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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x16, Arrow 6x16

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

03/29/2018 11:38 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x16, Arrow 6x16 | Arrowverse recaps
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Last episode's recaps: Legends / Arrow

Arrow is finally back to join Legends Of Tomorrow this week but neither shows wow me. Here's what happened on them:

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x16 "I, Ava"

Sara and Ava may have just broken up, but the adventure is not over for these two. When Gary comes to the Waverider looking for Ava because she hasn't shown up for work in a while, Sara and Ray volunteer to accompany him on his search. First they visit her office and find nothing but deleted files on her computer, so they take a trip to Fresno to visit her parents. Ava's parents welcome them in but say they haven't seen Ava in a while. They seem nice, but Sara is suspicious and starts asking them about pictures around the house. When Ava's mom messes up a question Sara knows the answer to, Sara pulls a knife on her, and then the parents admit the truth: they're actually not Ava's parents. They're just actors, hired by someone they never met to pretend whenever Ava comes home. Wow, what a happy family. So Sara, Ray, and Gary head back to the Bureau's HQ to investigate further. While there, they run into Ava, who lies and says she was off visiting her parents. Sara steals her time courier and she, Ray, and Gary go through her logs. On it, they notice a certain year which Gary claims is a "no-fly zone". But Sara isn't great at following rules, so they set off for 2218.

Meanwhile, back on the Waverider, Amaya is busy on a side mission with Nate and Wally, so she enlists Zari to help Mick with totem training. Aaaaand it goes about as well as you'd expect. Mick is passive and rude and insensitive, and Zari only tolerates it for so long. As soon as he calls her a rude name, she uses her own totem to spin him in a mini tornado endlessly. It's what he deserves.

As for Amaya, Nate, and Wally, their mission revolves around Mari, Amaya's granddaughter. Since Amaya's totem is possessed by evil, it affects the present, and no longer does Mari have powers, so she ends up getting hurt in her acts of vigilantism. To save the fabric of time, Amaya stays back on the ship while Nate and Wally pose as reporters and go talk to Mari's adoptive father. After they do, they run into Kuasa, who claims she's there to protect her sister. She must be in a good mood because she also offers to work with the boys to get the family totem back from the Darhks, as long as they play by her rules. Nate and Wally are hesitant, but Nate really wants to get the totem back to Amaya, so he agrees. He sends Wally to make sure Amaya stays away, then allows Kuasa to use him as bait for the Dahrks. Damien and Nora show up and Nora actually hands over the totem, saying that with Mallus power, she doesn't need it. But then Kuasa reveals to have tricked Nate and hands him over to Damien for killing. Her reason? So his romance with Amaya won't mess up the timeline. It's a low move, but it is her future at stake, so I get it. Only too bad for her, Damien is now a big lame softie, too worried about Nora's business with Mallus to properly hurt Nate. It gets to a point where he has Nate pretend to be hurt so Nora thinks he did a good job. Wow, if we didn't already dislike Damien as a villain, now we really do. You have one job, dude. Be evil. Anyway, Kuasa manages to get onto the Waverider and gives Amaya back her totem, but then reveals that she traded Nate for it, and Amaya gets mad (even going as far to call her granddaughter selfish, which is uncalled for). Then she and Wally go to where Nate, Damien, and Nora are. Nora, powered with Mallus, easily stops Wally and Amaya from using their powers, and when Kuasa steps up to save them all, Nora rips takes her water totem, killing her. As Amaya holds her body, Wally runs them all to safety. When Kuasa dies, both Zari and Mick feel it through their totems.

In 2218, Sara, Ray, and Gary are faced with an unusual issue...a face. Ava's face is everywhere. Everyone has her face. They quickly figure out that it's because there's a giant cloning factory nearby. They break in and see many more Avas, and Sara is very weirded out, but she can understand why Ava would lie about it all to her. An Ava clone then tries to attack them but Sara knocks her out. In comes Ava, the real one, and while Sara, Ray, and Gary thought Ava knew of her weird past, real Ava takes a look at her clones and passes out. When she comes to, she's very concerned. She knew none of this, but Sara tells her she needs to step up and use her face to help them escape from the Ava clones trying to capture them for intruding. They manage to escape back the Waverider and they're all a little shaken up. Ava is very confused as to why she came from a clone future and why all her files are erased, but she and Sara figure out that since Rip recruited her, he must know. And we know this to be probably true since he was the one who instructed Gideon to erase Ava's files a few episodes ago

Feeling very guilty, Nate tries to apologize to Amaya for getting Kuasa killed, but Amaya doesn't blame him at all. She blames herself for calling Kuasa selfish for putting her family in danger by being on the Waverider with Nate. She reveals to him that sometimes she regrets coming along and messing up her family's timeline. We then see that she's so wracked with guilt that she takes the jumpship and orders Gideon to get her to Zambesi in 1992. This is probably not a great idea. I like Amaya and I respect her family issues, so I hope things work out for her eventually. 

All in all, a decent episode but nothing amazing. Ava's storyline was a little weird, the interaction with the Darhks was weird, Mick was annoying, and there wasn't much plot progression at all. But Sara and Ray should go on more missions together. They're my favourites, and always the most sensible.

Arrow 6x16 "The Thanatos Guild"

When we last left off, Roy was back in Star City, and we saw a team of ninjas show up. We jump right back into that when Roy and Thea are attacked while out for a drive. Luckily, they're saved by Nyssa. When they all regroup in the Arrow bunker, Nyssa explains to them all that before he died, Malcolm Merlyn started a new group similar to the disbanded League Of Assassins called the Thanatos Guild, and its leader, Athena, is after Thea because Thea, as Merlyn's only heir, is the only one who can find and use a map that leads to some ancient treasure. Thea and Roy were about to leave Star City, but Thea agrees to stay and help Nyssa find the map to keep it out of Athena's hands. Nyssa and Thea go visit an informant, and then they, with the help of Team Arrow and Roy, go looking for the map. They find it quickly, but two issues arise. One, it's in a complicated locked box. And two, they're attacked by Athena and her crew, so they have to fight to escape. As Felicity takes over the task of figuring out the box's combo, Thea considers her choices in life. She loves Roy and wants to go be with him, but she also feels like she can't allow Nyssa to single-handedly deal with the map business considering it was Meryln's plan. She, like Oliver and Nyssa do, feels a debt to her father. She explains to Oliver that he reclaimed the role of the Green Arrow because that completes him, and she's trying to find that sense of fulfillment too. 

Meanwhile, NTA is still kind of doing things. Curtis is taking care of Zoey since Rene's at the hospital still, and he and Dinah are still investigating the SCPD's ties to Diaz. The only reason why I don't find this mission intolerable is because a) Oliver asked Dinah to do it, and b) they're staying out of OTA's way. Their scenes throughout the episode are boring and I don't particularly enjoy them, but at least I'm not completely annoyed and repulsed like I was a few episodes ago when NTA and OTA were at odds. Anyway, in their research and while Dinah is at work, they discover that the police chief, Hill, is working for Diaz AND that Diaz is pushing that drug Vertigo. Also, Curtis flirts with some hot cop, so get ready for him probably being evil too.

Finally Felicity manages to figure out the combo for the box, and Thea opens it to reveal....a blank piece of paper. So Felicity starts doing scans on it to find clue as to how to reveal the map. Since Athena knows they have the map, it's not long before the Guild and Team Arrow are fighting for it. While Thea and Athena face off in a room of fire, Thea manages to injure Athena, but she also gets hurt herself and some blood gets on the paper. Athena escapes, so we'll probably see her again, but as the rest of Team Arrow rushes in, they all notice that Thea's blood has done that incredibly cliche thing where it activates the map. Nyssa recognizes it as a map of three other Lazarus Pits Merlyn had found. Again, Nyssa is willing to take on the task of finding and destroying them herself, but Thea decides to go with her, and Roy agrees to accompany them. And then they leave. Oliver sees them off and wishes them all well, and that's the end of the episode.

Okay, I want to talk about Thea's departure for a minute because this is her leaving the show, and since she's been on Arrow since day one, this is a pretty big move. I thought this was a very weird ending for her. It wasn't satisfying. It didn't close her story at all. In fact, it opened it wide open because she had put aside her life of fighting. She seemed to want to move on with her life, and here she is, going back to League business, and in a very weird way. I mean, a treasure map? A new group of ninjas? It's weird considering that Arrow had largely moved past all that. I like that she got an 'ending' with Roy, but it just doesn't seem genuine. Even when Oliver was saying goodbye, it didn't feel as sad as it should have. I didn't even cry a little. And where was Felicity and Diggle and Quinten and William? Don't they get to say goodbye? Thea had been sidelined as a character for a while now, so her absence now won't make the hugest difference, but I had liked how she was able to move from the vigilante life to a normal one in the Mayor's office (because goodness knows Oliver can't) but still have good sister moments and support Team Arrow. I'll kind of miss her. And if Arrow is to get a season seven, I hope we see her again, if for nothing but to close the sudden new Lazarus Pits plot, but I have a feeling this was the end for Thea Queen.

All in all, a mediocre episode. Not awful, but I couldn't even appreciate Nyssa's return because the whole return of the League/Guild was too weird. I did like seeing Roy and Thea fight alongside Oliver and Diggle again, but that couldn't save the episode. 

As I said, neither episodes this week impressed me that much. Both shows brought in really odd plots this week. But since Arrow got me a little sad about Thea's departure, I'll call it my favourite episode of the week. Do you agree, or did you like the plethora of Avas better?


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