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27 Reasons That Tyler Oakley Is Our Ultimate Bae

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

03/23/2016 8:22 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
27 Reasons That Tyler Oakley Is Our Ultimate Bae | Tyler Oakley
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From his infectious laugh to his rainbow-tinged hair, we're counting down our 27 FAVORITE things about Tyler Oakley in honor of his 27th birthday!

Happy 27th Birth

day to the undeniable Queen of YouTube, Tyler Oakley! Today the YouTube sweetheart is celebrating a big milestone, and he's also celebrating nearly a decade of YouTube videos!

Tyler celebrated today in style by posting a video (see it below), and we decided to join in the festivities by counting down our 27 favorite things about him! Read our list under today's video!

27. His Interviews are Always on Point

Whether he's interviewing Michelle Obama (his muscular and flawless queen) or the boys of One Direction (in flower crowns no less) Tyler Oakley handless things in his traditionally flawless way! 

26. His First Ever Tweet

In the immortal words of Tyler Oakley himself, "classy since day #1!" Welcome to Twitter, Clitter...

25. His Professional Fan-Girling Ways

Tyler Oakley

Whether he is fan-girling over his Queen Lady Gaga or posing in front of a wall of One-D baby pics, Tyler is 10000% committed to his thirst. In this way he is just like we are, and we love him for it!

24. When He and Ellen Degeneres Basically Became Best Friends

Tyler Oakley

Legit, they look like twins; it's amazing.

23. Drunk Challenges With Saywer Hartman

Because as much fun as Tyler Oakley is sober, he is even more fun while drunk. We don't know how you're all feeling, but we think it's time for these two to reunite for even more drunken challenges!

22. Him in a Flower Crown is Everything You'd Ever Need

Tyler Oakley

But really, could he be more adorable?! #TumblrGoals!

21. His Taste in Music is SPOT ON

Tyler Oakley

Whether he's blasting out Lady Gaga's "Applause," getting down to anything by Troye Sivan, or promoting rising talents like Allie X, Leland, or Betty Who, rest assured that Tyler Oakley's playlists are party ready. Check them out on Spotify if you don't believe us!

20.  His Adorably Shameless Self-Promotion that We All LOVE

Have YOU checked out Tyler Oakley's Tumblr account recently? If not here's a subtle reminder to give it a glance! While you're at it, maybe check out his merch on District Lines too!

19. He Loves Ranch Dressing as Much as We Do

He just gets it... 

18. His Voice on Helium

Legitimately no one has a cuter voice on helium. It's official.

17. He Makes the Best Siri Replacement Ever!

Thanks for pointing this out Calvin Bremer (Subscribe)!

16. His Adorable and (Somewhat) Successful Attempt at Edward 40 Hands

Although Tyler doesn't end up in a loincloth by the end of the challenge (as promised by Mamrie), he does end up dressed as the most adorable Twinkie to ever grace the planet! Professional drinkers Tyler Oakley and Mamrie Hart give it their all, and they somehow manage to finish the challenge with (relative) ease... Yes, yes, yes!

15. Troyler

One ship to rule them all! A fortuitous collab with everyone's favorite Aussie (by way of South Africa) YouTuber Troye Sivan captivated fans across the globe and earned the twosome a Teen Choice Award. Since then Troyler has been one of the most enduring and adorable OTPs of all time! Can you name any other ships that won an award? Didn’t think so…

14. His Rock Climbing Capabilities

Earlier this year Tyler Oakley announced that he was partnering up with Bethany Mota and GoCamp17 to host the #BestCampEver this summer! In his official announcement video Tyler was seen enjoying the camp's expansive grounds for some archery, crafting, and snacking. Unfortunately, he hit a small roadblock while practicing on the rock wall. Don't be embarrassed though, we've all been there!

13. He Embraces the Hot Mess Express

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is never afraid to be his own person, and sometimes that entails embracing life on the hot mess express. He's a little zany, but absolutely hysterical as he shows off his #MaskJock ways or when he shares stories about epic fails. This is the YouTuber who once told President Obama that he had a cute desk while visiting the White House, after all (this is quite possibly one of our favorite things about Tyler Oakley)!

12. Every Video He's Ever Filmed with Mamrie Hart

Can these two just create a joint channel already? We could watch #Myrmie drink for days! 

11. He's Friends With Literally ALL Of Your Other Favs

At this point, it makes more sense to ask who HASN’T collaborated with Tyler Oakley yet.  Jenna Marbles, Connor Franta, Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, and so many others are always showing up in his videos, and everyone ALWAYS has a good time.

10. His Auguest Collabs

On the topic of all of his amazing friends, Tyler Oakley's yearly Auguest posts are the perfect opportunity to see them all interact! One month full of daily collaboration videos basically guarantees that shit is going down! The last few years have seen Tyler collabing with the likes of Connor Franta, Caspar Lee, Hannah Hart, Darren Criss, One Direction, and all of his fans! Check out our 10 favorite Auguest videos of 2014!

9. He Promotes Equality

Tyler is an outspoken supporter of equality, and he strives to make the world a better and more welcoming place. Whether he is promoting marriage equality or providing captioning on YouTube videos so that they are accessible to fans who are deaf or hard of hearing, Tyler goes out of his way to spread love.

8. His Complete and Utter Slayage on The Amazing Race

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley and his best friend Korey Kuhl are currently competing on the 28th season of The Amazing Race, and they're absolutely crushing it. In the first five episodes the dynamic pair have finished in the top 2 teams every time! The show is currently on a short hiatus, and it will pick up with a new leg of the adventure on April 1! Get ready for the slayage to continue...

7. His Philanthropic Ways

Tyler Oakley

By and far Tyler Oakley is one of the kindest and most giving YouTubers on the scene. In 2015 Tyler Oakley was nominated as the DoGooder YouTube Creator For Good for his charitable donations to charities like The Trevor Project. In the last two years Tyler has fundraised more than a million dollars for the LGBT oriented charity, and he is again asking fans to donate for his birthday. Donate here! These projects do so much more than raise funds for a charity, as Tyler is also showing his fans how huge a difference a group of people can make if they all give what they can. Talk about making a difference...

6. His Body Positivity

In his Binge book Tyler discusses a battle with self-image and eating disorders, but he also chronicles how he learned to love his own body. Now, Tyler uses his channel to promote a positive body image to to teach followers how to love their bodies big thighs and all!

5. His Infectious Laugh

We can't think of anyone else with a laugh that is quite as amazing as Tyler Oakley's. The best thing about Tyler’s laugh? He laughs with wild abandon. There is no such thing as a snort or a giggle in the life of Tyler Oakley; it is all big bawdy laughter that is guaranteed to make everyone else laugh along. Goodness knows that just hearing his laughter will put a smiler on our faces!

4. His Rainbow-Tinged Hair

Tyler Oakley

Over the last few years Tyler Oakley's hair has been every color of the rainbow, and we could not love it more! Hair goals. All day, everyday.

3. His Binge Book

Tyler Oakley

Last year Tyler Oakley released his first ever book, a collection of personal essays that are as heartwarming as they are laugh out loud funny. Tyler writes with an open sense of honesty and candidness. Each experience unfolds in intricate detail whether he is warning readers of the dangers of an abusive relationship, overcoming heartbreak, or detailing some of his first experiences with porn. Binge is one of the most engaging YouTuber releases yet, and we'd definitely recommend picking up a copy. 

2. His #TeamInternet Mentality

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is 1000000000% Team Internet. What does that mean? It means that Tyler Oakley believes in and supports the culture of friendship and relationships that people develop online. He believes in creating an open relationship between himself and his fellow members of the internet, whether they are his friends or his followers, and he believes in keeping things positive. Tyler Oakley is PROUD when someone else from the internet makes progress, because he comprehends that there is more to the internet than you get in a glance. He is making a difference on a daily basis, bringing smiles to people’s faces when they may be down, supporting causes that he believes in, nurturing relationships, and having a great time doing so. When anyone who is Team Internet succeeds, EVERYONE who is Team Internet succeeds. Tyler Oakley wholeheartedly supports that notion. Cool stuff huh?

1.He Really Cares About His Fans

Tyler Oakley

As a YouTuber, Tyler Oakley has amasses a massive following of fans (8+ million and counting to be exact). Since so many of those fans are younger, Tyler Oakley has become a role model for them. It's a role that he takes very seriously. Whether he is giving advice during a Q&Slay or offering to buy glasses for a struggling fan on social media, Tyler goes out of his way to show how much he cares for those who have made his dreams a reality. Tyler encourages his fans to love themselves, and his message is as endearing as it is enduring. As someone who has turned to Tyler Oakley for a laugh or for some inspiration, I can say just how much his kindness helps!

And One For Good Luck: That His Real First Name Is Matthew

Like that pinch to grow an inch, we figured we'd close out this year's birthday post with one more tidbit about Tyler. In the first few pages of Binge Tyler reveals that his real first name is Matthew, though he decided to go by his middle name (Tyler, duh) at a young age. There's a sweet and funny story behind it, but you'll have to pick up Binge to read it. Long story short, Tyler Oakley proves that you can change your own destiny and can be whoever you want to be. 

Don't ever forget that message!

Happy Birthday Tyler Oakley! We Hope that you have a truly fantastic day and are looking forward to more birthdays to come!

Join us in wishing Tyler Oakley a happy birthday in the comments below! While you're down there let us know your favorite thing about him. Also, if you haven't yet be sure to SUBSCRIBE to him on YouTube!

As appeared on DaysWithDestiny!


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