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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Will 'The Flash' Be 'Fast Enough' In Season Finale?

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

05/21/2015 11:50 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Will 'The Flash' Be 'Fast Enough' In Season Finale? | Flash
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With Wells caught on last week’s awesome episode, The Flash returns this week with its season finale, “Fast Enough”. So let’s break it all down. It all begins with Barry questioning Wells Eobard, who reveals they’re hated rivals in the future and went back in time to kill him. However, future Flash followed him and saved his young self, so he killed his mother instead. Then, time-travelled to a time other than his own and partly lost his ability to do that, so he needed to create the Flash and use his speed to find his way. Barry says he’d never help him, but Eobard says he would help him go back and save his mother from death and his father from prison in exchange. Stein suggests such a big change in history would affect his overall life and it would be nothing like his current present, but Joe insists on him accepting. However, Barry pays a visit to his father and he’s totally against the idea, as it could change the great man his son has turned out to be. Ronnie tells Caitlin he’s staying in Central to be with her and suggests they get married. Iris finds Barry on a roof top and the two chat, before the former advises him to do what his heart’s telling him. Barry is up for it and asks Eobard about the process, who says they’ll use the Accelerator and he needs to run fast enough to break the barrier of time so both can time-travel. There’s a catch though, as the Flash will die unless he runs as fast as needed. Dr. Stein explains how it could be done and despite everyone’s worries, Barry says he’ll worry about running fast enough instead of them. They want to build a time machine for Eobard and it’s not easy, so Cisco takes instructions from him. Thawne then says he expected more understanding from him, but Cisco brings up his murder at a parallel universe, which makes the former realise he was affected by the Accelerator as well! Stein talks with Eddy and tells him he’s an anomaly in time and so, the only one that can choose his destiny, no matter what Eobard had told him. Later, Stein discovers the time-travelling experiment might create a blackhole that would suck the entire world! However, Eobard claims there’ll be no blackhole if Barry makes it to the past and back in less than two minutes. Barry asks Joe and he’s encouraged that he can save his mother and the world. Eddie pays Iris a visit and tells her how a series of coincidences has led to them being together, so they kiss and say “screw the future”. Leaving all the drama behind for a moment, as Caitlin and Ronnie are getting married with Stein being their wedding officiant. Enough with that though ‘cause Barry has to go. Cisco reminds him to only go and save his mother after his fututre self has saved his younger one and they all say their last goodbye to him. The Flash goes into the chamber with the Reverse and manages to run fast enough to go back to the night of his mother’s murder. He does stick to the plan, but future Flash waves at him to step behind and not save his mom. In pain, Barry has to sit and listen to the Reverse stabbing her. Even though he didn’t save her, he gets to show that her future son is alright and say goodbye before she passes. Meanwhile, the Reverse Flash prepares to leave, when JAY F-ING GARRICKS’ Flash helmet comes out of the worm hole and he takes that as his signal to get going. All of a sudden, our very own Flash comes out and smashes his time machine, stating he already has everything he wants. The two men start fighting and the Reverse has the upper hand, but when he prepares to kill Barry, the sound of a gunshot is heard. It’s Eddie everyone! Apparently, he chose to shoot himself and make Eobard vanish from existence, making himself a hero. Even though Caitlin and Ronnie managed to shut the worm hole down earlier, it now opens again and becomes a blackhole that’s sucking Central City. Barry decides to run real fast and try to disrupt the motion and so he does, running to the top of the building and jumping to the worm hole. While he’s at it, the episode comes to an end without revealing his fate to us. Let’s be real though, he can’t die with another season coming. Or can he? Anyway, what a season finale that one was? MIND = BLOWN! Make sure you catch up with it and stay tuned for all the latest news about the forthcoming, second season of The Flash.

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