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Music PopWrapped | Music

WiseProof Offers Two New Intense And Socially Aware Tracks

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

05/10/2016 11:20 am
PopWrapped | Music
WiseProof Offers Two New Intense And Socially Aware Tracks | WiseProof
Media Courtesy of PBS

Spending time between Oakland, CA and Miami, Fl, the lyrical assassin known as WiseProof brings us some intense hip-hop music to absorb. With the release of his current psychedelic and visceral track, entitled “Scuse Me”, this hip-hop veteran has a career spanning over two decades, and that history shows in the professional and methodical composition of this song, among his others. Opening with a heavy synth bassline met with layers upon layers of sound, “Scuse Me” has some important things to say to WiseProof’s audience. Unlike many other rap songs, this track brings in WiseProof’s signature genre-bending style. Classified as Trapadelic or Galactic Trap, no one can accuse WiseProof of not pushing the envelope.

The current video making waves is entitled “More More More More”, and, as far as speed rapping goes, WiseProof is an unstoppable force. Growing up an orphan in the inner cities of the northeast US, WiseProof gained street cred by living that life the hard way. A true underdog story, WiseProof has been focused like a laser beam on the hip-hop industry and has pulled no punches in his lyrical delivery to get here. As the title suggests, the song is very much about wanting more, and, yes, a lot more. This is a common theme throughout the entire hip-hop industry, and, if I had to say anything here in the way of constructive criticism, I would have to say that I would like to see the instrumental composition of the tracks evolve into more powerful endings.

All in all, WiseProof has what it takes to keep running with the very competitive rap crowd, and, if you are a fan of anything hip-hop, I would suggest that you take a moment to listen to these two unique tracks from the WiseProof camp. These songs might not redefine the hip-hop genre as much as they could if some more care was taken in a more revolutionary style of thought, but what is here is definitely worth sinking your teeth into.

WiseProof can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and his official website.


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