Having starred in High School Musical, it's not exactly surprising to see Zac Efron taking on a role of someone who wants to make a living by playing records.

But that's exactly what he's doing in the new trailer for his latest film We Are Your Friends and might I say, he's looking pretty good while doing it. Not news, I know. But, come on, it has to be mentioned.


The movie sees Efron play Cole Carter, a man desperate to make it in the music industry VERY badly indeed. As so many of us know, and as we have been informed by so many

pop stars already, doing so isn't easy, and that's just the case for Carter as he struggles to produce something fresh and exciting in order to make a name for himself, although he does finally start to get some recognition.

As his star rises, and he climbs his way up the career ladder, predictably, isn't all smooth sailing and friendships are soon tested. Sounds like the perfect plot for a summer movie!

Starring alongside Efron are Emily Ratajkowski, Jon Bernthal and Wes Bentley,

We Are Your Friends is released on August 28.