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Why It's Racist To Say Doctor Who Is Racist

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/01/2013 9:05 pm
Why It's Racist To Say Doctor Who Is Racist

Dean Richards

Staff Writer

I think that’s going to be my new trademark: starting my blogs with strange sentences which make you think “Wait, is this guy serious or is he just insane?” But I mean it. Even though this suggestion that Doctor Who promotes racism has already spread across the globe, it is an accusation which makes the accuser more of a racist than the show itself. Here’s why:

When I look back on Martha Jones, the Doctor’s only black (full-time) companion so far, there are always a few things I think of. I won’t give away any spoilers, but I’m sure those who have watched the show will know the first few things that will pop up in my mind. The fact that she is black, however, is not in my top 50 most important memories. After all, it’s not relevant, is it?

Yeah, if only… Rather than taking characters such as Mickey Smith and Martha Jones for who they are, incredibly funny people with great courage and determination, these researchers decided to reduce them to one characteristic: their race. Suddenly, what they had done or what they stood for no longer mattered, because all that mattered to this research was the colour of their skin and all their imperfections.

Of course, the Doctor has never been a black guy. Then again, none of the Time Lords have ever been black… But rather than calling that racist, how about the idea that perhaps Gallifrey, where the Time Lords come from, doesn’t have a place where people could become black? They don’t have the same atmosphere, they don’t have the same sun, they don’t have any reason to get a black skin.

“But that doesn’t matter, because it’s not real and the show is created by humans,” I can hear critics think. But it DOES matter! The thing is, there is no reason to be forced to add black people to a TV show when it doesn’t fit the storyline. The Doctor should never be black, because then he would be the only black Time Lord… ever. And his DNA can’t be that special.

So, here’s my suggestion: stop reducing people to the colour of their skin. Mickey and Martha are amazing, but so are Rose and Rory. There shouldn’t be a difference, and by making that distinction you are being a racist. I am sure there will be plenty of black or Asian actors in the show in episodes to come, but it would be ridiculous if the BBC was forced to add them as soon as possible, because that would suggest that black people are indeed different or weaker or inferior. But here’s the shocker: they are not.


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