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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

X Marks The Spot In The TV Debut Of 'The Whispers'

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

06/04/2015 2:39 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
X Marks The Spot In The TV Debut Of 'The Whispers' | the whispers
Media Courtesy of IMDB

A little girl at a pool party is standing away from the other kids, talking to thin air. She explains that her scientist daddy is never home and mommy is not very understanding. Harper is talking to her new imaginary friend, someone named Drill, as her mother comes up to get her so they can have lunch together. Harper runs through the house, against her mother's wishes, saying that the game has already started. As you would expect in a sci-fi/paranormal type of show, the front door opens slowly and nobody is there. Across the street a man with some serious scrag on his face stands there watching their house. Harper is gathering materials from around the house, such as chalk and a hammer, which will be used in her new game. Her mother sees the back door open and Harper is now in the treehouse in their backyard, which I swear to god is 3 stories high. Mommy dearest climbs the scary looking rope ladder and into the treehouse, where Harper explains that Drill 'says you're it!' Harper asks her mother to step on a chalk outline X.... and of course, X marks the spot. Her mother crashes through the treehouse floor and Harper's ecstatic that she's 'won' the game, even as her mother lies on the ground bleeding out. What in the actual hell...

At her son Henry's baseball game, Claire Bennigan gets a phone call from her boss, Director Meyers. Claire has been on leave, because her husband passed away in a flight accident. She's a child psychologist for the FBI, and she learns about Harper's homicidal trip into the treehouse. A nice little tidbit - Henry is deaf. I like this, you don't normally see characters on major television networks that are seeing or hearing impaired.

At the FBI office we meet Agent Rollins (someone that's been on a work-type probation), who will work with Claire. They go to speak with Harper, as time is limited because the father is coming and he doesn't want an interrogation.

At a playground Minx Lawrence does a cartwheel for her mother Lena, who is having some girl-time with a friend. Things between Lena and Wes are... okay. He's with the defense department doing special projects and is currently stationed in Africa. Wes is in some top secret compound in the middle of BFE, where the military uniforms run rampant. He's there with assistant Peter Kim to check out the weird activity.

Harper and Claire have a little talk about 'the game' that Drill told her to participate in. Apparently Drill speaks through the lights, which... what? Harper has clearly been coached on what to say, and yes, it's creepy. She says that 'the game isn't done yet' and Drill is on the hunt for a new friend... who turns out to be Minx.

Rollins brushes the talk off, saying they should leave Harper's situation to the local authorities even though Claire's spidey senses are tingling. She finds a drawing that Harper left behind and rushes to the elevator to speak to the little girl before she leaves. The drawing is of a stick man who looks like he's bleeding out of his neck... with an American flag up in the corner. Harper says there is another boy and he could very well win the game. Claire digs up another story about a boy who put together a home-made bomb that nearly killed his mother. And guess who is involved? Drill. Rollins is having nothing of it, but Claire is beyond concerned at this point.

Minx is speaking with Drill, who let's another boy join in on the game. All of a sudden we see the boy bolt out of the playground equipment screaming and sounding like he's about to throw up. Minx, of course, is fine... and looking a little less innocent.

The scraggly looking man is writing "Minx" on a paper, struggling to get through the word before he passes out.

Wes and Peter are looking at an Airforce plane that's in pieces when suddenly the electricity goes haywire, prompting the local guard to explain 'it's happening again.' The two agents are asked to suit up in some seriously crazy looking biohazard suits to observe what's been causing all the raucous - an alien rock. I'm talking super sci-fi, ectoplasmic, shiny metals embossed and why-is-this-thing-glowing-Tron-blue kind of rock. Embedded in it is the rest of the plane they were analyzing. Wes goes to touch it and gets shocked. Leading away from the rock are 4 human-looking footprints, so that isn't suspicious at all.

Rollins and Claire have a little bit of a heart to heart: he's going through a gnarly divorce, she lost her husband 3 months ago and Henry lost his hearing 2 years ago from a sickness. The agents speak with Ms. Bellings, the mother of the boy who tried to bomb her. She's disfigured and clearly in a distant state of mind. Claire speaks her magic words and gets Ms. Bellings to open up. She explains that her son Jackson knew what he was doing was wrong, that it was a bad game to play. Bellings remembers a man covered in tattoos standing across the street watching, waiting...

In the hospital, scraggly face dude is speaking Arabic, "it's too late, they're searching for the lights." He wakes up violently as a nurse examines him. He speaks English, doesn't know his name and happens to be covered in random tattoos.

Minx explains that the boy on the playground was upset because he's 'turning', which is what happens when a kid gets too old and starts to think too much. Sweet mother of... talk about maximum manipulation. Minx is never going to turn according to Drill, which is super creepy to hear coming from her own lips. Minx drew the White House with a weird spiral looking thing up in the corner, telling her mother that the spiral is 'where the light comes from'. Minx clues into her mother and father's relationship, which is eerie. Lena calls Wes, saying that Minx knows what he's done.

Wes and Peter check out a top secret document that states the shredded plane was over the freakin' Arctic Circle. And now it's in the Sahara. Yup. Okay. The icing on the cake? Wes knows who the pilot is... scraggly face bro.

The scraggly pilot is in the hospital still, explaining that his memories are there, just unreachable. He says he doesn't speak Arabic and can't understand how he seemed fluent in it while out cold. Staring at a tattoo on his arm, suddenly a weird sound comes over the room that only he can hear. "I just got this feeling. I think something's going to happen." And standing in the door like a super creep is Harper. I peed a little, I won't lie. It's bad enough with young children becoming manipulated murderer-wannabes, I don't need them popping up randomly when my heart isn't ready for it. Harper wants the pilot to find her friend.

Claire arrives home, consoling Henry who misses his dad. A tear falls down my cheek.

Lena draws a bath, taking her wedding rings off and checking her phone. A Teletubby-looking toy in Minx's room is going off non-stop repeating a goosebumps-inducing electronic message, "Come here, come here." Minx looks upset she was woken up by it - "Not now Drill." -pause- "Yeah, I know, the game never stops." WHAT. This is what my nightmares are made of, and EXACTLY why I never have and never will own a Furby. You can take the batteries out of those damn things but they're ripe for alien possession. Minx walks around her dark home, minus the random toys that turn on as she strolls past them. I don't know if I should fear the darkness or the light at this point. She gets onto  her dad's computer and knows his password - "Okay, what's next?"

The pilot runs from the hospital, past Harper and her bed-ridden mother.

Claire notices the drawing Harper made closely resembles a magazine article about President Chip Winters. Yikes. Wes calls Claire, who is definitely taken back by his phone call. There is some history between these two and it doesn't seem pleasant. This time though, the phone call is about Shawn's plane. She doesn't believe him, as Shawn was over the Arctic and the plane is in Africa. Her husband can no longer be presumed dead, but instead is now simply missing. She looks over to see the sketch from Ms. Billings about the creeper outside her house and it is indeed her husband, Shawn Bennigan the former hospital patient and missing pilot.

Petrified lightning happens when large bursts of energy hit the sand, which really does happen in the real world. But the rock in the desert couldn't have been lightning, as it's way too colossal for that. Wes is ordered by his superior to come home, there are some secrets still to be told to him.

Henry sits in his window. He's absolutely full of glee as the night is buzzing around him; dogs are barking, crickets are chirping and a train passes by quite loudly. "I can't believe it. This is the best present in the whole, wide world. Thank you for fixing me."

"Okay, I promise. It'll be our little secret. Goodnight, Drill. I love you."

Guess who slept with her lights on.

You have my attention ABC, with the head-scratcher that is The Whispers. The pilot was strong, set up a good field to play on and I am absolutely eager to see what exactly Drill is. Also, the kids you casted to freak out the audience with are on par. Well done, I'll see you next week!

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