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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

The X-Files: 10x01, My Struggle

Ariel Bradford | PopWrapped Author

Ariel Bradford

01/26/2016 3:12 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The X-Files: 10x01, My Struggle | My Struggle
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The highly anticipated (for fourteen years) new episode of The X-Files, "My Struggle," began with a monologue from Agent Mulder. With a short review of the first nine seasons, Mulder gives us hope: although the work of the FBI on the X-Files ceased, “my personal obsessions did not.”

The opening credits remain exactly the same, save one addition: the FBI badge of Assistant Director Walter Skinner.

A flashback to the Roswell, NM crash flashes across the screen. The spaceship crashes and a doctor is ushered onto the scene.

At the Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital in DC, Dr. Scully scrubs in for surgery when she receives an urgent call from Skinner, who needs to contact Mulder. (Only Scully knows how.) Scully tells Mulder the news, and that a man named Tad O’Malley is desperate to meet him. Tad O’Malley is the host of Truth Squad, an online show about conspiracies.

Mulder and Scully reunite on a sidewalk, expressing their delight to see and work with each other. Scully tells Mulder she’s been worried about him and is glad to see him out of his small house. A limo pulls up to them and Tad steps out to welcome the pair inside.

Tad introduces himself as a true believe, like Mulder. Mulder corrects him: “I only want to believe.” They drive to Low Moor, VA to a house well off the beaten track. Scully comments, “An alien couldn’t find this place,” and Tad replies that the inhabitant contacted him first.

A young woman named Sveta opens the door and sees Mulder. She explains that she’s met him before when she was a little girl, right after the first time she was abducted. In a conversation with the three, Sveta reveals that she has been pregnant multiple times and her babies were removed. She also claims to have alien DNA, which Mulder eagerly asks Scully to test.

Another Roswell flashback shows an alien crawling away from the ship. His body leaves blood stains on the ground. The doctor approaches him and argues with a military man, who determines that the creature could be dangerous and, therefore, should be shot. A group of men kill the alien.

In Scully’s lab, Sveta gets her blood drawn for DNA testing. She claims she can move things with her mind, but she can’t control it to prove it to Scully. She looks at Scully and tells her more than asks, “You were a couple before?” She talks about how depression was the wedge between Mulder and Scully and what killed 

their relationship. Sveta talks about how the two of them have a child together. Scully asks her more about her condition, to which Sveta becomes emotional and says that Scully doesn’t understand what it’s like. Scully raises an eyebrow and Sveta realizes… maybe she does.

A helicopter carrying Tad O’Malley arrives at Mulder’s house. Mulder is bagged as to hide the location of their destination. At a warehouse, Mulder meets a scientist named Garner and is asked if he knows what an ARV is. Garner and his team show Mulder an Alien Replica Vehicle. In awe, Mulder touches the hull and it begins to hover. Mulder (is freaking adorable) is pleased. Mulder, O’Malley, and Garner talk about free energy, an alien technology the government has been aware of

 for decades. Mulder is disgusted that oil companies have been making trillions of dollars when free energy, which runs on electromagnetic fields, has been hidden all this time.

The craft suddenly disappears, to further Mulder’s amusement. Garner explains that Element 150 allows this to happen, and Mulder asks where they got it.

Another Roswell flashback shows the doctor carrying the alien body away from the site, despite the shouts of the military man.

Tad walks into Scully’s lab as she is drawing her own blood. He asks if she’s testing for alien DNA, to which she replies, "High cholesterol.” He sees some of her work on children with microtia; Scully is on a team that helps children with underdeveloped and missing ears, which is common in Navajo Indians. O’Malley asks Scully how she feels about her past work on the X-Files. “I’ve never felt so alive,” she admits. Tad asks if that’s how she felt about her work or about Mulder, to which she has no definitive answer.

Mulder goes to see Sveta alone. He confronts her about her hesitant answers when O’Malley was in the room, to which she admits she is afraid of telling the whole truth. She reveals that it wasn’t aliens who took her babies, but human men whose faces she saw. She tells Mulder that if she ever told anyone they would call her a liar when “they’re” the liars. She gets angry and asks Mulder’s opinion and adds, “But you always wondered… that they weren’t lying to you, too.”

This sets Mulder on a Mulderampage, in which step one

 is always to call Scully and sound insane. He tells her that everything they know is wrong. The X-Files, alien conspiracies, everything they’ve been led to believe is all a lie. He (again) leaves her bewildered and confused and considerably more worried about him than she was before.

Mulder revisits his office at the FBI. Skinner lets him into the office, where pencils are still stuck in the ceiling tiles. Demanding to see the physical X-Files, Mulder rounds on Skinner, blaming him for all the lies he’s been fed. “You just calm down before we both get pissed off,” Skinner replies in a calm voice. Mulder rips his iconic “I Want to Believe” poster (shattering hearts around the world) and begins placing his anger where it belongs. Skinner admits that he’s wanted to call Mulder every day for the last fourteen years, wishing he was still working at the FBI. “We’ve never been in more danger,” Mulder confides in Skinner, who advises Mulder to do something about it.

Scully watches the Truth Squad with Tad O’Malley in her lab and receives her test results from her assistant. She circles a few things and asks them to be tested again, displeased with the results.

Mulder meets with an old man at the National Mall in DC. The man once told Mulder that if Mulder learned the truth, he would confirm his suspicions. Mulder begins recounting his knowledge: that alien technology has been used against humans BY humans.

A quick flashback reveals that this old man is the doctor from Roswell! In the present, he tells Mulder, “You’re nearly there. You’re closer.” He concludes with, “Roswell… that was a smoke screen.”

Scully surprises Mulder at Sveta’s house and explains her presence, since she was worried about him. Mulder begins to explain everything he believes to her, based on the evidence from Tad O’Malley and Sveta. She appears exhausted and irritated as she explains, “You so badly want to believe. Tad O’Malley is a charming man with charming BS.”

Mulder insists that his case is valid. She closes her eyes and says, “You know what you’re doing,” and walks back to her car as Mulder calls after her.

She sits in the car and Tad taps on her window. He and Mulder convince her to come inside to a meeting she wasn’t invited to.

Mulder begins to give examples of how the human race has been conspiring against itself. He says that H-Bomb allured aliens to come to Earth to help humans not kill themselves. This only allowed scientists to use alien technology and alien DNA against us. Mulder elaborates that human-alien hybrids and government experiments have all been started by the government itself. The government has been hiding alien technology for seventy years.

According to Mulder, the intent is to take over America and then the world. Weather wars from satellites will cause droughts, fake wars including 9/11, prison camps, even the government control of food will lead to destruction. Food is regulated to dull, sicken, and fatten Americans so they are easier to conquer. Phones track where people are when so that the government will know where to strike when the takeover happens.

“It’ll probably happen on a Friday,” Tad picks up. He theorizes that banks will fake c

lose for a few days, which will wipe out all digital money. It will look like terrorists or Russians or even an alien attack.

Scully advises Tad to not say these things on his show. He and Mulder insist that people need to know the truth and it’s their responsibility to do so. She also reveals that Sveta’s DNA test came back and was negative, proving she has no evidence of alien DNA in her.

The next episode of Truth Squad shows O’Malley talking about all of this new evidence. The news shows Sveta saying that O’Malley paid her to say those things and she hopes no one was hurt by her “lies”.

“They got to her,” Mulder says. He immediately leaves to see Sveta, who is not home. Tad’s site is shut down.

Scully goes to her car and sees a message on her back window written clean 

in the dirt: Don’t Give Up. Mulder meets her in the lot. They both decide they need to find and protect Sveta. Scully reveals to Mulder that she didn’t trust the DNA tests and that she personally sequenced the genomes of both herself and Sveta. She found evidence of alien DNA and is now concerned for their child. Mulder asks her, “Scully, are you ready for this?” “I don’t know if there’s a choice.”

Sveta is trying to drive away from town and her car stops. A green laser beams into her car from a ship hovering above her. She is desperate to leave the car, but both it and she blow up.

A man hangs up the phone and reveals a “problem.” His assistant holds a cigarette up to his stoma as he regretfully announces, “They’ve re-opened the X-Files.”


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