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Television PopWrapped | Television

Year In Review: PopWrapped's Pop 10 TV Shows Of 2013

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/31/2013 10:34 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Year In Review: PopWrapped's Pop 10 TV Shows Of 2013
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Kay Ziegler

Staff Writer

2013 was the year of the television. Many brilliant shows hit the airways. It was hard to choose just 10. But, here they are - my choices for the top 10 shows of 2013. What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts below!
  1. Hannibal
What do you get when you have a program about one most infamous fictional murderer’s in entertainment? Hannibal, that’s what! This spine-tingling, often stomach churning program focuses on the life of a young Dr. Hannibal Lecter before he uttered the line, “Hello Clarice.”  Fans are also treated to exploring the relationship between Hannibal Lecter and his nemesis, Special Agent Will Graham, all the while discovering Hannibal’s thirst for macabre gore. [youtube=]
  1. Sleepy Hollow
Who would have thought mixing the classic horror story with a modern crime drama would have created such a huge hit? Well, Sleepy Hollow is just that. It’s a show that takes Washington Irving’s classic, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and revamps it for the 21st century. With each twist and turn, the retelling has infused the program with new bits that were not in Irving’s original story. But, what’s been added works! [youtube=]
  1. The Crazy Ones
Robin Williams is back and funnier than ever! Staring alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar, Williams cracks one-liners with his usual ease and pacey delivery. The situational comedy, while deemed average by some critics does have heart and pathos to its storytelling, especially when the show focuses on the father-daughter relationship. [youtube=]
  1. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Love it or hate it, this show is out there. Due to low-ratings, it’s hard to tell whether or not it will go beyond its scheduled short season. However, this program is truly a diamond-in-the-rough. Sophie Lowe (who plays the title character) has wonderful chemistry with any co-star she shares the screen with and the viewer is never quite sure what Alice will do next; that fact alone makes for riveting programing. The spin-off of Once Upon a Time is filled with fabulous costumes, wonderful dialogue, and inventive story-telling. There is action, adventure, and romance – this magical combination makes for a show worth checking out. [youtube=]
  1. The Michael J. Fox Show
Another comedy veteran that is back on the airwaves is Michael J. Fox. He stars as Mike Henry, a retired news anchor with Parkinson’s disease. This program is not just about a man and his family dealing with the illness. Fox’s character decides to go back to work after being away from the desk for 4 years, so this heartwarming comedy explores what it’s like to juggle a career while having a family. [youtube=]
  1. The Blacklist
A surprise hit of the season might be this one. Even though it started off a little rocky, it quickly gathered speed and a fanbase. The Blacklist focuses on the relationship between James Spader’s fugitive character and the heroine, played by Megan Boone as they solve cases together. David Wiegand sums up the show best, "You think you know this situation and how it will turn out, but there are surprises, yet entirely credible, twists throughout Monday's episode."  
  1. Orange is the New Black
Tilted Productions has reinvented TV programming. Instead of having Orange is the New Black on HBO, CBS, or some other channel, this website streams the show directly on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. Based on the autobiography of the same name, viewers follow Piper Chapman as she goes from living the American dream (engaged, well-off, and living in suburbia) to a living nightmare (imprisoned for 15-months due to trafficking money for her ex-girlfriend). At the prison, she learns about herself and who she really is all the while facing ghosts from her past. [youtube=]
  1. Vikings
The History Channel created one of the biggest hits of the season - Vikings. They brought the history of these great people to life. Through the eyes of Ragnar Lodbrok, fans discovered what it meant to be Norse. Mixed with romance and farming was a lot of bloody fighting and adventure. But, the History Channel has made the past cool again. [youtube=]  
  1. Orphan Black
Supposed you are cloned over and over again. What you do? What if you saw one of those clones commit suicide? Would you just step into her role? That is the concept of the Canadian Science Fiction Drama. This brilliant show brings up the moral and ethical issues surrounding human cloning and whether or not a person can truly have an identity in a world with duplicates. [youtube=]
  1. Under the Dome
This summer show was full-on night-time soap opera. There was romance, kidnappings, aliens, lies, betrayals, and murders – to name just a few things our heroes, heroines, and villains had to face. All of it happened while the citizens of Chester’s Mill were trapped under a dome. Not convinced? Watch for yourself. This dystopian drama based on a Stephen King novel of the same name is worthy of attention. [youtube=]

Honorable Mentions

While the first ten shows listed are brand new this year, there are two shows I have to give honorable mention. Their storytelling was absolutely flawless. Both programs created riveting television that surely left viewers wanting more. Once Upon a Time – This program is in its third season. The first half has aired and the show is on a winter hiatus. Fans can expect to see the show air in mid-March, 2014. However, the first half was filled with so many twists and turns I got whiplash. Each episode built on the previous one. The writers dropped subtle hints to foreshadow the big picture of the storytelling arch that cumulated with the final 3 utterly shocking episodes (from parts 9 until 11). The writers also introduced Peter Pan, played by the devilishly captivating Robbie Kay, which completely changed the dynamic of the series – for the better. [youtube=] Bunheads – This was a short-lived show that aired from Late-2012 until Early-2013 that focused on life in a small California town called Paradise. Written and Created by the witty Amy Sherman-Palladino fans were treated to the same rapid-fire quips and quirky characters that were a staple in Sherman-Palladino’s Gilmore Girls. The diamond-in-the-rocks brought ballet dance to the small screen in a relatable and endearing way. This show will be missed. [youtube=]


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