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Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x12, The Flash 4x12, Arrow 6x12

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

02/01/2018 11:45 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x12, The Flash 4x12, Arrow 6x12 | Arrowverse
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Last week's recaps

It's episode 12 time, meaning we're over halfway through the seasons! The three episodes this week were alright. There was good plot progression on SupergirlThe Flash had a few laughs, and Arrow killed off a character. Here's what happened.

Supergirl 3x12 "For Good"

The feud between Morgan Edge and Lena Luthor is back this episode, taking center stage because Edge's car was hacked and he almost died when it ran itself off a cliff and exploded. Of course he blames Lena because it's perfect revenge against all his attacks on her life. Like the next one that happens this episode when she drinks poisoned coffee and Kara has to fly her to the DEO for treatment (risking an identity reveal because though Lena was unconscious, Kara didn't change into her supersuit). There's no proof, but everyone suspects Edge, especially James, who suits up as Guardian to threaten Edge, but with little success, as Edge doesn't really admit to anything. James had tried to get answers from the guy who made the coffee, but he was shot dead in front of James, and we don't know who was behind that. When Lena wakes up, Kara and James tell her that they suspect Edge, but the coffee guy was shot. This tidbit of info is all Lena needs to go over old bullet schematics from her mom's company, and then go to a warehouse where Lillian is waiting. I thought her mom was in prison or something, but she's not and is up to her old nonsense. It turns out that Lillian was the one who hacked Edge's car and she's ready to keep attacking him since he's attacking Lena. Lillian asks Lena to use her Luthor smarts and darkness to join her in taking down (killing) Edge. Lena refuses at first but eventually agrees. Meeting with Lillian does remind her of things she's done, and she goes back to Cat-Co to talk to Kara, but they're interrupted by Alex and Sam.

Since Sam confided in Alex regarding her memory loss, she then asks Alex to perform an MRI using L-Corp tech. That comes back regular, so Alex takes a blood sample (did the show forget needles can't pierce Kryptonian skin? Or is Reign not Kryptonian?). While they wait for the results, they meet with Lena and Kara and the four of them talk and discuss how they support each other and will support Sam (and Ruby, by extension) no matter what the results are. 

After Alex and Sam leave, Lena confides in Kara that while she did not hack Edge's car, she did go visit him with a gun and an intent to kill, so she realizes she's still working through some stuff. She admits her decision to work with Lillian was just a ploy to get info and now since she knows when and how Lillian is going to attack Edge again, she decided to Do The Right Thing and save him. Edge is attending a fancy party, so Kara and Lena sneak in. Lena finds Edge and warns him of the attack, saying if he admits to his attacks on a recorder, she'll stop Lillian. When he refuses, a drone appears and starts firing at Edge. It keeps firing and though Edge tries to flee, he can't, so he admits to it all on tape. Only by then, Lillian has arrived in a robotic supersuit of her own - Winn calls it the Lexosuit - and starts attacking Edge. Kara changes into Supergirl and Mon-El flies in to stop Lillian and the drone. They succeed, and both Lillian and Edge are arrested. 

At the end of the episode, the girls all get together for the news of Sam's blood: it's regular too. Lena, Kara, and Alex consider this a win, but Sam is even more concerned because she really hasn't learned anything about herself. Maybe now would be a good time to tell your friends you're an alien? Because I think that would be useful. Just an idea. And back at the DEO, Winn has complied bios on four girls who may or may not be fellow Worldkillers. Kara recognizes one, Julia, from a dream she had, so we know what's going to happen next week.

All in all, a decent episode. The Lena/Edge thing came to head, and we got more of Sam's Reign issue, so I appreciated it. And while Lillian is a cool villian, the whole Lena-as-a-bad-guy is getting real old and she's proved time and time again she's not evil. The show needs to stop trying to dangle that unless they have plans to really have Lena turn (maybe when she finds out Kara's secret? She did recognize Mon-El again working with Supergirl, so she may be getting warmer?). 

The Flash 4x12 "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash"

Last week's episode of The Flash was kind of boring as not enough was going on. This week, we have a bit too much happening. For one, we have Barry getting chummy with prison pal Big Sir, who admits to Barry that he was wrongfully imprisoned. This causes Barry to get Cecile and the busy Team Flash to look into it, which leads them to a new meta. Also, for some reason, Cecile's pregnancy has given her the power to read minds. Take a deep breath, kids, because this episode is busy and I'mma explain it all.

Central City's new mayor is unveiling a new Kord Tech building when the whole building suddenly disappears. We see that it's been shrunk and picked up by a skeezy looking dude named Sylbert Rundin. Is it a coincidence that this shrinking building episode airs on the same day Marvel releases the Ant-Man And The Wasp trailer in which Hank also shrinks a building? Maybe. Anyway, Joe is on the case and he brings along Cisco and Ralph when they go pay him a visit. Rundin makes a run for it and in the chase, he zaps Cisco and Ralph with his hand beams, shrinking them down to a few inches. They go back to STAR Labs and Caitlin begins trying to work on fixing that all while Team Flash is still working on getting Barry out of prison. Unfortunately, they're not doing so well on the second front and Harry is getting unusually upset about it. He feels to blame or something, and it's just weird. They also still have to track down Rundin again, and as they do some research, they realize that the guy looks a lot like Big Sir, and believe him to be the one who shot the security guard that Big Sir allegedly killed many years ago. They relay this info to Barry, who passes it on to Big Sir, getting his hopes up a little for the possibility of freedom.

On top of all this, Cecile has mind-reading powers. Because that makes sense. Cecile wasn't on the meta bus, so she's not one of the twelve (honestly, I forget where we're at regarding those twelve and Team Flash's progress on them). The power just appears, so Caitlin runs some tests and declares the baby girl(!) to not be a meta, so they come to the conclusion that the pregnancy has awoken a dormant meta gene that Cecile must have developed way back from the particle accelerator explosion. Wow, isn't it lucky that Cecile is in with Team Flash? I wonder how many others in the city have similar issues. Anyway, they believe that her powers will last until the birth, so they have to just deal with it, but Joe isn't dealing with it well. Iris suggests they go to couples' counselling, but while Barry and Iris' stint there was at least funny, Joe and Cecile's visit was unproductive. At the end of the episode, Joe reveals to Cecile that he just doesn't like her being able to reveal his innermost scary thoughts about the baby, so she admits some of her own fears and they make up. Cool. What a dumb plot. The only good part was when Cisco was testing it by thinking about Pokemon and Cecile was very confused as to what a Bulbasaur was. 

Caitlin is pretty smart, but Harry takes over the task of resizing Cisco and Ralph. Because they found out that Rundin stole dwarf-star and was on the meta bus, Harry decides to repurpose the Cisco's bazooka to counteract this. Only instead of helping, it instead destabilises their molecules, meaning they have less than a day before Cisco and Ralph just explode. This only stresses Harry out more, but after a nice talk from Cisco, Team Flash goes to confront Rundin again, hoping that if he shoots Cisco and Ralph again, they'd return to size. It takes some effort, but it works, and they get Rundin in custody. Harry tries to get him to confess to framing Big Sir, but he refuses to do so. 

This news is relayed to Barry, and he's hesitant to tell Big Sir. Iron Heights' Warden sought out Barry to warn him that getting inmates' hopes up to no success could prove dangerous. But Barry's an honest guy (when he's not using powers to cheat at poker) and broke the news to his new friend. Luckily, Barry's optimism must have caught on, because Big Sir is okay with the news and is still hopeful for the future. Though after a talk with Joe, Barry is (once again) unable to leave good enough alone because as soon as the camera tilts away, Barry uses his speed to grab Big Sir and take him to China (where Big Sir had said he wanted to go) before zipping back to his cell. And in typical Barry fashion, he thinks he's scot-free and a hero once again, only to be horribly incorrect. The Warden had a new camera installed and has pictures of Barry in action as The Flash. He drugs Barry and takes him to a new secret cell before calling Amunet to make a sale. Oh, no. 

And that's the end of the episode. On one hand, the new twist with the Warden raises the stakes and is kind of cool, but on the other hand, this is just another example of Barry screwing himself. Barry is his own worst villain and I am tired of it. As for the other plots, Cecile's mind nonsense was silly, but I enjoyed the shrinking one. It was funny and not too wacky and saved the episode for me.

Arrow 6x12 "All For Nothing"

Thought we were done with Arrow flashbacks, did ya? Nope. At least these flashbacks are about Dinah and Vince's past, and that's new to us (they worked undercover but were made). We're a week into Cayden James' hold on the city, meaning Star City is out 70 million dollars and Oliver is considering bomb shelters for everyone. He tried to get help from ARGUS, but James ended that real quick. But that's not stopping Oliver from trying to track down James and ending things. Though on a mission, Oliver runs into Vigilante and is about to shoot before New Team Arrow comes running in and admits that they've been accepting help from Vince. Oliver isn't thrilled with this and he lets Vince know it, but OTA and NTA do get together to work on a mission: they're going to use Vince (who is ready and willing) to break into James' server room so Felicity can track the bomb. Dinah and Felicity and the others talk him through it from the Arrow bunker, but he's eventually caught by Cayden James, and though he's talked through a convincing lie and manages to get away long enough to send Felicity the data, Anatoly later corners him. Cayden knows he's a traitor, so Anatoly gets the pleasure of inflicting torture that even Vince's meta power of healing can't withstand. 

While this is all going on, Quintin and Thea are still working on Project Save Laurel. Quintin has noticed that Black Siren has been following him around lately, so he lures her over to where he has a display of pictures of his Laurel. I don't know what he was hoping to achieve here considering this Laurel is not his Laurel he knows it, but he definitely wasn't expecting her to freak out, scream, and leave. 

Just when we think OTA and NTA are going to keep working together since Vince did succeed in getting data, the two teams hear Vince's torture over the comms. Oliver decides that it's too late and too risky to try and help him since they have to work on finding the bomb, but Dinah freaks out and insists they try anyway. When Oliver refuses, Rene and Curtis leave with Dinah (I gotta respect these three for sticking together). So Oliver and Diggle try to track the bomb, but with just the two of them, it's not possible. Dinah manages to find Vince, but then there's an explosion and she's trapped under metal, left helpless as she watches Cayden James order Black Siren to kill. And kill she does. She walks right up to him and screeches right at his head until his skin turns gray. Rene and Curtis arrive a moment after, but it's too late. As much as I don't care much for either of them and the flashbacks throughout the episode pointed toward his death anyway, seeing Dinah sob and beg him to wake up was sad. Thea later breaks the news of Black Siren's kill to Quintin as proof that this Laurel is perhaps beyond saving.

At the Arrow bunker, Felicity and Alena manage to pull up footage of James' son being shot by an arrow and declare it fake and think it was made by the same person who made the fake Oliver as Green Arrow images. This lead is enough to give Oliver a tiny bit of hope in taking down James, so he then goes to visit Dinah, who is distraught and pissed off. As much as Oliver had every right to call the shots and not save Vince when Vince knew the risks, Dinah had made a very good point that if it was Felicity who was being tortured, Oliver would have definitely gone to save her. Unfortunately, this whole issue, no matter who's side you're on, means that OTA and NTA probably won't be joining forces for good anytime soon, meaning we're in for more nonsense. We're also in for more murder because Dinah is out for revenge and she's ready to kill.

Overall, not a great episode. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. OTA and NTA working together was a plus and I give points for the emotional impact of Vince's death, but the flashbacks were boring, Quintin's insistence that Black Siren is saveable is a waste of time for him and Thea, and they really don't feel any closer to taking down Cayden James. 

So that's what happened in the Arrowverse this week. None of the shows were standouts, so I think I'll say my favourite episode of the week goes to Supergirl because there was plot progression and Kara didn't make foolish decisions like Barry. What show satisfied you the most this week?


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