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Fandom / Television PopWrapped | Fandom

Whovember's Pop Of Fandom: The Sum Of My Whovian Feels

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/23/2013 2:36 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Whovember's Pop Of Fandom: The Sum Of My Whovian Feels
Media Courtesy of BBCOne/Tumblr

Heather Maloney

Staff Writer

We here at PopWrapped have been celebrating all things Who in the November with our celebration coming to an end this weekend. For our last big hurrah, we asked each of our staffers to dive into their Whovians feels and tell us if they could tell us how they came to love Who, why they became a Whovian, or what their favorite episodes are. Here’s round two of our Whovian feels as we lead up to the biggest day in Whovian history. As the Doctor would say:
Gif Courtesy of BBCOne/Tumblr Gif Courtesy of BBCOne/Tumblr
Why I fell in love with Doctor Who: The story is an adventure of one man, or Time Lord rather, who travels through space and time to help others.  The idea that while we are so small yet every one of us is capable of amazing things really grabbed me.  This crazy man who changes his face, however still stays the same man, is a magical concept to me.  No other television show or film encompasses as much comedy, horror, drama and giddiness as Doctor Who.  I honestly wished I had found the show at a much younger age because I believe it would have helped me through the terrors of growing up. How did I become a Whovian? The earliest Doctor Who memory that I have is sitting on the floor in front of the television around five or six.  In Denver, The PBS station would show two episodes of Sesame Street on Sunday mornings, which was followed by what seemed to be hours of Doctor Who.  I was always terrified of the scary show that was on after Grover because that strange man, Tom Baker I would later find out, had really big teeth and reminded me of a frightening clown.  Several times I would start playing and not realize that the scary man was on the television until he startled me. Just in college I was hanging out in one of the countless spots with my new friends in Boulder.   One day I noticed a television was playing something that interested me but seemed a bit cheesy.  This was Doctor Who: The Movie.  While I never remembered what it was about, I do recall thinking that Daphne Ashbrook was amazing and beautiful. Snowed in on a cold winter day my friend Lindsay came over to hang out and watch television.  With nothing on I saw that On Demand had Doctor Who, which was her favorite show.  Now, my husband had been all excited when the show came back in 2005 and sat me down for Rose.  I did not understand how he could be so enthralled with something that seemed so cliché, and never gave it a second thought until this one cold day. We started watching and of course started with Rose.  Thank goodness for the snow, as I would have never made it past that first episode again.  We moved on to The End of the World and then The Unquiet Dead.  I was hooked.  Before I new it I was completely caught up and had started to watch classic episodes to pass the time until the new season was broadcast. The rest has become an amazing journey that I could have only dreamed of.  I have travelled all over attending conventions and speaking about the show I now love.  I have met four Doctors and numerous companions, writers, directors and other contributors of the show.  Some of my closest friends have come into my life because of our shared love for Doctor Who and now I cannot picture my life without this little British science fiction show.  It has changed my life. Top 3 Favorite Doctor Who Moments: #3 The Girl Who Waited – Amy says goodbye:  While this episode is phenomenal on its own, the moment when the older Amy says goodbye to Rory through the TARDIS door is one of the saddest moments in all of television.  Knowing that she was giving her younger self all of the days with the man she loved could not have camouflaged the fact that she would never see him again. #4 Tomb of The Cybermen- Jaime and The Doctor hold hands : One of the funniest moments in Doctor Who, Jaime, Victoria and The Doctor are about to enter the mysterious tomb.  Both going to grab Victoria’s hand they actually grab each other’s.  This slapstick physical comedy is why I adore Jaime and The Second Doctor as much as I do. #1 Genesis of The Daleks- The Doctor decides weather to kill the Daleks or not:  Standing there with two wires in his hands the Doctor is only inches away from destroying the Daleks at their very beginning and thus stopping all of their evil from rampaging across the galaxy.  Can he really do it?  One inch and everything evil that the Daleks have ever stood for would be eradicated, however so would all of the good that came from civilizations coming together against this ultimate evil.  At the time this scene was very instrumental in understanding who The Doctor actually was and where he would draw that line.  Now in retrospect, one has to wonder if The Doctor would make the same decision now knowing that The Daleks would take his home and everyone there from him. Favorite Doctor Who Episode of All Time The War Games (1969) :  A ten part epic, The War Games is Patrick Troughton’s swan song and the greatest Doctor Who episode of all time.  The Doctor, Zoe and Jaime find themselves in the midst of many different wars in different times.  Throughout the episodes The Doctor realizes that someone has kidnapped humans from earth, brain washed them and set them in one of many zones to watch The War Games.  Chocked full of action and suspense, this story also includes the exit of Jaime and Zoe.  Like Donna after them, Jaime and Zoe’s memories are erased so that they will only remember their first adventure with The Doctor and will sadly never remember the amazing travels in space and time.


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