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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Will "The Fallen" Return On This Week's 'Arrow'?

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

04/24/2015 11:44 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
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Arrow has kept a lot of us from sleeping since last week’s shocking finale and with the promos already shaping “The Fallen” to be one of the series’ best episodes yet, it’s time to see what we got for real.

Oliver finds Thea bleeding on the floor and she is rushed to the hospital and even though the doctors manage to keep her alive, she might never wake up. With Oliver and Malcolm in tears, the first flashback arrives to find the Yamashiro’s and Mr. Queen trying to get hold of a combined Alpha and Omega weapon that’s ready to be released. Back to reality, Felicity and John arrive at the hospital, but a smoke signal from the League makes Oliver go find Maseo, who reveals that becoming the next Ra’s would get Thea saved. As Ollie’s getting ready to leave for Nanda Parbat, Diggle and Ms. Smoak try to stop him, but Malcolm is there to explain the use of the Lazarus Pit and reveal the ressurection changes the person for good. As the Arrow is joined by his pals on the trip, Felicity asks Ray for his jet and the two pretty much break up, with him heartbroken and aware of her feelings for Oliver.

As the gang gets ready to leave, Malcolm insists that Thea’s death is a better option than the pit, but they get going anyway. On the jet, Oliver tells Felicity the story of his early comeback to Starling and how he killed his sister’s drug dealer, claiming he has failed to protect her. Another flashback finds Oliver and the Yamashiro’s after the truck that’s transferring the weapon, but when they manage to get on it, they find out the Alpha/Omega is missing. The reality takes the gang to Nanda Parbat with the League members expecting them to honor their new leader and Thea taken to be prepared. As Diggle is seen confronting Maseo for being a member of the League, the ritual begins and Thea wildly jumps out of the pit, quickly being sedated and sent to rest.

Thea wakes up confused, thinking Oliver’s dead and her mother is alive, only remembering Malcolm. As she’s told to rest again, Oliver tells them she’ll be taken home to recover, but Felicity is mad at him for staying to lead the League. She rushes to confront Ra’s, but he tells her how he had to leave his family without saying goodbye and advises her to express her feelings before Oliver’s gone. So she does and things get really intimate between them, with a kiss leading them to the bed for the very first time. Yet one more flashback finds the Yamashiro’s and Oliver finding out where the weapon is and going after it, with Maseo not really keen on the idea. The reality finds Felicity serving a drink and Oliver toasting to them, but she’s poisoned his to put him to sleep and take him away from Nanda Parbat and Ra’s Al Ghul, unwilling to lose him.

Felicity gets Diggle and Malcolm in the plan and soon as they grab Thea, they get going through the back door. With some help from Maseo, they manage to get to the catacombs and get surrounded. Oliver wakes up and sends them away to tell Ra’s he’ll be back shortly, getting his pals out for some depressing goodbye’s. Back to Starling, Thea wakes up with hardly any memory of the past few days and Malcolm fills her in, stating he wants to stay and take care of her. Felicity pays a visit to Laurel and hits her with the news, finding some comfort. Meanwhile, Ra’s is giving Oliver a lecture over letting his friends go, but the latter says he stayed so no blood needs to be spilled. However, the Demon knows someone betrayed him and Maseo calls himself out. His life is spared though, as Ra’s finds him useful and believes his actions were only part of his old, pre-League self.

The last flashback finds Oliver and the Yamashiro’s finding the weapon and going after it, with the former confronting the man holding it. While he’s fighting to get hold of the capsule, it falls on the ground and breaks, with the liquid all over the floor. In the present day, Oliver is marked with the sign of the League and Ra’s pronnounces Mr. Queen dead, to be reborn as Ra’s Al Ghul, and claiming the Arrow should stay for now as Ah Sah-him.

How will things roll from here? With only three episodes left in this season, you’ll definitely not be missing Arrow next week.

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