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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Whose Secret Is Revealed In The Season Premier Of Faking It?

Tamara Fuentes | PopWrapped Author

Tamara Fuentes

09/24/2014 1:42 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Whose Secret Is Revealed In The Season Premier Of Faking It? | Faking It
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If you're like me, you've been waiting for this moment for a while now. Faking It has become one of the best shows on TV, for many different reasons, and this episode just reminded us why. The episode starts off in with "The Morning Aftermath," showing us what happened to both Amy and Liam after their drunken one night stand. Amy wakes up to find him still in her bed, mortified as to what just happened. To her surprise, Karma has come over to try to make up with her after what had happened causing Liam to try to sneak out of the window, naked. Amy gets Karma out and tries to go downstairs to meet up with her mother before she leaves, but she has already seen Liam and doesn't say anything. Meanwhile, our new favorite gay couple, Shane and Pablo, wake up under a tree and realize they missed the sunset, with Pablo commenting that there will be a new one tomorrow. Shane tries to figure out how to make it to Lauren after being with Pablo and outing her pill popping, but ultimately he decides that he's going to make Tommy keep her secret, forever. Amy goes out to buy a morning after pill but is followed by Karma who is trying to be friends with her again. Amy brushes her off as she just wants to take the pill and not make it awkward for Karma. Karma then sees Liam in the same drugstore, trying to find something to cure his hangover and they both agree that their relationship problems were both their fault and they should just stay out of each other's way. Karma goes to her mom for advice as to how to make up with Amy, without revealing that they were never a couple. She suggests a romantic gesture, which Karma agrees to without remembering that they were never a couple and a romantic gesture is not the best idea. Back at Shane's mom's car, he reveals to Liam that Amy really did have feelings for Karma despite the fact that they were never an actual couple and, surprise, he has Tommy bound and gagged at the back of the car. At Amy's house, she says goodbye to her mom before she goes on her honeymoon. Amy believes she's nicer to her because she's becoming more accepting, but really her mom thinks she straight now that she slept with Liam. Amy then goes downstairs to find Tommy bound up in bondage gear which is Shane's plan to shut him up. Liam then reveals to Amy that he can't keep their night a secret anymore and Amy tells him not to say anything as she doesn't want this to ruin her and Karma's friendship. She then asks him if he is clean, to which he says he is and the last person he has sex with is Karma. Shane and Lauren then tell Amy that there is a strange person outside her window, which ends up being Karma who starts serenading her to everyone's confusion. They all go back to the garage where Liam is about to reveal that he slept with Amy to Karma, in which Amy tries to distract him by taking off his mask which he says that Lauren "is a dude." Lauren, trying to keep her cool about what has just happened, reveals to everyone that she was born intersex and the pills that she's been taking are hormone replacements. When Amy asks her what intersex is, she runs off yelling that it is none of her business. Just as the gang tries to reel in what just happened, the garage door open and everyone hides other than Amy and the bound Tommy to see that Amy's mom came back because she had forgot her plane tickets. Amy follows her upstairs and questions her as to why she is not saying anything about seeing her and Tommy in that situation. She reveals that she is happy to see that her daughter is "having sex" with a male. Amy then reveals that this doesn't mean she's straight and that she's confused. Amy then tells her that this there is a complete double standard as she is able to keep someone bound and gagged in the garage but being gay is a problem. Her mom tells her that she should just be straight as it'll make things easier and when Amy tries to fight back, she leaves without trying to start something. Karma and Liam almost kiss but Amy comes back in time and Karma tries to cover it up by telling them that they should arrange the dildos that Shane's mom sells from the back of the car. Upstairs in her room, Lauren is seen posting to a intersex message board for support and Shane comes up and tells her that they completed their photo shoot and that none of them will tell her secret. Karma is then seen in Amy's room trying to finish her song in which Amy tells her to stop and explains to her that these romantic gestures is not helping them trying to get back to their friendship. They talk and hug and agree that they need to work on their friendship and Amy lies to her saying that she accepts that Karma will never be with her. Lauren then finds Amy's Plan B pills in the  trash. What do you think everyone? Even in it's second season, Faking It is still breaking boundaries and there is still so much left to come! Until next episode! Faking It airs on MTV on Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c.


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