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World War A Is Unleashed In The Pretty Little Liars Finale

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/30/2013 3:07 am
World War A Is Unleashed In The Pretty Little Liars Finale


Erika Rivera


Adele Fredeluces

Senior Editor & Staff Writer

Welcome back all you Liars! It is time for the season finale. Now that we have had a couple of days to digest the craziest finale of them all, let’s discuss what went down on this week’s episode as all hell broke loose in Liarville, USA. 

To cover this momentous occasion in Liar history, my lovely fellow Liar and colleague Adele Fredeluces and I have decided to tag team this week’s recap.

As always, do not read this unless you have watched the episode. Keep it moving as spoilers lie ahead.

This week’s major revelations:

  1. Cece is one of the Red Coats (yes, you read that correctly). Turns out, there is more than one of them.
  2. Mona and Shana are in cahoots of sorts (not really a surprise).
  3. Ashley Marin goes free! Maybe now, Hanna can relax.
  4. Caleb heads to Ravenswood, along with the rest of the gang, by the end of episode (I shall miss him!).
  5. Ali’s fate is revealed: The little bitch is ALIVE! 
  6. Last but not least, A is revealed to us: It’s EZRA (cue hearts breaking all over the world. THIS CANNOT BE LIFE RIGHT NOW).

Got those major points in your head right now? Here’s the break down of the episode:

A pulls a disappearing act.

Last week’s episode showed Cece in a black hoodie/red coat and a new guy named Travis coming forward to get Ashley Marin out of jail.

The episode begins with the pretty little girls hanging around Spencer’s house. Word travels fast as a new witness (Travis) shows up on the news with the new revelation in Detective Wilden’s case.

A package addressed to all of the girls comes in the mail. The girls are eager to find out what it could be. A sends them four Magic 8 balls and tells them their fortune – or loss in their case. “If she goes free, you’ll hear from me. Kisses –A.” And in the words that had social media buzzing for the past few weeks, Spencer notes that A just declared #WorldWarA.

Travis is brought to the police station to identify the woman he saw leaving the scene before shots were fired at Wilden. As the line-up reaches Mrs. Marin, Travis seems to get cold feet and it looks like he may not be able to help Hanna after all. Later on we learn that Travis went through with it and the charges against Ashley are dropped. Caleb and Travis share a look. I still think Travis is up to something. There’s some type of angle there, but I don’t know what.

Amongst all the A madness, we are reminded that the girls do have to attend high school. The girls sit in Mr. Fitz’ English class and Aria has this dreamy look on her face as Ezra talks about The Tempest and the “magical quality of love at first sight.” Then Ezra asks Aria to stay after class. He thanks her and it looks like the two may be getting back to what they were, even if Aria still proclaims that they’re just friends. Aria’s biggest problem seems to be choosing between Ezra and Jake and not any of this World War A shenanigans.

Hanna’s celebration for her mother is cut short as another package comes for them. While Aria questions what would happen if they ignore the package and leave it unopened, Spencer and her witty remarks make a lot of sense. “We can’t win the game if we don’t know what it is.”

A’s second gift to them: A casket made for a child. Thankfully, no child is in it, but a little Mona doll is stuffed inside. The person watching through the window sends them a little text and it looks like another murder in Rosewood is about to take place. “Hanna won, so Mona loses. Find her before the cops or they’ll think you killed her. –A” Either way, they’d still look like suspects, wouldn’t they?

The search for Mona is in full force as a sketch of Cece made the news as a suspect for Wilden’s case and Mona is no longer a patient at Radley. Spencer tries to find Wren, all she sees is a house filled with moving boxes and luggage. Jenna’s car is parked outside and Shana creepily stares through the window from inside of Wren’s house. Emily and Paige go to “French Club Friday” to see if Mona’s returned to school, but alas she didn’t show up to her little welcome back party.

#PoorToby is looking through his mother’s old stuff and while Toby cries, so do a whole lot of PLL fans. As Toby recovers from his nostalgia he sees Shana leaving the brew and leaving behind an important document. Looks like Shana is sending Wren and Melissa some of their things.

Toby finally gets a hold of Spencer after avoiding her calls and messages to tell her the news. Spencer wonders why Wren and Melissa kept moving in together a secret and Toby explains, “Because he’s your ex-boyfriend.” Amongst all the drama, #jealousToby is comic relief. But that doesn’t last long as Spoby goes on to discuss Toby’s little disappearing act. And finally, Toby declares that he is done following A’s trail about his mother. “I don’t want A’s version of the truth. It’s not worth it.” He should’ve stopped trusting A a long time ago.

While the others are still trying to find the whereabouts of Mona, Aria has her movie date with kung fu Jake, but to Aria’s dismay, he fell asleep. At this point, you can tell that Aria is questioning the relationship. He’s not Ezra, Aria.

Aria sees Ezra at the poetry reading that Jake refused to go to, and Ezra brings up Aria’s story about the cat and Ali. This little mention of Ali is random if you ask me, but it’ll make sense later. Looks like Jake is out of the picture and it’s now #EzriaTogether. In a bold move, Aria kissed Ezra out in the open, oblivious to Redcoat watching through the window.

The next day, the news reports that the suspect was identified and the search for Cece continues, but now with cops involved. While the girls think about #PoorMona, another package comes through. At first an empty box, but Spencer works her magic. (Fun fact: Spencer took home first prize for her magic act at performing arts camp). A saw appears with the creepy message written on it: “Watch me make a girl disappear. Kisses, –A”. A is putting on a magic show and the girls are part of her act.

After snooping around on the internet, Emily and Aria find out that the great Charlemagne is putting on a magic show in Ravenswood. A is a clever person and I’m sitting here wondering if the name is of importance.

Toby helps Caleb on their stake out outside of Mona’s house and sees Shana coming out of the driveway in Jenna’s car. He doesn’t hesitate to follow her.

The girls arrive at Ravenswood, clearly depicted by the lighting of the scene. Creepytown is always gloomy. Does the sun ever shine over there? I think not.

They find the magician as a creepy tall man stares at them and Mrs. Grimwald spots them. For the Great Charlemagne’s next trick, he chooses Aria. She doesn’t do boxes, especially after sharing little space with a dead Garrett last Halloween. But Charlemagne isn’t taking no for an answer. As he performs the trick, Aria disappears but the reappears in one piece. But something else disappears. No one notices Emily is gone. Leger de main – sleight of hand – the disappearing act was done so skillfully. I was so scared for Aria, that I didn’t even notice Emily was gone.

Emily’s in a box, but fortunately has her phone on her. Whoever took her wasn’t that smart. Aria calls and Emily is in a panic. She hears a chainsaw and the girls establish that Emily’s at a saw mill. Red coat is seen at the corner running away and she leads them to the Ravenswood Sawmill.

The coffin that Emily is in is strategically placed on a conveyor belt leading to a huge saw. The girls try to get Emily out, but nothing is working. I’m scared for Emily, but I know that they wouldn’t do that to us fans. Out of nowhere Redcoat saves the day.

BUT WAIT. There are two Redcoats. The one who stopped the conveyor belt runs away, while the other is upstairs watching it all go down. Spencer goes after the first, while Aria runs upstairs. Aria catches her Redcoat and puts her martial arts moves to the test. She kicks ass and Cece’s Alison mask comes off. In an attempt to get away, Cece hangs from a rope. The rope breaks and Aria tries to save her, but she isn’t strong enough. Looks like another person is dead and some questions won’t be answered.

I spoke too soon. As Aria and Spencer reunite with Emily and Hanna over Cece’s body, no one notices her hand moving and another disappearing act takes place. “That bitch has nine lives.” Aria’s cat story?

Spencer doesn’t see her Redcoat’s face, but really believes that it’s Ali. Spencer shows her friends where Redcoat Ali took her: A’s lair. And someone’s watching them. Pictures of Ali are scattered all over the walls and boards dedicated to the other girls’ lives. This lair is creepier than Mona’s and A is in full stalker mode.

As the girls snoop around the lair, Hanna slips a diary into her bag, something we’ll probably learn about later on. She calls Caleb to help crack open the computers and cameras. While Spencer finds A’s bank account, with payments made to Cece, Hanna finds suits. A is a man. My first thought was Wren, but Spencer points out that Wren is part of the creepy timeline A has posted around. A, aka “Board Shorts”, is trying to find Ali and he’s hot on her trail.

It turns out a party is happening in Ravenswood and Alison might be there according to “Board Shorts”. The girls won’t miss out on the opportunity, but Mrs. Grimwald appears out of nowhere to stop the uninvited guests.

Alison was afraid of her stalker and Grimwald claims to have been protecting Alison this whole time, although she hasn’t seen her since the night she went missing. She was helping Ali find out who her stalker was. We see in the Ali flashback, that the creepy old woman was the one who pulled her out of the dirt, but when she took Ali to the hospital, she disappeared.

Grimwald eerily tells the girls “She was never really gone,” before going on to tell them that Ali still doesn’t trust them. Now what gets me is that Grimwald seems to know who the stalker is. She tells the girls to leave before revealing that “Board Shorts” is around. “You’re being watched. He’s hoping you’ll lead them to Alison. He’s here.”

But they don’t listen. They stay to crash the party.

And finally, in a move that no one saw coming (someone probably saw that coming, but consider me no one), the camera zooms in on a man around the corner heading back to the lair. Wait for it… Ezra is A. Now I sat here with my jaw on the floor trying to put pieces together. Who knew everyone’s favorite English teacher was a mastermind? I am heartbroken again. Is Ezra really A or is he pulling a Toby? Can it be October 22 yet?

Make sure you have your Halloween costumes ready for next time as we won’t be back until then.

Stay out of trouble, bitches!


-A & E-


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