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Woman Hides Child In Carry-On On Air France Flight

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

03/16/2016 12:48 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Woman Hides Child In Carry-On On Air France Flight | Air France
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Just when you think that you can't be surprised by anything you hear in the news anymore, along comes a story out of Paris, France about a flight on Air France...

A woman who was on Air France flight 1891 from Istanbul, Turkey to Paris, France on March 7 was found to have a young child inside of her carry-on luggage. Apparently the woman had put the "hand luggage" (isn't that such a nice way of saying "carry-on") by her feet during the flight and covered it with a blanket. A nearby passenger noticed the woman fiddling around with the blanket and observed that the hand luggage was moving. He alerted the cabin crew who then inspected the bag and found the young child--a girl.

There are conflicting reports as to the age of the little girl (anywhere between 2-4 years old) which begs the question--how large can pieces of hand luggage be on Air France?!That is a big age discrepancy and would also make a big difference on how heavy the bag would have been when the woman was lugging it on to the plane. My head hurts thinking about the logistics of putting together such a bold plan of air travel.

The woman, who was apparently in the process of adopting the child from Haiti, was not given permission by airport authorities in Turkey to bring the child home with her. BBC reported "The woman was in the transit zone in Istanbul but was prevented from boarding her flight with the child." Apparently that wasn't the answer she wanted to hear and the woman took steps to get the little one on the plane to France. It does not seem as if the child had been through any airport security checks (or x-rays) while in the luggage.

After the child was found she and the woman were moved to the front of the plane. The crew was "very shocked" by what they had encountered.  When the plane finally landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport the woman and child were met by French authorities. Air France stated that they "will fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation being conducted by the competent authorities." The child has been reported as being in "good health."


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