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Exclusive: Yaysh Lights Up The Room In A Behind The Scenes Glimpse At Her Debut

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

05/19/2016 9:27 pm
Exclusive: Yaysh Lights Up The Room In A Behind The Scenes Glimpse At Her Debut | Yaysh
Media Courtesy of Yaysh

Newcomer Yaysh is ready to step into the spotlight with her debut track, and we're giving you an exclusive sneak peek...

Armed with a quick-thinking wit, white-hot confidence, and a powerful voice, rising talent Yaysh is preparing to make her mark. Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, the singer and rapper has harbored an appreciation for music since a young age. 

After learning how to freestyle on the streets, Yaysh began incorporating singing to her creations when she accidentally realized that her voice was distinctive and strong (A/N: I wish this would happen to me too, instead I'm left pretending that I sound good in the shower). The loss of her parents and encouragement from friends convinced her to take the next step and leap headfirst into her music in an effort to share her message with a wider audience. Several months ago the artist made the move to Los Angeles to make music her priority.

Claiming that she is creating "a full spectrum of human being music" Yaysh effortlessly blends genres. Her evocative voice and eclectic style allows her to transcend traditional boundaries of genre to create a unique soundscape. With her roots firmly in freestyling, most of her tracks are born with a moment's inspiration and sparkle with pure emotion.

Putting it simply, Yaysh is creating music that is sonically and emotionally striking.

The songstress is gearing up to prove just that with the impending release of her debut track "Light Up This Room." The inspirational anthem epitomizes the artist's eclectic style and impeccable flow. Composed by combining two freestyles, the track promises to 

introduce listeners to the artist inside.

Check out PopWrapped's exclusive sneak peek into this talented artist's first release and read our interview below!

PopWrapped: What drew you to a career in music?

Yaysh:  The Cosmos and my mouth and people from the hood and 40s and weed and my mama and papa dieing, and my middle school friend who was hella rebellious and my teacher Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

I started out freestyling with kids from the hood all faded and nervous, cuz I was the only white girl other than my friend and I was put on the spot and I just said fuck it.  And then we would all just do it sometimes when we hung out. Then I started doing it on my own a lot, like all the time, as a means of expressing myself, walking, driving, listening to other people’s music and doing it over their stuff. Then I realized I could sing by accident cuz I was singing to a rock song and a friend was making fun of me, and I noticed my voice sounded kind of pretty. I started incorporating that in my freestyles and then I would bust out at parties and light up the room cuz it was so vibey and daring and unexpected and awesome. People would ask me where they could find me online and I had nothing, I didn’t even know how to write a song. So I learned. I learned elementary guitar and piano to play simple chords and then would incorporate my freestyle base with finding a hooky part and then just reorganizing it. I was drawn to make a career out of this, because I was only getting more refined and having more access to share myself and my vulnerability with people and give them a piece of art and heart and it was such a great practice in bravery and offering and seeing people receive what I had to offer and appreciate it.  It’s the best and it’s full circle, meaning everyone benefits. So yea.

Also both of my parents had passed away. My dad when I was 18, and my mom when I was 23 and meditation and singing/rapping were there for me. So I just went in really deep and got to know myself and learned how to take care of myself through these vehicles and then used music to communicate my experiences and what I had learned and each song is like a painting of a period in my life or a moment.  So yea. And I mention my parents and meditation and being alone because when you feel like you are meant for greatness and there is no one there to confirm you or hug you or guide you anymore you have to turn inward because you realize you are the only left or really here for you, you are the one in your buddy and I am so thankful that I got the opportunity and challenge to be there for myself because it nourished my self esteem in a way that allowed me to feel worthy enough to actually pursue music as a career and allow me to really feel of what I am worthy of which is to be as big and genuine as I want and I can manifest my visions. lol  

I want to help a loooooooooooooooooooooooooot of people and do a looooooooot of things to help this world in my lifetime and I seriously am over the pussy shit of having a dream and then never actually taking the bold steps to make them happen, or giving up because obstacles arise. I know exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life. There is for sure room for the unknown, but I know my character and worth and what my heart wants and I am going to give it to myself and the world, no matter what day of the week it is.  

I know what I’m doing, and I am healthily arrogant about that. Even if all you see is like the elementary stages of my career. lol.  I’m a good person and the world deserves to get to know me. and I love myself so much that I am willing to put it all out there, eyebags and all.

PW: How would you describe your sound?

Y: Awesomeness with endless flavor that ranges from swaggy pop to hip hop crunk with clarity. I also like to pay homage to eras and add in a contemporariness/personalness to some of my songs. Like I did a song in 3/4 with a bit of homage to Etta. I’m basically not limiting myself and letting the music just come out. Messy illness. I want to bring everyone together so that when I have a concert people feel foolish for thinking they are so separate from each other and thinking they are the shit, but those people aren’t type a thing. I am targeting the human being. I am making full spectrum human being music.

PW: “Light Up This Room” was all freestyled. How often would you say that your projects spring forth from a freestyle versus going into the studio with lyrics written?

Y: Well to be clear, my base is freestyling. I do reorganize my shiz though sometimes but yes, “Light Up This Room” was freestyle. Originally I made the song on the guitar and got it all in the first shot, but I did change the last verse and again freestyled that in the studio. But then what I do is listen to it over again, memorize it, type it up and then spit so that I can get the best take for recording it. But sometimes I will incorporate a little writing but it’s rare. Like pretty much all of my songs the verses and chorus were freestyled, but I sometimes have to cut and reorganize. You know. Ok.

PW: Will we hear more that sounds like “Light Up This Room,” or do you have some tricks up your sleeve?

Y: I don’t know, maybe. I don’t have tricks up my sleeve, I just let whatever wants to come out come out. Sometimes I’m sweet, sometimes I’m salty, sometimes I’m hella spice sometimes I’m romantic. Full spectrum. I have other songs that are soft and other songs that are harder and some that are a mixture. I mean, I rap and sing so that leaves tremendous room for expression and ground to play so I just have a huge dance floor to make love on. lol Yes, i do have some songs that are more swaggy pop flavoured, but then I also got some shit so hard thats got this hood flavor that is just yummy gangsterness you know. You will just have to stay tuned and enjoy how spicy I am. And how open my producer is. Cuz we go hard.

PW: What inspires you?

Y: Having space and remembering that being alive right now is good enough, that life is good enough regardless, and that it is a total experience, and that I can tap into that anytime. I can connect to everyone right now if I want to, and if I forget I can just come back to being right here. Also knowing that I am going to be here for myself till death, cuz no matter the gains and losses I experience in life I know there is the endless banquet of love that I can rest in and be sad and happy at the same time, and that I have the capacity to give what I have learned. Also knowing that I am free and that fundamentally the only thing holding you back is hesitation. And also the potential I see in society to build good community and learn from itself…

PW: What do you think is the most important thing for fans to know about you and your releases?

Y: That I am the real thing. And if they want, they can actually get to know me. And that my shit doesn’t leave a hangover; it’s wakeful and provocative, and I am aware of what I am doing and that I genuinely care about people’s minds and our society and I am saying some shit. So listen if you can. I matter. And so do you. Big time.

PW: You just shot your first major music video. Can you give us a hint of what to expect when it is released?

Y: well I just recommend having a hose around and being ready or like having a bucket of water or something around because that shit is so fresh it might set u on fire, and if you were not prepared I do not want to be held responsible. LOL.

I’m just rapping and singing; it’s super vibey and sweet and romantic and also sexual and edgy. It was a wonderful experience to make.

PW: What can we expect next from you?

Y: Probably another song. Lol, some pretty honest youtube videos, freestyles… ummm… your mother…lol!!!!!!!! More content, ummm my single “Wild One.” It should be out late spring or summer, not positive on dates yet.

HUGE thanks to Yaysh for taking the time to answer our questions and for giving us the opportunity to help her roll out a first taste of what to expect from her!

Keep an eye out for Yaysh to release the official music video for "Light Up The Room" sometime in the very near future. She promises to follow things up with a release titled "Wild One" sometime in the coming months, and we expect that this is only the beginning of a long and memorable career.

What do you think about Yaysh so far? Weigh in on what you have heard thus far below and let us know if you'll be keeping an eye peeled for the track's impending debut!

Keep up to date with future releases from Yaysh by checking her out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!


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