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Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x14, The Flash 4x16

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

03/14/2018 1:11 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x14, The Flash 4x16 | Arrowverse recaps
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This week, Arrow is on hiatus, so we only have Legends Of Tomorrow and The Flash to entertain us. Unfortunately, these weren't the best episodes. Here's what happened:

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x14 "Amazing Grace"

Legends has had several good episodes in a row lately, so it's about time for a weaker one, and this is it, unfortunately. Weird plot, minor humor, weird character developments. Not the best. The episode focuses on Elvis Presley before he was a star. In the cold open, we see him purchase a cursed guitar, and later the Legends notice a bunch of small anachronisms taking place on the ship (Nate can't find hair gel, Zari's copy of Guitar Hero has turned into Trombone Hero, Mick's rat Axl has its name changed to Josh Groban...). The team is quick to point fingers at the Darhks, and Sara gets everyone ready to visit Elvis' uncle's church so they can go save rock music. However, into the service, Zari's totem starts reacting weirdly, and she notices that Elvis' guitar is glowing. They conclude that his guitar must contain the death totem, and Wally uses his super speed to go steal it. But that was a mistake for two reasons. One, without it, Elvis feels like he can't make good music, so the Legends have to figure out how to restore the timeline, and two, the guitar is haunted with the spirit of Elvis's dead brother Jesse, and terrorizes the Waverider (literal wild floating guitar). The Legends even give Elvis an exact guitar replica, but without Elvis' bond to his dead twin brother through the totem, the music isn't great. The Legends decide to return the guitar to Elvis so he can get his start, but Sara enlists super fan Nate and a rather unimpressed Amaya to act as music producers and keep an eye on it all. 

As they do that, Mick, Ray, and Sara tend to a small funeral. In the possessed guitar scene, Mick's rat escapes his cage, and Mick later finds Axl dead. And because Ray is a Certified Kind Soul, he organizes a funeral. Sara and Mick aren't too engaged, but they're allowed to drink while they mourn, and Mick appreciates it deep down. I just think this scene would be a lot better if we actually cared about Axl. He's rarely mentioned/shown. I honestly forgot Mick still had him. Overall, this was just unnecessary.

So Elvis is in the studio, recording his first song, and it's going great. Nate is very enthusiastic to be present, and the totem isn't acting up. But nothing can ever go perfectly right. Elvis' preacher uncle comes in claiming that rock and roll is "devil music" and then sends Elvis, Nate, and Amaya to jail (because preachers in the 50's can do that?) and confiscates the record.

So Sara sends Zari and Wally to go talk to Elvis' uncle. Zari was the one who gave Wally the Waverider tour, so they already know each other, but don't work together perfectly well just yet. Zari is a little annoyed by Wally's speed. She insists that Wally doesn't go steal Elvis' record and instead they talk to his uncle and do things like regular people. And of course, because Wally has to learn how it's done and then be rewarded for it, the method works out exactly as planned. The uncle is open to conversation and even agrees when Wally suggests that he may be afraid to let go of his nephew. He hands over the record, and then Zari gives Wally permission to run it over to the radio. Seconds later, it's blaring for the whole city to enjoy. Everyone's dancing and having a good time. But the mission isn't quite over. Since the totem guitar was used to make the song, the music manages to summon ghosts from the nearby graveyard (yes, you read that right). Wally and his speed manage to control them a bit, but the Legends know they have to deal with it in the long run. Nate talks to Elvis as they sit in jail, and he convinces Elvis that music is about sharing and moving on, and he needs to let go of Jesse to do that. Elvis agrees, and he also agrees to use Jesse and the death totem to control the ghosts first. They manage to get out of jail because the warden is scared of ghosts and they go to the church, where Elvis uses his music to banish the ghosts, celebrate his new success, and bid goodbye to Jesse.

Back on the Waverider, they put the totem into a special box Ray made, and call it a day. Nate and Amaya sneak off and Amaya makes him listen to her style of music - Zambesian classics. Nate doesn't really like it, but as he listens and tells her different, she whispers that she loves him...and it's kind of cute...

And that's it. As I said, it was rather boring. The ghost thing was a little weird, and personally, I don't really care all that much for Elvis (though I will say that the guy who played him was really good). Sara being sidelined for a rat funeral was dumb, and it's about time Mick had another real contribution to the team. The only good part of tonight's episode was Wally and Zari's light back-and-forth, and even that wasn't so compelling. You can't win them all, Legends. At least they got the death totem, though. Take that, Damien. 

The Flash 3x16 "Run, Iris, Run"

I want to preface this recap by saying that I don't hate Iris. I like her. I like her relationship with Barry and with Joe and I think she's a good character. What I don't like is how wishy-washy her plots have been for the past few seasons. She may be important to the characters, but to the team unit, she isn't really, except when she's giving Barry some inspirational speech.

We start off with some tension in STAR Labs. Harry's newest idea to beat DeVoe is to make his own 'thinking cap' and use dark matter to enhance his own brain. It's risky, but it's the only viable option, so everyone agrees to try it. Everyone but Cisco, who refuses to be a part of such a dangerous task. Cisco's lack of enthusiasm annoys Ralph, who is fearing for his life, being a Bus Meta and all. When Iris tries to talk to him and calm him down, Ralph says that her opinion isn't relevant because she's never been in the field like the rest of them have. So, when it comes time for the next mission, Iris volunteers to accompany her father to investigate a new meta. Barry, unemployed by CCPD still, is forced to sit this one out. The new meta is revealed in a bank robbery. A man with fire power attempts the heist, but then his powers are suddenly gone. Cisco declares him an "OG Meta" and they start looking for an explanation. They decide to interview a man who was at the robbery, Matthew Kim. When he tries to evade questioning, Iris gets a little too close and confrontational, and he ends up pulling a knife on her. Barry (as the Flash) comes running in, and as he saves Iris, he makes bodily contact with Kim, and in that quick second, Kim reveals his own powers when he takes Barry's speed and transfers it to Iris. Kim manages to escape, and Team Flash now has three issues: dealing with Iris' new powers, finding Kim, and finding whoever got the bank robber's fire powers. I will admit that when I heard The Flash would be giving Iris powers, I was very skeptical. The explanation given for Cecile's powers was so silly, and I feared this would be the same, but it isn't. It ties to the meta plot and doesn't assume anything of the involved parties. Good job. 

At STAR Labs, Caitlin tries to reverse the transfer, but she isn't able to. They decide to make do and train Iris a little, but they don't have much time because a large fire is raging, and The Flash needs to help. So Iris dons a make-shift costume and runs off. Barry stays back and tries to talk Iris through the motions from the coms, but he struggles to describe how he'd do things. Iris is overwhelmed and Team Flash isn't too helpful, and before they know it, Iris is trapped under fallen debris, and Barry can't walk her through how to phase. Cisco ends up having to vibe over and bring her back to the lab (yeah, but did the fire get put out?). Iris heals fast and is eager to jump into the training again, pleased to be able to prove Ralph wrong and save some people. Her husband, on the other hand, is sad. He's unemployed and now powerless. Boo-hoo. Look, I love Barry, but could he at least pretend to be happy for Iris? Her getting his powers is really not the worst thing ever. Anyways, Iris gives him some nice speech about finding her place on Team Flash and how she likes being fearless like how she was as a reporter (key word: was).

After some encouragement from Caitlin, Cisco agrees to help Harry with the thinking cap, as long as they don't use dark matter and they keep things safe. And just in time too, because Team Flash has located Kim and the new owner of fire powers (played by Max Adler, whuddup). Iris manages to nab Kim, but the fire man has created a huge flaming tornado in the middle of the city, which would be a problem even for Barry. Luckily, Cisco and Harry test out the thinking cap, and Harry comes up with the solution: to use the nearby body of water to make a tsunami big enough to put out the fire. Barry's never done this before, but he's determined to help Iris, and he manages to talk her through it. Of course, Iris succeeds, and everyone at STAR Labs is very proud. Iris and Kim return to the lab, and he agrees to transfer the speed back. Iris willingly goes along with this, and a second later, order is restored. What's more is that they even manage to convince Kim to stick with them and help in the fight against DeVoe. He has interesting powers, so I'm looking forward to seeing them used for good.

While Iris' time as the Flash is over, she has learned something from the experience, and it's that she isn't happy being in the background. She gave the powers back to Barry because she knew being a speedster wasn't her calling, and she's figured out what is: writing. She restarts the Flash blog she had in season one and writes a new post. I don't know how viable this idea is for her, but if it gets her doing her own thing and being useful in her own way, then I'm all for it. Considering that it took us this long to figure out her status as a reporter, it's clear that Iris hasn't been too valuable as an individual, and hopefully, this is the course to rectifying that.

The last scene of the episode is of Cisco and Harry, using the thinking cap to figure out the names of the last two Bus Metas.

Overall, a decent episode. Nothing special, but it fits in fine and was interesting enough. The role reversal of Barry and Iris was alright and reminded me of that episode of Arrow where Oliver was the one in the chair. And while Ralph's uneasiness with his situation was understandable, Cisco's refusal to help Harry was a little weird considering they came to an easy compromise later. 

Since Legends Of Tomorrow disappointed me pretty badly this week, my favourite episode of the week goes to The Flash obviously, but it wasn't unearned, as the episode was fine all the same. Which show did you like the most this week?


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