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Will They Know "How To Save A Life" This Week On Grey's Anatomy?

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

04/27/2015 1:39 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Will They Know
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Well, Grey's Anatomy fans...we are getting down to the end of the season with only a few episodes left. Tonight's episode, "How to Save a Life," has been previewed to be very Derek-centric, and could be very bad for him. Remember, when we left last week's episode, Mer saw all of the police lights in front of her house...did Derek make it out of this episode to see another?  Read on...

We again see Mer in the same position as last week, with her staring out of the window...then we are immediately transferred to Derek calling her from a a different time...but she misses the call. We then see Derek in the car driving to the airport while talking to Amelia, April and Bailey on his hands free device. A car speeds around him and he sees it hit an SUV in front of him. He is able to come to a stop, and runs out to check on the occupant of the SUV. Sarah, the mom and Winnie, a child. Both are alive.

Derek goes to check on the other driver, but there is no one in the car. He finds a young woman on the side of the road named Alana. She is moderately injured and talking. She tells him she isn't supposed to be here, instead she was supposed to be at school.  She, however, is not the driver.  She tells him the driver is named Charlie, and the car is his dads. Derek sees a young guy walking down the road. He has a pretty bad head injury and doesn't know what happened. He then falls to the ground.

Alana comes over and since none of them have cell service, Derek looks for a first aid kit, but only has gauze in his car. He goes to the SUV to look for one, and helps Winnie get out of the car. While he is helping Sarah, Winnie and Alana are with Charlie. Alana is trying to get a cell signal, but she says she is not feeling well. Derek gets Sarah out of the car, but is interrupted by Charlie's car catching on fire and exploding.  Derek is happy though, since the smoke will signal where they are.

Derek notices that Alana is having stomach pains and helps her lay down. He looks at her stomach and he sees that her intestines are sticking out.  Derek takes dry cleaner plastic from Sarah's car and wraps her abdomen in it. To distract Alana, Derek tells her about the first time he kissed Meredith. They then hear sirens.

Help has arrived, and everyone is loaded into the ambulances to go to the hospital. Derek stands and watches them leave, then goes back to his car and starts to drive away, but is immediately hit by a semi-truck.

Derek arrives to a hospital, Dillard Medical Center, which does not have a trauma center, and he is certainly a trauma patient. He is conscious as he is wheeled in. He cannot speak, but we can hear his voiceover trying to diagnose himself. Winnie, who is there with her mom, see's Derek. We hear one doctor say he needs a CT, which Derek's voice over agrees with, but another doctor tells her he needs to go to the OR since he has severe abdominal bleeding. Winnie tells the doctor that his name is Derek and he saved their lives. She also tells the doctor that Derek is also a doctor. Derek's voiceover says this is not right, and he needs the scan. He says he is going to die because the doctor's are not properly trained.

Derek's voiceover says he cannot feel his arm, and he is still seeing his surgery during surgery, like an out of body experience. The doctor's finally realize it is a head injury. The neurosurgeon is 20 minutes away, but it will be too late. The doctor's seem lost, they don't know what to do. He finally gets there and tells them they should have done a CT scan at the beginning. Turns out it took him an hour and a half to get there, not 20 minutes. Derek's voiceover says it's too late.

We then see Mer answering the door at home, but immediately she is in the hospital with Derek who is talking and seemingly fine...but he isn't. It is a figment of her imagination.

The cops ask her to come with them, and she tells them she can't just go, because she doesn't know what to do with her kids.

The next scene we see is Mer with Zola and pushing Bailey in a stroller at the hospital. A staff member takes the kids, and Mer goes up the elevator. She is told that Derek is brain dead. She looks at his chart and tells them they made bad calls, but they did the best they could. They ask her to make a decision. She knows her choices. She can send him to a long term facility or pull the plug. She finally starts to break down. As she walks out, she sees the doctor who wanted to do the CT scan at the beginning crying. She walks over to Mer and gives her condolences. She tells Mer that Derek saved all of those people, but she failed him because she wasn't good enough to keep him alive. Mer tells her that she agrees...she wasn't good enough, but tomorrow is another day, and she should learn from this, and be better for next time...that Derek's face will appear to her every time she has a hard case and she will get better because of it and save more lives.

Mer runs to the side of the parking lot and vomits, then goes into the hospital. She has signed the paperwork to turn off the machines. The nurse begins turning them off, but before she takes the respirator off, Mer stops her. She says his name a couple of times, touches his face and tells him it is OK. He can go, and they will be fine.

The nurse turns the respirator off and pulls the tube out of his mouth. The machine stops beeping. The nurse leaves the room, and the screen fades to black.

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