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Xbox One Ramps Up the Party with 8 Playable Controllers

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/04/2013 1:56 pm
PopWrapped | Technology
Xbox One Ramps Up the Party with 8 Playable Controllers

Jeremy Chai

Gaming & Technology Editor

Now here’s something to chew over. For most video game consoles, dating all the way back to the NES (and probably beyond – but I’m not a video game historian), two to four players were able to join in the fun at once. From some old 8-bit midnight marathons with Super Mario Bros.3 on the NES to Halo frag-fests on the Xbox 360, Nintendo and Microsoft never extended their player range over the maximum of four. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Sony had extended their player range to a total of seven on the PS3. It was only Sony who dared to go above. Frankly, I’m ashamed I had not heard of this sooner. But even then, as far as I could tell there aren’t many seven-player co-op PS3 games that come to mind.

But it looks like Microsoft has dared to surpass Sony. CVG has reported that the Xbox One will support eight players at once on the same console. Each controller will have connectivity within a 30 foot wireless range. I tell you, when I heard about this I was quite surprised. It seems like Microsoft is really making an effort to make party games a priority. Or maybe they’re just trying to get at a branch of the video game market that, let’s say Nintendo, has only ever done so well in. Can I say Mario Kart anyone?

Still, I think there may be some problems when it comes to local 8-player co-op. With computers it’s all cool, just link up your systems and have fun. But with consoles… how exactly will 8-player split screen gaming work? Back in the day when the GoldenEye on the N64 was the best game to play, it was a huge pain to cut the TV into quarters. Not enough room to see your guy shoot stuff. It would only make it so much worse with twice as many players.

For the full list of features on the Xbox One, visit the product page here.

Hopefully Microsoft has foreseen this problem, and they have come up with a viable solution. Like Wii U controller screens. But no, that was a joke. Please don’t do that, Microsoft.


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