really good picture like Bob Little. But, Adam is quick to remind her of all the expenses that are adding up. She tells him that the donations are coming in and they'll get the money back, but he isn't totally convinced. Kristina also reminds Adam of when he and Crosby went into business together with The Luncheonette. "I did call you nuts, but I always supported you." Irritated, she throws in a "budget boy" comment as she walks out.

Julia didn't sleep all night, wondering what they should do about Victor's situation. She's insistent on saying that she doesn't think reading will help him and they should just hold him back a grade. Joel wonders if they were even having the same conversation, because that's what they had agreed to when they met with her. Things get a little heated when Joel finally says, "Can I just get coffee?" and walks out.

Drew walks into the bathroom on his dorm level, when his roommate tells him he'll probably have to find somewhere else to sleep, because he needs the room again. But, then he ends up running into a girl; making small talk with her that they have the same shower caddy's.

Since Adam agreed to let Sarah take the photo of Kristina for her campaign, she's borrowing some equipment from Hank that she'll be able to use. She's telling him all about the new job she just booked, but Hank isn't all that impressed, since it's just with her sister-in-law. Just a few minutes later, she gets a call from Adam saying that Kristina decided to use a different direction. She hangs up, feeling pretty bummed and tells Hank. He says he gets passed over on jobs all the time, to which she says, "Yeah, but you get passed over because you have a weird personality." He denies that, but tells her that working with family is harder, and she thinks it's just because they don't believe in her. Hank asks, "Can you blame them?" He starts to retract, but Sarah wants him to explain what he means by that. He reminds her of all the jobs she has had in the time that he's known her, and they probably just don't think this is something she'll take seriously. He tells her that she's flighty, and doesn't mean that as an insult. That's just what she does.

Meanwhile, at Joel and Julia's house, the kids are getting ready to eat breakfast, when the mention of reading comes up. Joel has been reading with Victor a little bit, and Julia is curious to know how it's going. She asks him to tell her about the book, but he can't really come up with anything. Joel quickly shuts it down and just tells them to finish getting ready for school.

Sarah randomly visits Kristina and asks how everything is coming along with the campaign, then says, "Kristina, I believe in you." She explains how much she wants to take the picture of her and just what it means to her. Sarah also adds that she thinks she can truly capture who Kristina really is, that she knows her better than some stranger who would end up taking it. "I wouldn't do it if I didn't think I could do it 100%." Kristina finally agrees to let her do it.

Julia is having a slight meltdown by the school and runs into Ed. She ends up spilling Victor's situation and Ed gives her some real honesty, regarding the school and how they handle things like Victor's case. They end up going through a pros/cons list together.

Drew is still having roommate issues after he uses his sheets and that if he needs the room again, Drew should just knock on some girl's door. While Drew agrees that might not be a bad idea, he also says, "Hopefully it won't happen again."

Crosby and Zeke are trying to figure out the pump that Jasmine has been using for Aida in the new car Zeke just bought. It manages to open the door to a heart to heart with Crosby sharing that there was a special bond between him and Jabar that seems to be lacking with the new baby. Zeke explains that boys are a little simpler and that with girls, sometimes you have to walk on eggshells with them.
"I didn't realize it was gonna be this hard," Crosby admits, then asks what Camille thinks of the car. Zeke just says, "Oh, she loves it."

Sarah takes pictures of Kristina, but Max is there helping out and keeps pointing out all of the things that she needs to do or fix, which is making her more nervous. Kristina keeps telling Max it's okay, Sarah knows what she's doing, but it's clearly driving her crazy.

Zeke is working on his car, when Camille comes out to talk. He tells her that he'll be up in a few minutes, but she knows that he's just avoiding talking about the house. She just wants him to tell her what she's thinking and feeling, and he admits that he doesn't want to sell the house, but Camille still wants to have a real discussion about it.

After the disaster of a shoot Sarah feels like she just had, she shows up at Hank's studio after hours. She tells him all about how nervous she was and how Max seemed to be the only one who actually knew what he was doing. "Can you just tell me if I'm any good, please?" she asks Hank to look through her pictures. He finds the perfect photo and tells her he doesn't know what he would've differently with the others, because everyone has a different style.

Drew still isn't okay with his roommate kicking him out all the time, telling Amber and Ryan about the sheet incident. Amber is fired up, since she's the one who bought him those sheets. She keeps threatening to call him to set things straight, but Ryan decides that they should go down there. "We're gonna be nice..." he says. The scene then jumps to them busting in the door with his roommate in bed with a girl. She leaves and Ryan proceeds to tell him how things are going to go--Drew's name is not "bro," which he keeps referring to him as, that he shouldn't use his sheets or anything else without asking him, and it puts the kid in his place.

Joel and Julia decide to have the conversation again about what to do with Victor's school situation. Julia makes it very clear that she wants to hold him back, because she doesn't think he's ready to keep advancing. Joel still insists that they keep working on his reading, because he will improve. Julia ends up slipping in the fact that she talked to Ed and he thinks they should hold him back, too. Joel isn't happy and figures that the rest of the school must know by now, due to the fact that Ed's wife loves to talk, but Julia doesn't think that will be a problem. Joel is adamant about keeping Victor in the 5th grade, and adds, "If you don't like it, talk to Ed...I'm going for a walk."

Back at Adam and Kristina's house, as Kristina is looking at the hard copy of the picture that Sarah took, and they both agree that it came out great. Kristina said it's still weird seeing herself with hair again, after battling cancer and she says she has an "I defeated cancer" attitude, and that she knows she got in a little over her head with the campaign. Adam tells her, "You know after that speech, I have no choice but to hand over my wallet," and hands her the credit cards. She tells him that wasn't her intent

Zeke and Camille finally have that conversation about selling the house. Zeke is reliving all of the memories of their kids and all that has taken place there over the years. Camille knows exactly what he's doing. "Everything I want is right here, Millie," he tells her and she says, "I want more. I want us to do wonderful things together..." She wants to do big things like traveling around the world. They could do it all if they sold their house. Zeke says, "I've seen other places, I didn't really care for them." But, Camille wants to get out. She's not complaining about the life they've had, but says, "I'm ready for the next step."

Drew and his roommate have come to an understanding after the little confrontation they had. He brings a girl back to the room, simply asking his roommate to leave, and he does. So, him and his new gal pal play scrabble.

Julia continues reading with Victor with Sydney helping out, when Joel walks in and joins them. She gives a little nod, which looks like they're going to keep working at it after all.

The last scene shows Crosby trying to give Aida a bottle of milk, and she's still fussing. "I know your mom's got boobs and that's very very, awesome, but I'm here for you too, alright? It's important to me that you know that." After a few minutes, she finally takes the bottle and they start to have that bonding moment they've been missing out on. "I'm always gonna be here, okay?" Jasmine has been listening from around the corner and smiles.


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