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Who's Making "Promises" On This Week's Parenthood?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/03/2014 8:26 am
PopWrapped | Television
Who's Making
Media Courtesy of NBC

Shelby Parker

Staff Writer

It has only been a few weeks, but that is still far too long to go without getting to hang out with the Braverman family and catch up with all of their crazy lives. Although, thanks to the holiday hiatus, I was able to spend time with my own family, giving me the same warm and fuzzy feelings. I mean that in the very best way possible. Tonight's episode, "Promises," was probably one of my favorite episodes ever, and definitely my favorite of this season. Having said all of that,let me just fill you in. So, Drew's ex, Amy, had showed up in the last episode, and he invites her and they play cards. Pretty simple, right? But, then Natalie (Drew's new friend with benefits) walks in and seems to be just a little jealous of what's going on between them. Apparently, it's okay for her to do her thing, because she probably didn't see Drew really doing it back. Amy keeps asking about what they are and Drew just tells her they're not dating.. And they're not. The three of them hang out together and that doesn't end well, because Natalie seems to want to turn it into a competition; hanging all over Drew and suddenly wanting to be possessive of him, even though when Drew wanted to have that "talk" a while back, she was not into being attached. Amy says that she's sorry for the way things ended when she left and it has taken her a lot of time for her to really see that, but asks if he'll forgive her, which he does. Amy ends up spending the night with Drew- What happened, we're not totally sure, but I'm pretty sure we all have a good guess. Natalie sees Amy in the bathroom the next morning and says, "You're leaving soon, right?" And she tells her she is. But, by the time she gets back to Drew's room, her mind has changed. She says she can stand to miss a few more days and will work out to stay. Joel and Julia are still breaking my heart, and the hearts of many others. Ed is really pushing his boundaries with Julia now. He wants to talk to her and she keeps ignoring his calls and emails, because she was getting in way too deep. Although, a little in his defense, I can see where he's getting mixed messages since Julia was also to blame for the kiss that they shared. She tells him to basically leave her alone and (being that they're at the school), it's not a good time to discuss anything, and leaves it at that. Julia is struggling with her conscience and pours her heart out to Adam, looking for his advice as the big brother. He asks her if she has feelings for Ed and she says she doesn't know, when Adam shares that a similar situation happened with him when the assistant at The Luncheonette kissed him. He quickly told Kristina about it, so there were no questions later on, and they worked past it. He tells her she should stop making it about Ed; the problems and everything she's feeling is about her relationship with Joel. He assures her that everything is going to be okay. Well, Ed is going to be at the school auction that Joel and Julia will be at, so Adam tells Crosby about Julia's problem and to keep an eye out for her in case anything goes down. And, of course, it does. The auction event brings out a whole lot of drama and reaction with the love triangle. Ed is obviously drunk, which Julia calls out, and says that he's just upset about his separation and that's why he keeps trying to hang on to her. He says that's not the case, he's upset about her. Sidenote: If it were under ANY other circumstances and they both weren't married, I might have been rooting for them, because there's a nice chemistry between them... But, that's not the case, and Julia is married to Joel, who is a really great husband and father. They hit a rough patch, which she let confuse for feelings towards Ed! Joel can see what's going on and is keeping a close eye on Julia and Ed. Julia keeps trying to move back a little when Joel makes his way over to the two of them to make sure everything is okay, and Ed tells him it's fine and how Julia is "awesome," which Joel agrees with. Joel says he doesn't think Julia really wants to talk with him, but Ed, because he's a little drunk, puts his hand on Joel's shoulder, which really sets him over the edge. He swings at Ed and he goes down, yelling, "Stay away from my wife!," when Crosby steps in to help break things up. Joel and Julia walk out, while Ed stays inside. Joel asks Julia if she’s having an affair, and she said there’s nothing going on between them. That scene really broke my heart, since it would’ve been the best opportunity for her to just be honest and say what had happened between them, and he probably would have been a little more understanding. But, she didn’t. She just lied to his face. He gave her the keys to the car and said he would call a cab and figure something else out for the night. Really curious to see how this one is going to play out! Max comes in to help Hank again at his shop and wants to develop the pictures he took like Hank “promised” they could, but Hank is in the middle of working on something and says he's not sure when they're going to get to that. Max freaks out that things aren't going according to schedule and calls a Hank a liar, then proceeds to run home, all while Hank is chasing after him. Hank has a talk with Kristina and Adam, who tell him it's a pretty normal thing for him to act like that, and that Hank handled the situation just fine. It probably would have been a good idea to warn Hank about these little episodes, though. Adam later gives him a book to read on Asperger's, after apologizing to him about what happened, and while Hank is reading, he makes a discovery. Not just about his situation about Max, but that he might have it himself. I always wondered if that might be the case, given some of his characteristics and the way they just seemed to understand so much about one another. Hank then stops by Sarah's place unexpectedly (YAY!), and tells her about everything that happened with Max and how he thinks he might have Asperger's. After he takes a good look at Sarah, he sees that she's all dressed up. Hank: Are you going on a date or something? Sarah: Kind of… Hank: See? I missed another cue! Sarah points out that even if that is the case, he still has a really good life, and that with what happened between them (and their breakup), she never blamed him. Later, Hank stops by Adam and Kristina's to return the book and asks to talk to Max. He explains that he's sorry he didn't get a chance to show him the developed pictures and brings them with him, and Max apologizes for yelling and how he nows knows there is a difference between a lie and a promise, and said that his parents said if he apologized, then they could be friends again. Hank forgives him and all is well, and they play chess. As for the life of Sarah, Carl had asked her to go to a benefit dinner with him, which she makes clear she does not want to be his "date." So, he tells her that she'll be his "plus one," and she's okay with that. He says it would allow her to make good connections with the people who are there and she's good with witty cocktail banter. While Sarah is trying on dresses at Jasmine and Crosby's, Jasmine looks up information on the event and Carl. She discovers that he's actually a doctor and does a lot of good, which Sarah can't believe. Who keeps something like that to themselves?! He is also a big part of the function she was invited to, so she goes with a black dress, since it’s more formal. When Hank stops by out of the blue, Carl ends up knocking on her door to pick her up, which allows the two main guys in Sarah's life right now to meet one another. Awkward! Once at the dinner, Sarah is thrown into a world of “business” people. Carl leaves her to talk to someone, while he walks around to visit, and Sarah is extremely awkward, which is always awesome, when she notices that girls are throwing themselves at Carl. Later on, Carl gets a big award for Global Med, which really just seems to make Sarah smile. When they get back to Sarah’s place, she says that it’s not everyday your date gets an award like he did, and he reminds her that she wasn’t his date. He’s a man of his word, and that’s what they had agreed on. Zeek is truly living the bachelor life: walking around in his underwear, pouring chunky milk on the cereal, and cluttered counters. He Skypes with Millie, since she's still in Italy, but while she's out there living the dream, he seems to be very lonely. He goes out to a diner and meets a new friend, though it took him a day to warm up. They start talking about football, then go out for a drink at a bar somewhere and Zeek opens up to Rocky about Millie being away. Rocky tells him that if his wife was still alive and wanted to go to Italy, he would buy two first class tickets there to go, which seems to have Zeek thinking, but he shows no indication to Millie if that is the case. So many things coming up in the wonderful world of Braverman, Sarah is getting a big time job offer, which might bring her back to working alongside Hank (which means there’s still hope after all, if you’re rooting for them like I am), Amber confronts Ryan about his reenlisting and leaving, and it looks like Julia finally comes clean about the kiss between her and Ed. It’s probably a good idea to start emotionally preparing now. Oh, and keep the tissues handy!


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