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Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x10

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

02/12/2018 10:54 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x10 | Arrowverse Legends
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Last episode's recap

Legends Of Tomorrow is now in Supergirl's timeslot for a while, and since The Flash and Arrow are off for a few weeks (likely due to the Olympics) it's the only Arrowverse show on, making my recap job a lot easier. I also adore Legends so I'm very glad to have it back on my screen. Here's what happened this week:

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x10 "Daddy Dahrkest"

The last time we saw this rag-tag team, they fought Vikings before Jax decided to part ways. Though we get a quick moment for that to sink in again, we do jump right back in the action: John Constantine is on the Waverider! The episode begins with him in an asylum doing an exorcism on a girl named Emily when he comes across Mallus, who brings up Sara's name. So Constantine pays a visit to the Waverider, bringing us to where we left off. Sara provides the Brit with info on Mallus (like his name) and volunteers the team to help Constantine's work. He reluctantly agrees, so Sara, Nate, Amaya, and Snart join the demon hunter back at the asylum where they search for Emily. They find her just as Kuasa appears to cause problems for Amaya. Since Amaya hesitates to harm her granddaughter, Nate jumps in with Snart's ice gun to freeze her just as she turns to water.

As for Emily, Zari back on the ship breaks the news to the team that Emily is a fake name and that the girl's real name is Nora Darhk, as in the daughter of Damien. Since Oliver Queen killed Dahrk, she's been in Child Protective Services, so the Legends decide to try rid her of Mallus and save her, so she can hopefully change the future by not bringing back her father from the dead. Unfortunately, the exorcism doesn't go as planned and Snart, Sara, and Constantine are transported to the past (1969) but are in the same place. Since they lost contact with the Waverider, Ray and Zari decide to put down the project they were working on (a nanite gun that has the power of fire and ice crossed streams) and investigate the disappearance. They find Nora and befriend her a little, taking her out of the asylum and to a coffee shop, but things go bad pretty fast. Nora sees video footage of her father fighting the Green Arrow and a moment later, Mallus takes over her body again, making a mess of the coffee shop. 

Meanwhile, in 1969, Snart, Sara, and Constantine are trying to figure out a way to contact their team, but Mallus is still messing with Sara's mind pretty badly. As Constantine tries to calm her down and help her, Snart volunteers to slip a note in the back of a painting they know is still around in 2017. He doesn't succeed though, as he's caught by an evil nurse, who thinks he's a crazy patient and takes him to be lobotomized. Unaware that Snart is in trouble, Sara and Constantine have a nice heart-to-heart in a supply closet that quickly turns to a...body-to-body, if ya know what I mean (I didn't see it coming, but I'm into it). They do finish up fast enough to run in and save Snart. Their new plan to get back to the present is to have Mallus take over Sara and have her withstand him long enough for her to cast a spell in the spirit world. She injects a potion from Constantine that summons the demon and is transported to the spirit world. She begins to draw the symbol on the ground that will help her friends, but she then hears crying and stops. The crying is from Nora, who's also in the spirit world since Mallus has taken over her body at the coffee shop, so Sara talks to her and encourages her to fight back against Mallus. Her talk works, and just as Mallus was about to kill Zari because she has a totem, Nora takes over and stops it. Sara returns to her spell drawing and manages to get the trio back to the present. At the coffee shop, though, things aren't better. Nora is back and apologetic for a second, but then Damien Dahrk strolls in, and she doesn't hesitate to join his side and agree to become what Mallus wants her to be. Ray and Zari just watch her leave (y'all could at least try to stop her? Even just with words?).

Back on the Waverider, Kuasa is contained in a cell, and Amaya is trying to talk to her. She makes some progress, insisting she wants to help, and even opens the cell to prove her trust. However, Nate finds out that Amaya is doing this and runs in with the gun again (I have not missed your meddling, Nate), so Kuasa grabs him and tries to drown him. Amaya begs her to let him go, saying they need him to help her too. Kuasa relents. 

It's time for two people to leave the Waverider. First is Constantine, who bids goodbye to Sara (wink wink) and then Ray, but before he leaves, he advises Ray to keep working on the nanite gun as it works on magic, and he is sure Mallus will come back for Sara sooner or later. The other person to leave is Snart, who's ready to go back to Earth-X and settle down with his Ray. I'm pretty sure this is the last we'll see of Snart ever in the Arrowverse (or for a long while, at least), so it's pretty sad. He does say goodbye to Mick (who, by the way, spent the whole episode watching football) and Sara (RIP to my Captain Canary-loving heart).

The last scene is of Sara having a chat with a holographic Ava. They did this earlier in the episode, and it was a light, flirty conversation (even Snart pointed out the chemistry between the two), but this conversation is different. Ava right away breaks the news that Rip Hunter is missing, so I guess on top of dealing with Darhk and Nora and Mallus, the Legends are going to have to go track down their old leader.

And that's it! Legends Of Tomorrow made its return, and it was overall a good episode. A few laughs, a few surprises, and Constantine fit in well with the group. I hope we see him again. A lot of future plots were set up (Amaya helping Kuasa and finding other totems, Sara fighting with Mallus, Dahrk and Nora, Ava and Sara hooking up...) and they were all set up well. This show really is the Arrowverse's best. 


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