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Music PopWrapped | Music

J'Moris May Be Your New Favorite Hip-Hop Artist

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

06/06/2016 2:04 pm
PopWrapped | Music
J'Moris May Be Your New Favorite Hip-Hop Artist | J'Moris
Media Courtesy of Twitter

Big samples, orchestra synth hits, methodical beats, and a lethal lyrical flow, Hillsboro, Texas’ own J’Moris is gearing up to leave his mark on the very competitive hip-hop industry. Within moments of his new and inspired EP titled Moris Better: The Hangover, you can tell that what J’Moris brings to the table is something both different and intriguing.

Opening with a powerful intro that offers the proper introduction to the growing fan base of J’Moris, the “Intro” is a song that doesn’t waste time diving straight into an aggressive track matched by an equally aggressive beat that sounds like something off of Ice Cube’s War And Peace albums. The lyrics are the expected onslaught of self-appointed greatness and showmanship, but that feels right at home on a track such as this.

Following “Intro” is the single-worthy track titled “Crazy”. Outfitted with a beautifully produced beat and layers of interesting samples, J’Moris shines bright on this song. Every lyric is easy to understand, and the personal story woven within is worth the journey and time put in. From start to finish “Crazy” is a gem of a hip-hop track, and it only gets better the louder you play it…so turn it up!

A track that will no doubt be hailed as many fans personal favorites is titled “Long Nights”. As with the other impressive tracks on this potent EP, this song doesn’t drop the ball in the high end production value, but if I had one complaint it would have to go to the use of a specific, and overused, vocal effect that has saturated the industry, and in my opinion, has weakened the power within this musical genre as a whole. That being said, the song still pulls off a pleasurable listening experience, and earns its place on this EP.

The final track titled “Foreva” is haunting and intense. This type of strange piano riff and dark beat is exactly why J’Moris is going to hit this industry hard. Not one to pull his punches, J’Moris layers this track with venomous lyrics aimed at the industry’s heart, and he succeeds in his desire to grab our full attention. As one of my favorite tracks off this EP, “Foreva” is a song all hip-hop fans should listen to as soon as possible.

Moris Better: The Hangover is a true gem of a hip-hop album, and it succeeds at showing us all that J’Moris is a true player in this game. Every song is well produced and instantly recognizable, and although this doesn’t redefine the genre as whole, it does show a lot of promise that real hip-hop may be coming back into style.

J’Moris can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and his official site.


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